Democracy Under Siege

Every day I think I have seen it “all” with the demolition of our federal government and the rise of authoritarian rule in America. Then either Trump, Barr or the GOP Senate does something even lower and more illegal, more against the “rules” we’ve always operated by, and more evil to the people of the […]

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Still Wobbly

I miss normal life. I miss a trip to the convenience store without a mask. I miss stop in visits of and to friends and family. Those normal things that we did all the time before March 2020 without even thinking. I’ve been more lonely lately, really missing my family – and they live close […]

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A reckoning

The enemy is withing the House of Representatives and the Senate. White superiority and outright racism is the new republican platform. They have embraced forces that are fully against democratic government of the United States. They are unapologetic for this. This is their new reality, they ARE going to keep it hot, keep the pressure […]

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Building Anxiety

Being kind of a political junkie of sorts my brain is feeling like a pan of scrambled eggs right now. There’s stuff going on in every dark corner of politics, every idealogic platform, so many issues, and so many people trying to control all the little bits. It’s just become an insane scene of … […]

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The Paper Purge

I write every day. Problem is that what I write becomes outdated about an hour after I finish writing it, sometimes even before I finish or publish, thus I don’t bother to publish. This leads to a file FULL of “drafts” of pieces I’ve written, half-written, saved and just never took all the way to […]

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A Quagmire of Dysfunction

Does this photo trigger you? Is this something you believed you would actually SEE in your lifetime – a Confederate battle flag being marched proudly through the halls of our capital building, the house of Congress and Senate. This is the flag of traitors to the United States, created and carried by traitors to democratic […]

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GoodBye 2020

It’s still difficult to find the motivation to write lately. This fucked up year 2020 has taken it’s toll on me as well. The isolation and hours of boredom, the fear of the virus and the insanity of our political culture have all stressed me in some way or another. But, I did learn to […]

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The 2016 Mistake

We are in the midst of the complete destruction of life as we knew it. Nothing makes sense to me anymore. The America we knew and loved is DEAD. Families are fighting to the point of actually choosing sides in what could become a civil war. Our country is being torn apart by a cult […]

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Bring Back America

Sixteen days after our election the GSA finally releases the funds and gives the go ahead for the transition to the Biden/Harris administration. 16 fucking days of total bullshit. And still Trump will NOT concede and promises MORE court shenanigans. The shameful, corrupt Republican party remains silent and defiant. It’s clear that Biden WON the […]

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I – like most of my friends and acquaintenances – am stunned beyond belief tonight. The red mirage was bad enough, but then seeing all that red and knowing that 50% of the country actually VOTED for a racist, anti-American pig. It’s difficult to even form thoughts that make any sense around this unfolding election […]

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November 2

You could say I have “writer’s block” but I believe its more of an election stress that’s keeping my creative and literal energy down, way fucking down. I bet I have 50 half written posts, I just lose my motivation and interest too easily lately. Then add the anxiety of covid on top, too. Just […]

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