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On a personal note…

“We’ve become less tolerant of alternative viewpoints as media has become more polarised,” Ms Skewes said. “The more narrow it gets, the worse off we are as a democracy.”

The GOP and Trump are up in arms because they got caught in the act and exposed. They’re trying to defend the defenseless, saying he can’t be impeached for being so stupid about extortion. It’s pathetic how the GOP representatives are behaving in these hearings.

And this morning we heaer Fiona Hill, “Our nation is being torn apart” by Russia. She also warned Americans to be aware of Russia’s intent on destroying the US Democracy and that they are actively doing so as these hearings take place. Americans need to wake the fuck up!

Trump and the GOP have been punked by Putin. They need to now own it and end this charade. He needs to resign, along with the whole lot of his corrupt counterparts. Let’s get back to being more protective of our country and more ethical in our business around the world.

On a more personal note….

I’ve been having some kind of “off”days lately. The memories just keep coming back and reminding me. Yeah, I still miss her like fucking crazy, I admit it. There’s just this very empty spot in my heart that yearns so much simply for that connection to her. I am trying like a motherfucker to move on, but I feel stuck and I can’t get the feelings out of me. I hate that I can’t fix things, make them right again. I can’t seem to convince my heart to stop feeling and I can’t convince my brain to stop thinking about her. Damn, I wish this were very, very different and I wish I could go back in time. This is not a very happy place to be mentally. I dreamed that she showed up here, wanting to see me…damn, I hate dreams….although sometimes I want to live there.

I get my car back tomorrow. That will be nice since I’ve been without it for over a week now! I had the strutt and tie-rod replaced and the rear directional unit replaced (it was broken), and got my inspection sticker updated finally. It was a task, but I made it happen like I usually do! I did manage to get the cost down slightly, but it was still wallet shock that will take me a few weeks to recover from, but no worries, I got this!

I’ve been getting settled in for a long winter here, got the leaves cleaned up except where left to protect plants and insects that are needed, winterized the house and stocked in a tank of oil. I also managed to get the shed reorganized and cleaned out – that was one helluva task! And got my office back in order. Everything looks pretty damned good around here now. I’ve been staying busy as I can. Once I have the car back tomorrow I will be able to get back to work. The downtime did give me good time to work on and implement some other productive money-generating things, which is good.

Both of my parents had successful surgeries this month, thankfully. Although, I worry about them, they’re still so very active and I like that they can be! I’m lucky to still have them both, family is important to me. I will see the all at Thanksgiving Dinner next week, that will be nice. And I get to see my nieces next month. It’s the only good part of the holidays, seeing those you love.

I have Rachel Maddow’s book Blowout and I am after Anonymous’s book now. Reading relaxes me. Although the topics are tough. I’m after a few other books on different topics that will be much more fun to read. Trying to keep a sharp mind.

The weekend is almost here…yeehaa. I need it.

Later. ~MB


6 thoughts on “On a personal note…

  1. Some old loves hang around for years in the back of our minds. May yours move from the front of yours to the back. At least then it won’t be so painful. Listening to Karla Bonoff the other night I could once again feel pain from the mid 70’s! Oh well, at least my life has been full with love since then.

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