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“Lesbian Connection” magazine

Lesbian Connection magazine

“The Free Worldwide Forum of News & Ideas For, By and About Lesbians”

A bi-monthly publication of the Helen Diner Memorial Women’s Center/Ambitious Amazons   

Several times a year I receive a great little magazine put out by a lesbian group, Elsie Publishing, from East Lansing Michigan. For those who are a tad older you’d recognize it as looking like our older, original style of communications publishing. It’s published for, by and about Lesbian women and is free to lesbians worldwide, but a small donation of $7 per issue – less if you can’t – is greatly appreciated and needed to keep the magazine in circulation. I believe it’s an important piece of literature for our community to continue to read and support – monetarily and by writing for them as well!  The openly invite contributions of writing from anyone in the community who wishes to submit!

LC (short for Lesbian Connection) has a shiney magazine cover sweetly holding the  newsprint pages. Inside you will find a nice selection of reading. Lesbian book reviews and author interviews. Reviews generally written by readers! Every issue covers a couple of “main topics”. The last year the primary “main topic” has been “Disappearing Lesbian Bars”. Many, many people wrote in about all of the old bars that we all used to dance, drink and meet our mates in back when the bar scene was THE PLACE where we would all meet up and party our weekends away. We didn’t have cell phones, computers or dating sites. There’s a fun cartoon page, letter from the editors and news about the magazine. Also you’ll find “Bits and Pieces” of news concerning the lesbian world, letters to the editor/magazine, Dykes coming up on the scene for music, acting and writing, etc. There’s also a list of “passings” (obituaries) with euologies and photos submitted by friends or partners of those who have passed recently. Then there’s the job ads, advertisements, lesbian contacts from around the country – which are lesbians you can contact in locations you may be visiting or moving to for information or quesitons on the area. 

I discovered LC about 4 years ago and now look forward to the arrival of each issue! It’s nice to read about what others are thinking about the happenings in the Lesbian world as well as how we are each dealing with our triumphs and struggles, gains and losses and everything inbetween. 

I’m encouraging all Lesbians who read my blogs and who follow me on social media to get your subscription of Lesbian Connection started as soon as possible!  I will include the information here in this post to help you do just that.  

Check out their web presence at this link: Lesbian Connection Magazine and follow them on Facebook !

I am personally promoting this magazine out of my own passion for it. I have NO affiliation with LC or it’s lead company or any of the staff. I’m posting this because as an older Lesbian I am finding that it’s important for our stories to be told, for us to stay connected – or reconnect in some cases – and to support each other and spread the love!

Peace. ~MB


3 thoughts on ““Lesbian Connection” magazine

  1. As an old straight woman I won’t subscribe, but it sounds wonderful. It reminded me of those early women’s music festivals and the women’s commune my sister lived in in the early 1970’s.


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