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Cyber Influence’s Aims & Weekend coming!

Trump has been a major advertiser on Facebook. According to a Guardian analysis, his campaign has launched 5,883 different ads since news of the Ukraine-call whistleblower broke on 18 September, 40% of which mention impeachment.

One of the ads raised concern for being deliberately misleading. It claimed, wrongly, that Biden “promised Ukraine a billion dollars if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s company”. CNN declined to run the ad, saying its assertions were “demonstrably false”.

Today, in front of every TV camera in the fucking world, Fiona Hill warned the Congress and the American people that accepting this corrupt type of behavior from this entire administration that is unwilling to appear before that Congress and the people, will invite the Russians to drive on with thier 2020 election interference plans. I actually am starting to think that that is what they want, so they can blame Trump’s future on the Russians and not on their blind allegiance to the Trumptator.

Tonight, the GOP is hunkered down in the White House having a big-ass pow wow about their “strategy” for fighting the eminent impeachment. The House will impeach on at least two things, bribery and obstruction of Jusice…and possibly, abuse of power. Leaving no room for any mistake, there aren’t very many ways to “label” what he did – he basically sold us out to the Russians. They are more active tonight than any other night in history, spinning and twisting video footable to fit their message that our Democracy is in the throes of death. Several investigative reporters have who have been following this Russian interference in our up-coming 2020 elections are all on high-alert and are seeing alarmingly high rates of propaganda and false narratives on everything they can figure out to further divide us as American people. It’s an all out attack directly on the American Pubic and her allies to drive a wedge -rather many wedges – of lies, scandals, manipulation and hatred, between us all and down our throats!

And for the first time in my lifetime I feel honestly unsafe from foreign influence not only in our elections, but also in every policy that protects or benefits us as citizens, changed or altered to do the opposite of it’s intended purpose of protection or is tossed out altogether. We are currently very unsafe from the spewing of hate filled propaganda leading to darker and darker days ahead as the bad-actors of the globe see it as open season on poisoning America – mind by mind., attitude by attitude as we becomed dumbed down to the rhetoric.

It’s started, intelligence says, and it’s going to be a vicious cyber attack on all of our platforms, leaning heavily on Twitter and Facebook as one may expect. Minority and fringe communities as well as communities of color will be heavily attacked and weaponized by our nay-sayers.

It’s up to each of us to be vigilant about our online absorbtion – avoiding untrue, fake or fabricated news, check our sources and the resources, check to make sure things are true if they sound unbelievable, they p .robably are…although in today’s climate, that may have become irrelevant. Please, just don’t spread stuff if you don’t know where it came from – maybe even where it originated. The USA is now 24 yrs behind China in AI research and development…if that doesn’t scare you, or at least give you get a shiver, I don’t know what will. Protect yourself, use malware, spyware and a good security system on your network. Malicious actors, bots, and stolen identity accounts will be lurking among us thicker than usual. Back your shit up and while you’re at it pack a go-bag, just in case.

Today’s personal notes….

I adopted a couple of guinea pigs just recently. Click and Clack, the Tappit brothers, of coarse, Thanks to my love of their show Car Talk on NPR, schedule of episodes here. The GPs came with a brand new, gorgeous cage/habitat. I stopped at Petco today to get some shavings for them and I saw the cage there…at $189.99…wow….It’s too bad. The little girl who had them had wanted them, saved up her money then after a month decided they weren’t all that fun anymore and didn’t want them. I know kids want things, but before you EVER buy ANY kind of pet you should be SURE that you can provide a safe, loving, long-term, lifetime home for it. And rather than “buying” a pet, please try to adopt one waiting in a shelter first!

On another note, I’ve been journalling quite a bit and this is one of the methods that I kinda use, Bullet Journalling. I like it, you can tweak it a bazillion ways, make it your own and enjoy journalling, no matter what your style or topics. I tend to keep several notebooks handy each designated for a particular topic or part of my life. This is a quoted entry from the creator of Bullet Journal. It resonated with me for sure.

“That’s what Bullet Journaling has helped me realize. It’s not about making sense of every little thing, or getting it all right. ADHD or not, no one can do that. It’s about putting in the work to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

It’s not about catching the rain, it’s about becoming aware of why you’re standing in it.

When you start asking why, you begin to look at your responsibilities differently. You filter out distractions that serve no purpose. With fewer things to do, you have more time to focus on the things that light you up. Despite my diagnosis, I’ve found that motivation and focus come naturally when you believe in what you’re doing. It may not make things easy, but purpose provides the tools I need to persevere.

I created the Bullet Journal because I needed a way to weather the storm. But life shouldn’t merely be weathered. Without the storm, there is no lightning. I continue to Bullet Journal, because it allows me to channel the storm waters to surface and nourish the lightning seeds- those tiny mysterious sparks of clarity so easily lost in the day. These are the things that can bloom into one of countless wondrous reasons that make this thundering life a gift.”
Quoted from Inside ADHD

The weekend approaches…dun, dun, dun…I figure I need to finish raking, one final round the house and clean up. After this it will have to wait til Spring in my opinion. I may hang decorative lights outside this weekend because its going to be a warm 50 degrees and I want to take advantage of the weather break and get them up if I am going to do it this year! I want to, so I will make time one day this weekend. I feel somehow guilty if I don’t get at least one “must do” chore done a weekend, somehow feels more productive and that keeps the stress a little bit at bay.

I also plan to make a trip to the beaches — Yay! Picking my car up tomorrow! — probably make the “loop” from here to Seapoint, up along 103 to York Harbor, then Route 1A along the shoreline in York Beach….nice fucking ride, even better if you continue on up to Ogunquit Beach. It’s always been my personal favorite beach loop. Maybe on Sunday. My dogs need a good couple of hours at the beach sniffing junk and I like walking around looking for shells, seaglass, cool rocks and whatever else may catch my eye. Even Lu has started enjoying the beach visits more than she did, the more we go the more she seems to be becoming accustomed to the wind and sand, not so prissy anymore. And good ole Nola just loves it as usual. That dog has always loved any walking, hiking or long ride adventures. She’s a decent co-pilot.

So, I guess it will be mostly an outside weekend, which is just what I need after a tense week of watching the Congressional hearings looking into the possible impeachment of Trumpinski…let’s fucking hope that’s the outcome, we cannot go much longer under the influence of this corrupt tyrant and Russian sympathizer. He needs to go!!! Resign! Just walk away! Before he gets thrown out or voted out in a shameful election where the results will never be satisfactory. It was so sickening to watch the GOP behave like a bunch of mafia thugs and flat-earthers. It’s bizarre and just NOT normal political behavior or protocol that is being exhibited to America by these so-called “leaders” who are supposed to be protecing our country with their service. This is more like a bunch of oligarchs snarling over how to divide the bounty after a successful raid. UGH, need this shit OUT of my headspace!!! Glad it’s the weekend!!!

Hope you are all weathering the shitstorm!



2 thoughts on “Cyber Influence’s Aims & Weekend coming!

  1. Took my best friend from Oregon on that 1A loop last year. She loved all of it and was appreciative that we got off 1. She said she felt that she was really in New England. Enjoy. Remember that song from “South Pacific,” “I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair.” Applies to the big orange sociopath pretending to “lead” our country.

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