The Fire is Getting Hotter….

“There is no merit in ideological rigidity.” Angela Davis “If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.” unknown The election season is just about on top of us. As if we haven’t got ENOUGH stuff going on, now we’re going to be inundated with campaign slogans, hateful commercials, boring debates (although […]

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The Rabbit Hole

Gaslighting takes on varying forms; it’s the manipulation of perceptions, twisting of meanings of words and claims that “you” are being difficult or wrong, or it’s “you” causing whatever issue it is that “you” are having with the other person. It’s not pretty, attractive or inviting. It’s intended to place all blame on you and […]

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Covid Caving 2020

It’s another Monday morning, July 13th, 2020 and many – no ALL – of us, large and small, old and young, are freaking DONE with this Covid-19 pandemic! In the beginning of this – which our government tells us was mid-March – we had fun exchanging photos of our stocked up snack supply and mountains […]

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Sunday Musings

I watched quite a bit of the Global Pride 2020 and saw the ads for World Pride 2021 in Copenhagen Denmark…wow, wouldn’t it be so cool to go! I attended World Pride and the Gay Games years ago when it was held in NYC and it was an incredible experience. That was when the United […]

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I had to do some paperwork over the phone today and got asked about how I identify, as in gender identification. I’ve heard it before, but this time for some reason it was different. I really didn’t know how the fuck to answer! And that led me to a pretty cool, honest eye-opening conversation with […]

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Watching This Unfold

I am very concerned with all that is happening across the USA, far more concerned than I have ever been about current events, and far more concerned about this than anything else right now! Our basic survival and freedom are threatened by several things, without survival and freedom nothing else in our lives will matter […]

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Angst and Agony Across America

What a week…we hit the 100,000 dead milestone, Minneapolis cops killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck…symbolic?…you have to wonder. Then some crazy white chick in NYC was filmed almost choking her dog to death and accusing a black bird watcher of threatening her all for him asking her to put the dog on […]

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60 Days

60 days of chaotic weirdness, unlike any other 60 day period in any of our lives. Trying to figure out what we should each be doing that is safe or not safe with NO leadership or guidance from the very top echelon – the US President – is a challenge all by itself. 60 Days […]

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…And DAYS of thoughts…

Ahh…another day of physical distancing coming to a cozy ending. I’m a bit tired tonight from being very active all day. It’s 8:45pm and I’m just now sitting down with a cup of coffee and the intent to write a bit, read a bit and plan the next couple of day projects. Since we are […]

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Sunday and I’m A Bit Off Kilter

Sunday rolls around again…they seem out of context these days during our “stay-at-home” lifestyle. I slept late today, got out of bed around 10ish to feed the beasts. They were even groggy and sleepy. I think the slow pace we are stuck in right now is exacting it’s toll on all of us creatures, human […]

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