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Just an Update and My Thoughts…

My fucking pain level tonight is off the charts and it’s preventing me from getting comfortable enough to sleep. This is only the 2nd night in the last month that I haven’t been able to sleep, last night was the first. I had been sleeping very soundly every night, then bam! pain sets in and I can’t sleep and nothing is helping it. Oh! I just remembered my 10’s unit, think I will try that now…there all hooked up, that feels kinda good on my lower back – which seems to be the major source of the pain running down BOTH my legs and damned near crippling me today. I fought my way through the pain fog all day, got a TON of shit done while trying to ignore the pain.

My car is finally straightened out. Got it re-registered today, inspected and serviced. I don’t want to go through the winter with anything wrong with the car. I asked the Toyota garage to go through it good today and they did, said it’s good to go for the winter. I could use two new rear tires, I just replaced the front ones 2 months ago. The rear are passable, but worn and with slippery driving on the way I think I’ll put on fresh tires next month.

So much has been going on. It’s overwhelming at times, but I’m handling it all fine. Mom finally got out of the hospital tonight. 2 full weeks she’s been there with a bacterial blood infection (probably from her port) then she got covid while IN the hospital and so did my Dad, evidently the night she went in the hospital was packed with people lining the hallways with covid waiting for rooms. They believe that’s where they contacted it. Mom got the treatment for it in the hospital. Dad had a head cold and fever for 3 days and went back to work last week. Thankful for the vaccinations. I just got my Fall booster las st Tuesday.

The new job is going good. Rebuilding stamina for being on my feet for hours at a time has been challenging, but it’s going okay. I don’t mind the job. Work with some pretty cool people – no young ones at this store thankfully! it’s doing me good to be working again, although I really miss my delivery job.

My metal detecting has been lots of fun. I managed to score a really great permission to hunt on a 38 acre farm that predates 1776. The main house on the property was built in 1776, the original barn is gone, a new barn was built in 1860, outbuildings, a second house, fields, tr ails, and the original homestead rock foundation is even still visible! I cannot wait to be able to spend more time there. The owners are awesome and we have actually become friends. We met because of politics, one is a state rep. The guy has a 4-wheeler that he’s letting me use to get around to different parts of the acreage – it’s HUGE! Plus, he’s interested in detecting with me! I did a test dig the other day when I visited to scope it all out. Got some square nails and a forged spike from the early 1800’s. I only tested a small area near where the old outhouse used to be located. I’m sure I’ll be posting about some great finds from there. I have all of the back history of the property – complete! The former owner did intensive research and put together a whole binder of photos and chronology of the property.

I’ve been doing a little in other places, mostly found musket balls, old matchbox cars, a couple of arrowheads and a stone ax/pounder and a spearhead. The native relics were surface finds, not metal detected. Quite often we find both colonial and indigenous relics on the same properties. I have permission in York Maine where there is an indigenous burial ground on the property, I’m sure I’ll find a lot of relics around there. And NO, I do NOT hunt cemeteries or burial grounds! That’s not very respectful or ethical.

4:50am Tuesday….I am up again with the 10’s unit on my back, seems to be the only thing giving me any relief. This is ridiculous.

The war in Ukraine is not going well for Russia, thankfully. Putin is losing his standing even among his own people. He’s resorted to sending unskilled, untrained, ill-equipped young men to the front lines to die. Even the trained Russian soldiers say those sent will just die. Hundreds of thousands have fled Russia so they won’t be sent to fight in this senseless war of aggression. The Ukrainians are fighting like hell and doing a great job. They’ve got good weapons and good leadership. I have confidence they will continue to retake their land and force Putin’s toy soldiers back to Russia. Putin threatens nuclear options, but I don’t think he will do it, he wants the land to use, if he nukes it the land will be useless for decades.

Of course, hope is not a method. You must plan for what could happen. So the US is preparing to respond should Putin get insane enough to actually deploy nukes or chemical weapons. The US will tactically remove all Russian outposts inside of Ukrainian territory very quickly and very violently. There is also thought that he could direct strikes to Ukrainian supply depots in Poland, a NATO country. Which would also draw the US into the war, at least tactically.

I follow a few Ukrainians who post and video daily about the war and progress on the front. These are good people who are fighting for their sovereignty and for democracy against an evil man and his henchmen. For the latest check out this Eagle Claw report: https://youtu.be/B_VnOf5p5jw

Another good reporter is Denys Davydov on Youtube. He works with maps and gives great explanations of the importance of each advance and the situation on the ground. I am impressed by the coverage of this war from a citizen’s standpoint. They have linked up so that the world KNOWS what Putin is doing and sees the atrocities. I do not understand, even though Putin is evil, how the individual Russian soldier can be so horrendous, the torture, rape and killing of even children is just against Geneva Convention rules and are crimes against humanity. As many as can be identified must be brought to justice when the time comes. In the meantime, the US and NATO must continue to support Ukraine and democracy around the world.

I am frustrated that Garland has not indicted the great orange buffoon in Florida. I do believe it’s coming and he’s being politically astute in his measured responses to Trump’s idiot moves. But Trump is NOT running in 2022, so why wait? I’ve been more focused on following the war and Ukrainian progress than on watching the Trump Clown car crash and burn. Republicans that are dedicated to him and his cause are doomed, the election in a month will show them that following the wanna-be dictator will not work in America. Watch.

Ok, off to my next thing here.

Peace. ~MB


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  1. LVIV Media, TVP world , Arter Rehi ( he is an Estonian soldier) all on you tube are also good sources for accurate info on whats going on in Ukraine ( Arter injects humor in these trying times ) I watch Texas Paul, Brian Taylor Cohen, Glenn Kirschner, and Beau of the fifth column for all things about US politics, and various topics all on you tube and of course Trea Crowder the liberal redneck for accurate but funny updates on the latest maga fake outrage clown show … Trea brings humor to the shit show and really rips on all of the maga clowns.


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