Briefly, About Mainely Butch

My world may not be “normal” but it sure is interesting!  I’m a funny, laid-back  Butch lesbian living in southern Maine.  I am an avid reader, writer and a very serious thinker.  My ADD causes me to jump from topic to topic on occasion, so bear with me!  I am a US Army Veteran, raised in the 1960′ & 70’s in a small town in southern Maine…and sometimes in upstate New York!  Fighting to find my place in this world I wandered with the aid of the US Army, crazy illicit drug and alcohol use and some good motor cycles.   It’s a miracle I survived – although I didn’t get out clean. Today I live with HIV as a result of my club kid days.  Today I live life managing my medications, staying healthy and watching the world continually change before my very eyes at an incredibly increased pace!  I enjoy social media, blogging, and vlogging on current issues in tihe LGBT community, gender, equality, labels, politics and daily frustrations of being Butch and living with HIV.

On my way through the mountains March 2014

On my way through the mountains March 2014

8 thoughts on “Briefly, About Mainely Butch

  1. Hello MB 🙂

    i discovered your writings yesterday and look forward to readin more of em ~s

    You have a way with words. Thanks for sharin your thoughts and personal struggles. btw, in case the accent doesnt give it away, im readin you from the hills of north mississippi ~s



    • Hello Joy! Thanks for finding me! And for the compliments on my blog. I appreciate your readership and hope you enjoy more. I am doing a new weekly newsletter and if you email me I will add you to my subscriber list. I haven’t figured out how to put an RSS feed to the newsletter on my page as of yet, but eventually I’ll get it! Hope you are doing well. ~MB


  2. The Little Butch That Could (TLBTC) says:

    Thank you for the “follow.” I look forward to reading more of your posts as well. Cheers!


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  4. I knew you briefly a few years ago, and tripped across your blog when I was setting mine.

    I can say what a breath of fresh air from all the other “labelers” in the world to find your blog.


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