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February is Over…yeehaaa!

I’ve started and almost finished this blog post 4 times now.  For some fucked up reason it keeps disappearing into cyberspace and I can’t retrieve it.  I was using my tablet for writing but now have my laptop back…and LOVING having it back!  I don’t know how to function without this laptop of mine, using the tablet is just like primative to me.

So where was I ….I am kind of not really into writing right now, but wanted to get this done today.  So I am forcing myself, in between getting up to do tasks around the house as I think of them, to sit down and just write.  It’s good therapy and I need that right now.

Oh yeah, the weather here has been spectacular.  Sunny warm days hinting at Spring. Today ends February, so it’s all downhill from here hopefully.  I expect we will get more snow but it won’t stay around long because of the warm weather and solar melting.  There is not much left on the ground now from those two nor’easters that we had in early February.  I’m just sick of snow and ready to be out there raking and doing Spring clean up around my yard.  I also need to clean out and reorganize the shed as soon as possible.  I may add a lean to roof to the rear of the shed so I can store my lawn equipment out there out of the rain and out of my way. Yeah, I have lots of Spring time projects planned!

I cooked a great dinner tonight, marinated shrimp, with my special pasta salad.  It was awesome. Now I am sitting here writing and enjoying my vape, yes , I am back to vaping to help cut back on my smoking habit. My buddy Linda came over for dinner, it’s nice to have dinner company when I decide to cook.  When I am alone I tend to survive on roast beef sandwiches and clam chowder.

I stayed up last night and worked on a slew of new paracord bracelets, I made about 20 of them and made a bunch of camo cord key fobs with compasses and dog snap attachments on them.  All good stuff for my up coming festivals.  I ‘ve got one on May 6th at the Rochester Fair Grounds, should be the first one of the season.  While I was busy making bracelets the Academy Awards was on giving out their Oscars for best actor, best picture ect.  It was a pretty good show all around, until that fated ending….they called the wrong movie for best picture.  They called La La Land, when in actuality it was discovered after a few moments of commotion on stage that Moonlight was actually the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture.  Everyone is talking about it, how could such a rookie mistake be made during the biggest TV awards show in America?  It was almost as bad as Steve Harvey calling the wrong contestant Miss Universe….too bad our election didn’t come out the same way…whoop, wrong name! hahaha

I was writing about changes earlier.  Recently I changed from primarily drinking Pepsi to drinking Coke instead, which lead me to a long rant about how we all are growing, learning and changing constantly.  You are not the same person you were 2 years ago and neither am I.  Life is a constant series of challenges and changes; adaptations to what is in front of us at the moment.  You cannot stop the changes, and if you could your life would be boring and stagnant, stuck in place.  Some of the changes in my life I have enjoyed, but some I haven’t so much.  I think we strike a balance; make a deal with ourselves to make it all good.

Trump is going to be on TV live tonight addressing the Congress and Senate.  I will be up and listening very intently I am sure.  I have noticed that someone, perhaps some of his handlers have been making him tone things down a bit.  There is so much chaos already and every time he tweets or opens his mouth unsupervised and unscripted he causes more hate and chaos.  I can’t wait to see what he has to say tonight to piss us all off again.

That’s it for me today…I just restarted some new meds and I am kinda feeling like everything I do is a complete task.  I’m moving slow and not enjoying not feeling well.  Should be back on track in a couple of days and back to myself though.  So all is good.

Peace!  ~MB






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