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I am so angry about Sessions first act as attorney general being to remind protections for transgender youth.  And he is well known for his outspoken anti-LGBT stance.  So, this is just one step in the many he will take to rip apart all that we have worked so hard for over the last 25 years.  

Gavin Grimm is going to the Supreme Court to fight for bathroom rights for transgender people.  He was on the show “The View” this morning.  this is the first tiem tghe Supreme Court is hearing a case on transgender rights.  This is about humanity.  This is about equality.  Gavin was composed and articulate, and he spoke so eloquently to this issue.  He has a civil right to exist in public space.  Trumps administration wants to return this power and decision to the states.  But this is a civl rights issue and needs to be dealt with on a federal level.  Laverne Cox joined the show via phone, I have so much admiration for her.  She spoke about the stigma and social bullying that goes along with this issue.  Separating these kids because they are a little different is telling the student body that they can also treat these transgender kids any way they want.  I cannot imagine going through high school and being trans, it is a real challenge I am sure.  I commend Gavin for standing up for himself and his peers.  Let’s pray that the SCOTUS will rule in favor of this issue and will tell Trump to keep his tiny hands off of our civil rights.

I think that we, as Americans, often take it for granted that we can do whatever we want to do.  We are spoiled rotten in many ways.  I admit that I have some privilege as a middle class white person living in a nice small town in Maine.  I can be lulled into complacency with how many of the world’s problems do not really affect us here in small town America.  But I believe this is dangerous. I don’t ever want to be complacent about what is happening to my fellow citizens under this fucked up administration.

This administration, under Trump and Bannon’s guidance (a term loosely used here) has so far attacked Latinos, Blacks, Muslims, Jews and now young Transgender people.  It is like they have a “list” and are checking off boxes as they go down through it.  Today is Thursday February 23, 2017 and I haven’t yet checked my feeds to see what they are up to today – probably attacking the Native Americans at Standing Rock if I venture a guess.  They also began that process yesterday, the deadline of the protesters to leave Standing Rock so that the Dakota Access Pipe Line could go through those sacared grounds and destroy their land, possibly poison ground water and who knows what other kind of havoc it will cause should it ever fail or spring a leak.  Trump thinks this is how you “create jobs” because he is not aware that green energy is the wave of the future and his oil will become outdated and primative soon.  This oil pipeline, going through our country is not even to supply oil to us.  He really is a stupid old man with archaic ideas and values.  IF he even has any values to begin with.  

The news feeds are going crazy not only about the loss of trans protections, but with the anger and outrage of citizens who are gathering by the thousands to fill town hall meetings calling for answers from representatives who are in their home states this week to field such questions from their constituants and to try to help us make sense of some of these senseless acts by Trump.  The people are seriously up in arms over all of the strange and hateful executive orders.  Trump is calling us “paid Protesters”…yeah, like we are ALL racing to the mail box to pick up those checks – NOT!  It is just another of his made up delusions.  How he deducts that people actually get paid to protest is really out there.  Trump is really a super flake.  

Some senators are avoiding attending, shownig up, or even acknowledging these town meetings.  Maine Senator Susan Collins is just one of the “missing”.  She will not hold town halls and the people here in my state are pissed about it.  I am pissed, as a citizen I have the right to access to my representatives, and by making herself unavailable she is denying me that right. She will pay for this I  the next election.  Resist.  -MB


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