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Building Anxiety

Being kind of a political junkie of sorts my brain is feeling like a pan of scrambled eggs right now. There’s stuff going on in every dark corner of politics, every idealogic platform, so many issues, and so many people trying to control all the little bits. It’s just become an insane scene of … carnage. The insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021 sealed my anxiety…it’s now just something that’s THERE all the time. Nerves on edge, wondering who can even be trusted at all anymore. I watch every person I see, wondering if they believe in lizard people and election fraud that did NOT happen. Or if they are the next “lone wolf” of seething violent actions yet to be done. Yeah, it’s not pretty in my head right now and it’s going to take some serious work to get by this trauma and increased PTSD that invades my daily thoughts. This sucks. I want peace and quiet. I need to go deep into the Maine woods for a while and out of social media range!

Our Congress and Senate are no longer working “for the people”. Some are working solely for theirselves, their bank accounts and some sort of weird political prestige. I haven’t heard ONE republican come forward to discuss any business of the people’s – only to defend their corrupt, insane president, to express talking points that make them “look good” in their audience of one’s eyes, saying things only to cover their own hides.

Trump and these complicit politicians have unleashed and fueled a right wing white supremist movement bent on ending American democracy…and they do not even KNOW why they need to end it, just doing what Trump tells them. There is the print of so much organized conspiracy and collaboration on this insurrectionist movement. Funding by bad actors, foreign sources, and planning beyond what we currently know. More and more will come to light and we will be further shocked and feel even more threatened and scared.

For people to become THIS insanely radicalized is something I have never seen before, I doubt anyone has – except in like Iraq or Iran where the Taliban radicalizes people continuously, but never here in America in my own lifetime (just turned 59 on the 10th). It’s just so foreign to me, people believing – I mean REALLY believing in some of the far fetched conspiracy theories about lizard people and Trump mass executing all his foes on inauguration day…like WHERE does this wack-ass stuff come from? You couldn’t make it up, I swear!

The inauguration is on Wednesday and will be historic with Kamala Harris being the first woman, and a woman of color, to be sworn in as Vice President of the United States. I know I will get choked up watching it, it’s going to be very impacting for all of us women across this country. It will also be an inauguration unlike any before because of the storming of the capitol on Jan. 6th by the insurrectionists spurred on by Trump’s rhetoric and lies. Our country’s capitol is now occupied by so much law enforcement it’s unbelievable. And all 50 state capitols are under guard as well as they prepare for possible violence on inauguration day. The dark corners of the internet are awash in talk of “violent revolution” by these extremists. I am definitely on edge about it. My anxiety is through the roof and my self-preservation mind-set has kicked in hard.

There is so much super difficult work to do. So many very hard conversations to have with family, friends and associates. We all must rebuff these conspiracy theories. We have to find ways to shut it down, to love these people enough to try to bring them back to reality. I don’t want to “throw away” 25% of our people (only 25% of Americans are Republicans) just because some buffoon has hypnotized them into thinking this way. But I am seriously afraid of down-stream radicalization – the adults teaching these stories to the kids, and trouble in schools and on play grounds. I mean WORSE trouble than previously, not just the typical kid fist fight but kids really taking this shit seriously and hurting or killing each other. Yes, we have work to do.

Tomorrow is the LAST day of #45’s reign of terror. I hope he will just slither away to Florida and be eaten on the golf course by a giant alligator in one single bite. haha…if wishes were horses this beggar would ride…

Be safe. Be aware. See something, SAY something!!!

Peace. ~ MB


3 thoughts on “Building Anxiety

  1. Our Congress and Senate are no longer working “for the people” –
    The Cynic in me will tell you that they never have. The Cynic in me will write a book-length thesis to take you point-by-point through the myth of American “democracy” and tell you why it doesn’t exist and never has. The Cynic in me will tell you that Trump was inevitable because of and not despite your system, and his mob were similarly inevitable, that America has gone from barbarism to decadence without an intervening period of civilisation, and that you have fallen so far back into barbarism now that even your period of decadence is beginning to look good in retrospect! Then I remind the Cynic in me that her cynicism is only of so much use, only in so far as she spurs me to be a rebuilder, a constant rebuilder. I remind her that though the American system is deeply flawed, she watched the events of a couple of months ago – a Presidential election conducted with rigorous integrity, and reported with diligence and honesty – and that in America it doesn’t get much better than that.

    American democracy ISN’T the best thing since sliced bread. All other systems AREN’T worse.* But that’s no reason to give up hope. Resist.

    [*The way they do things in Rojava – or at least did until Trump pulled US troops out of the region and let the war roll over them again – is much better, though small scale. There are or have been others. But this isn’t the time or place.]

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  2. I’ve read this post and whilst it’s all about question, what’s
    Going on – the bit that caught my attention was the likelihood that UID shed a year when Kamala is sworn in … here’s to women far and wide – may they be strong in vulnerable places and may they stand firm …


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