Dear Canadians

I really hope that Canadian people do not believe that us Americans are against them, as our IDIOTIC FAKE PRESIDENT currently says.  We do NOT see our Canadian brethren as any kind of threat to America; quite the contrary!  Canada has been our best friend for centuries!  Trump does NOT speak for the citizens of... Continue Reading →


Monday, Mondays — Women and Words

A blog from Women and Words that really struck a chord with me!  I despise Mondays myself, and this writer hit it right on the head with her reasoning as to why we don't care for Mondays.  Enjoy this!  I know I did!  ~ Peace  ~MB My writing contains the angst, frustration, and anger of... Continue Reading →

Fake F*cking News America

Fake News.  It's a term we hear EVERY DAMNED DAY here in America.  It's a new kind of term, one developed by the current MORON occupying our Oval Office: Donald J. Trump.  What DJT actually "means" by screaming or tweeting "FAKE NEWS" is that the news is actually TRUE, but it's in disagreement with what... Continue Reading →


I do not think I have EVER read a more descriptive and precisely accurate piece about “fem hunger” in my life. This is fantastic. I urge anyone in or interested in the Butch-femme dynamic to read this! This woman is one terrific WP blogger!! And I THANK her for this piece, from the bottom of my very Butch heart! ~MB

persistently fem

yum2 photo by Morgan Gwenwald

“What an experience making “the femme tapes”! Our mutual hysteria at finding someone else who recognised that hunger, that desperate need, the desire to be “fucked senseless” and to know that we have, would and do put up with some incredible shit to get it.”
Madeline Davis, “A Letter to My Femme Sisters
The Persistent Desire

“She bought me crotchless panties and untied the bows like I was a present that had been wrapped just for her, and before I melted into mindless throbbing waves of orgasm I had a political epiphany: Women who decried being objectified had never had the opportunity to feel like this.”
Carol Queen, “Why I Love Butch Women
Dagger: On Butch Women

fem hunger is the desire to be a fem for a butch, a woman for a dyke, an object of desire to the women…

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It’s All in the Cards

Leaning in the doorway, having my morning wake-up smoke, I watched as Nola scrounges around the front yard; first checking the chipmunk's front door - which is a hole in a stump in my front yard...I call it the chipmunk "fairy hole" - as she goes into a full on "rodent rage." Rodent Rage is... Continue Reading →

Catching up.

I've been meaning to take the time to drop a few lines here for my readers to catch up on the latest here in Butchville. I've been feeling behind - like many - with the time change and our weather has been less than conducive to staying in an upbeat mood. My country is falling... Continue Reading →


Today was a really tough day. For the first time in a really long time I had cravings, really bad cravings. Actually scared myself I thought I was going to use, the idea was in my head, but I fought it hard. Good news is I did not use. I talked it out with a... Continue Reading →

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