Democracy Under Siege

Every day I think I have seen it “all” with the demolition of our federal government and the rise of authoritarian rule in America. Then either Trump, Barr or the GOP Senate does something even lower and more illegal, more against the “rules” we’ve always operated by, and more evil to the people of the […]

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I Remember This…

Posted originally on my Facebook feed 07-20-21. You stopped when you saw this in your feed if you grew up in the 70’s/80’s…we ALL had one of these somewhere behind a shed in a zillion parts and ALL of us would gather there after school to smoke butts and TRY to get this thing running….remember? […]

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Her Ring

I found your ring today And held it in my hand Memories of two young lovers Weather in a far away land Young love pure and free I adored you and you adored me. Memories are so bitter sweet I smile as I tuck that ring away again. MB 6/29/21

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Threats to Journalists

Awake early on this Sunday morning listening to news…of journalists around the world being arrested, imprisoned and tortured. This pains me to no end. As a writer myself I am very concerned with the growing governmental clamp downs on protesting and speaking out against government policies, legislations and politicians themselves. Some are disappearing, never to […]

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What’s Happening…

I had a great weekend. The adjustment to my meds seems to be just the ticket, feeling MUCH better! I think I was on too high of a dose of one of my meds and it was fucking with my head and my energy and ability to concentrate on anything. Today is day 8 and […]

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Tired of this…time to change

Q: What is my responsibility to my country as a citizen? We must each play our part in supporting the democracy and it’s our job to make sure our government is doing what it’s designed and assigned to do, not just running amok, literally hell-fire rampant over the wishes of the people. Trying to govern […]

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At A Loss

Tears of true grief burn as they flow down the face. The center of my chest feels like I just got sucker punched, I work like hell to not feel exactly because of just the way it feels. I talked with someone that I haven’t seen in 10 years or so but who I have […]

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Another weekend gone by. I managed to get some of my garden stuff, did some raking in the front yard – trying to scratch up the front lawn, it’s so pathetic, sort of thatching and readying it for some new fertilizer and re-seeding – bagged some of the leaves I left in the front gardens […]

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“Far Traveler”

Let me take you far back in women’s history, to meet a courageous, strong woman a Viking who lived more than 1000 years ago who navigated crossing the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland in North America and her home in Iceland, EIGHT times in her lifetime! Making her the Viking record holder of sorts for most […]

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Still Wobbly

I miss normal life. I miss a trip to the convenience store without a mask. I miss stop in visits of and to friends and family. Those normal things that we did all the time before March 2020 without even thinking. I’ve been more lonely lately, really missing my family – and they live close […]

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A reckoning

The enemy is withing the House of Representatives and the Senate. White superiority and outright racism is the new republican platform. They have embraced forces that are fully against democratic government of the United States. They are unapologetic for this. This is their new reality, they ARE going to keep it hot, keep the pressure […]

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