44 Days

A black drape covers the chair and bench of SC Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg inside of the Supreme Court house in Washington DC, while outside has become a sea of flowers and personal tributes to the greatest legal mind and Supreme Court Justice ever to serve this country. An icon to women world wide. She stood […]

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My whole life I have been witness and victim to rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States. I’ve watched arguments over who governs MY body, MY love life, MY sexual preference, MY gender, and MY freedom to live peaceably. Ruth Bader-Ginsberg has been front and center of all of those battles, decisions and […]

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Rest in Power RBG

Ruth Bader-Ginsberg moved America and civil rights forward for decades. Moving women’s rights, same-sex marriage and equality ahead and making everyone’s lives better. Losing her at this critical moment in time is devastating. She made a huge difference in justice and equality for so many. Things feel so lost right now for all.

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Chaos Supreme

Wow…WTF world? I did a news report stand-down for almost 2 days and holy shit, even MORE INTENSE and BLATANT CORRUPTION and LIES, LIES, LIES. I can SEE Putin laughing at Amercan television news -he has ALL of the main news channels right there broadcast in front of him on like a 12 way feed, […]

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What an insane way to start the week…insane conspiracy theories, four of them in 1 day….wow Check out this video, you will be astonished. The flat out lies are just insane! Then there was the Fox interview of Trump with Laura whats-her-name…I almost exploded watching him do THIS…!!! The video is about 1/2 way down […]

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…Exit Stage Right

2020 is the year of character revelation. Faces will be uncovered; bias and prejudices exposed to the raw cold air. Failures and falsehoods revealed and spotlighted…Yes, 2020 will be the year of highlighting the cold hard truth – in our country and in each of us personally. The entire condition of this world right now […]

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Week of Chaos

The United States is becoming more dangerous by the day and Trump is just fueling it with his hate and rhetoric, as well as outright lies and deception from the podiums of the Republican National Convention. I’ve heard so much twisted up “alternative facts” it makes me want to puke. Even more than that it […]

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Day 134 Covid Tired

I am sure that I am not the only Covid-caving person who has been struggling with hauling out art supplies repeatedly, so much so that I am now once again considering a craft/art room, or some area of supply and workspace that has a designed purpose. I have spent so much extra time cooped up […]

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Fascism Knocking…

We’re living in our biggest stretch of uncertainty right now and everyday is a “win” because we’re learning more every day and getting closer to a vaccine…in the meantime yes, our country must go into debt either that or face a real depression again. We know the answer to getting things back on track the […]

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In the Last THREE Days!

Let’s round up a few recent headlines, shall we? Trump threatens to deploy federal agents to Chicago and other U.S. cities led by Democrats Trader Joe’s removing ‘racist packaging’ after online petition Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Sues to Block Atlanta’s Face Mask Ordinance While Virus Cases Rise Why is President Trump so proud of passing […]

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