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The Paper Purge

I write every day. Problem is that what I write becomes outdated about an hour after I finish writing it, sometimes even before I finish or publish, thus I don’t bother to publish. This leads to a file FULL of “drafts” of pieces I’ve written, half-written, saved and just never took all the way to publishing. This happens here on this platform and others. It’s frustrating. Thus, I am forced to re-think my writing – at least on some topics, current events and politics being top-of-mind in this thought process.

My brain tends to jump from topic to topic some days. I want to write about this, that or the other thing and then nothing gets done – or completed. I’m thinking that some of this is exacerbated by the speed of life in today’s world; computers and the internet. Before the speed jump in 1990 I didn’t find this to be an issue. I’d get an idea, type out a piece and add it to one of my topic binders or maybe send it off to be published. Done.

I still have those old binders. Like everyone my age we have a lot of paper from years before computer storage ability. We’re generally not sure of how to handle these boxes of paper; boxes of documents validating our lives. Boxes of old journals, my topic binders, things we saved that were printed. What to do with them now? Again, a question that pings around inside my head searching for the proper answer.

When I’ve discussed this dilemma I get the general run of suggestions: scan the important stuff and put it in your cloud, then go back and see what you can do with it. Maybe edit and publish? Write that proverbial book? And once it’s safely scanned I can have a nice fire pit evening or two sitting outside, sipping on a cold drink and burning the evidence.

I’ve also got a ton of paper pictures, pictures of people I can no longer place names on, Army buddies, old homes, apartments, ex-lovers, and photos of people, places and things that no longer hold any sentiment. Those all need to be part of the fire pit nights as well.

You have to do this eventually. If you don’t do it with your personal papers and photos then when you take the long dirt nap someone else will be up here going through YOUR stuff, seeing YOUR old love letters from that hot chick in California or one you were with during your college or Army years. I know I don’t relish that idea at all. I want to deal with this myself and not leave it for others to deal with or see. Most of it’s harmless, but some is private and I wish it to remain so.

So, my own personal paper purge needs to happen. While I am generally still cooped up due to Covid-19 it’s a good task to undertake. And see? It’s even given me a little topic to bang out a paper that I can post on my WordPress. AND it’s given me the motivation to get this project started.

I’m going to start by making a quick 5 point plan of action. That way the project will be completed and not left half-way through! I am someone who functions best with a list, so an action plan list will work perfectly for this task. I’ll be doing that with my morning coffee. It will also keep me from thinking about the news for some good periods of time today. It’s NOT a one day job. It will take one day to organize it so that I can go through the stack of boxes and totes and separate them into which to start unpacking first. I’ll let you know my progress on this one.

Enjoy your Thursday…the weekend is approaching, my anxiety is building again…please stay safe, stay home and stay healthy!

Peace! ~MB


2 thoughts on “The Paper Purge

  1. A couple of years ago I heard on BBC radio the advice given to print out anything that was important to you – family photographs, etc. etc. – rather than relying on the virtual record to remain intact. The technology may advance, leaving your storage behind; or it may fail, and your clouded material lost forever. I wonder how much stuff I have lost by virtue of its being somehwere on a diskette?

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  2. G’Morning, Sir!
    Not enough coffee yet on the brain gears of this old Boi right over here, but I wanted to chime in here quick to say, yes, I can completely relate to all the Papers! But, salute! to you on your Action Plan. I love that and sorely wish my “action plans” actually worked. heh heh

    Interestingly enough there are a number of nights now, just as I’m falling asleep, where I’m contemplating end-of-life tasks. My primary concerns are for any Animal-Kin that survive me. The rest of the stuff I figure no one will care about. My situation is different though in that I have no bio-Family nor actually Friends that will end up dealing with my left-over bits of stuff and boxes of papers.

    Just to let you know, Sir, as maybe a kind of comfort, Estate Cleaners (the crews that are hired to clean out the place after someone has passed away and there’s no family/friends to do the task), don’t read any of the papers, cards, etc. Family/friends, yeah, maybe. But Estate Cleaners basically just move everything to the trash, unless it’s clearly labeled otherwise.

    My Mother – may she rest in peace and Bless her Spirit – used to work with a Residential Maintenance (aka house cleaning) company. Reason the hired crews don’t read anything? Simply put, they don’t have the time. They’ve got to get into the job and get it done quick as they can (aka, the quicker the job is done, theoretically the more money per hour one stands to make from a net profits perspective).

    Still, it’s totally admirable (and, yeah, wise) cleaning out as much as you can before hand, especially if you’re figuring Family/friends will be cleaning the place later.

    Sending thoughts for good energy and much respect to you, Sir.

    “Cap’n” Toni with my Lady Coco, Maya and Carly Pups, and All the Animal-Kids of the lil Haus…

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