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You Missed the Damned Runway!

When you seek to incapacitate an airport the first things you target are the fucking runways and infrastructure.  Obviously, Trump didn’t get the strategic memo.  Yes, Trump had our military bomb a Syrian airport with 59 missiles, at a cost of $88.5M, and he MISSED the runways completely.  What he actually “took out” hasn’t really amounted to much since the Syrians immediately started flying missions from that airport after it was bombed.

I’m torn over how to feel about this recent development with Trumpy.  The Syrian leader was ordering gassings of his own people.  Due to lack of coverage of the area we don’t know exactly how many people he has killed in this manner, but the recent numbers are around 100 for this latest incident.  I agree that Assad needs to be stopped.  I agree that his bombing his own people with nerve/chlorine gas was excessively cruel and inhumane and probably could be classed as a war crime.  How the United States chose to take this unilateral action in bombing the airport where the gas supposedly originated, is what I am not in agreement with.  Trumpy didn’t even consult with his own Congress before ordering this act of war.  He just did it.  Oh, wait, he did inform Putin that he was going to do this in advance of doing it  (according to NBC news report).  THAT angers me.  the United States owes Russia NOTHING, not even courtesy in my opinion.  Putin is just as bad as Assad as far as I understand.  Putin is supporting Assad, thus he is a little pissed off at Trumpy right now for throwing those bombs at Assad’s planes.

The world is just so screwed up right now.  We have this situation that the US is now directly involved in in Syria.  Then we have North Korea doing a lot of sabre rattling of their own.  China seems mighty quiet about it all.  Which makes me suspicious.  I am not a fan of war.  I don’t know if it was right for us to take this unilateral action, why didn’t we have support of our allies in doing this?  Why did we not put together a multi-national coalition to strike against Assad?  I suspect that it is because Trumpy needed to create another “distraction” for his base and the American people to keep the heat down on the Russia-Trump investigation….YES, that is STILL going on.

It will be interesting to see where Trumpy takes us with this action against Syria.  The US has no real “interest” in Syria.  They don’t give us anything that Trumpy wants or needs.  As a matter of fact, he has them on the no-immigration list…he doesn’t want to take any refugees from Syria her in the US.  Funny, he’ll scold their leader, but won’t give them the help that they really need.  He has not yet explained to the American people what his plan is for Syria now.  He has not explained it to Congress.  He has been very tight lipped…and when he did speak about it just after it happened he was reading (very badly I should say) from a script that was obviously written for him.  You can always tell when Trumpy is not speaking his own mind, he doesn’t have any passion in his speech, he goes all mono-toney and it LOOKS like it’s painful for him to be reading from a script.

I pray for the people of Syria.  They are in a very, very bad space right now.  They have a brutal, corrupt dictator, ISIS and anti-government rebels.  Civilians are caught in the middle of it all.

We here in America are so fucking lucky.  We have not known war on our own soil in any of our lifetimes.  We have not known the suffering, the fear or the plight of living in a war-torn country.  We complain about our incompetent president, we complain about the weather, or about other menial things….but we do not know real suffering.  I can only try to imagine what that kind of life must be like for them.  I hope Assad is deposed in some way very soon and that the country is rescued from the grips of ISIS as well.  I hope that the United States takes the RIGHT actions, provides humanitarian relief and does what it can to help the Syrian people.

In the meantime, Trumpy got some positive attention for his bombing order.  That’s not a good thing, because now he’s had a taste and wants more.  Buckle up, this could be a very bumpy ride.

Peace.  ~MB


3 thoughts on “You Missed the Damned Runway!

  1. Roberta Timbelake Jordan says:

    Yes, when you mean to disable a military installation you might just want to take out the main target. Almost makes one think this was all, or part of it staged. Sorry if I sound a bit suspicious, but a lot of antics have been going on and I am now untrusting of any of them. Like you said, this mission was a big bust. Or was it a mission? Perhaps I should refer to it as a diversion.
    Once you start putting the pieces together this puzzle just doesn’t seem right to me. Why on earth warn Putin, when you know he is involved with Assad up to his eyeballs? Like you said, we don’t owe Russia anything. But, what does Trump owe them? What is this strange attraction to a ruthless murderer? Where does Trumps loyalties really lie. to the U.S. or to the Kremlin?
    A lot of people I know are praising Trump right now. I am not one of them. I just hope that we as a people do not allow the powers that be to stop investigating every member of his cabinet, concentrating on their connection to Russia. We need to know the truth. Our country deserves only the best heading it. We need to weed out those that might cause harm to her.


  2. tedhollister says:

    So far, one thing that has selectively incensed me, has been a comment from Russia that they caused the gassing by (incredibly-stupidly, or in deranged indifference), using a BOMB to terminate the manufacturing process of an obviously illegal poison-gas factory, run by one of the rebel-groups. It’s analogous to using a “shotgun” to shoot-at “a fox in a henhouse:” Stray shot may kill even more hens than the fox ever “would” have, and even one hen killed this way may already be more than the fox would ever actually manage to kill.
    They were actually BRAGGING that they did this, as though they would have been “SAVING” lives, or that the ones who just happened to be in harm’s “way,” were just some kind of trivial, “investment-sacrifice.”


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