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Weekend is Here!

Every fiber in my body is yearning for warmer weather and Spring conditions! The weather is starting – I said starting – to break, it’s been above freezing now for several days and we have had rain, so the snow pack is slowly melting away.  This is especially apparent around the edges of yards and lots.  I can now see the whole top of my fire pit, which is raised about 12″ off of the ground, so I guess the snow in that part of my yard is still about a foot thick, but it’s slowly crystalizing and melting away due to solar melt and a tad higher temperatures.  This has been this longest winter, and the slowest coming Spring I’ve ever experienced here in Maine.  Never have I seen snow pack this deep or hard on the ground this late into Spring.  Yeah, we have Spring snows, but never does the snow stick around, as the ground gets too warm on the sunny days and it melts away pretty fast.  Not this year.  The ground is frozen deep.  The ponds and lakes are still full ice and quite safe for the crazy ice fishermen who are still at it this late in the season!

Today I will work on my truck this morning, got to put in a new blower motor resistor so that I have all 5 fan speeds on the blower for heat and air conditioning. Right now I only have speed 4 and 5.  It’s a common GMC problem, and a fairly easy fix.  I’m saving money by doing it myself.  I ordered the part from who I found to be the most reasonable and provided very good service.  I’ll be using them again for the rest of the minor parts I need to get the truck into tip top shape for my late Spring trip.

This afternoon I am supposed to attend a snowmobile party at my brother’s house.  It was cancelled from several weeks ago due to rain that weekend.  Today is probably the last chance we’ll have to ride on this snow, because if the temps keep up like they have been it will mostly be gone in another week or so.  I love to ride, I don’t have my own machine, but there are several in the family that we all ride.  The kids will be doing most of the riding I am sure.  We’ll have a bon fire and food and drinks; all hang out and talk and laugh for a few hours and watch the kids screaming around on the snowmobiles.  It’s going to be a pretty good day for it, sunny and 45F I believe.

I will try to make it a day of picture taking so that I can show some of the fun.

I was sick as a dog on Thursday with a bad migraine headache.  Thanks to those who texted me and called me to make sure I was okay, I appreciated it and liked knowing you care. Nola played nurse all day, laying on my shoulder as I lay on the couch feeling like I was going to die.  It’s cute how she thinks she’s making me better by holding me down and loving on me.  She’s so tuned to how I am feeling and if I am upset, crying, or sick she is right there in my face trying to make it all better.

My liver biopsy has been scheduled for next Friday, April 3rd…ugh…and my mother is going to take me and bring me home afterwards.  They are going to sedate me, so I have to have a driver with me when I show up.  I’m anxious to get it done and over with now, and to get started on the HepC treatment.  I pray that it works.  It’s about a 6 month treatment and should have very low side effects once I get through the first week or two of getting used to it.  I will be more fatigued they say, but I can handle that okay.  Just means I will be napping a bit more in the afternoons.

Easter is coming next Sunday….early this year!  I will be having Easter dinner with my family at my sister Deb’s home in New Hampshire.  She’s got a huge place, and it’s great for large gatherings and big dinner celebrations.  I bought a new light purple shirt yesterday to wear, quite Easter-y looking.  I got my hair cut last week, so I’ll just have someone clean up the back for me with my clipper and I should look fine for Easter pictures that we do every year.  This will be the last big holiday that we’ll all gather for until 4th of July, which is like Christmas to us. We really do go all out on the 4th of July with a big party and tons of food.  I call these the big parties because usually all of my siblings and my parents and lots of friends attend them.

I remember Easter’s as a child, when it was required that we got our “Easter dresses” and had to wear them, and hats and little white gloves with patent leather shoes.  Oh how my little tomboy psyche hated that holiday attire.  Somewhere I have a photo of one year in particular when the dresses were particularly foolish and uncomfortable, I’ll see if I can locate that for a future blog.  I can still remember how hard I cried as they dressed me up like a girl for that Easter Sunday….ugh.

I do tend to be more busy and involved in many more outside activities during the warmer weather — like everyone who lives in this evil winter wonderland we have here for 4-5 months of each year.  We get cabin fever and when we can get out and enjoy the warmer weather we do it as much as possible.  I tend to still stay home alot, but I move outside to working in the yard, I’m fanatic about my yard.  I want the greenest, fullest lawn and I want my flower gardens to look great.  After this harsh winter I have a LOT of clean up out there to get done. Tons of raking and cleaning up of branches that came down, plus the heavy snow broke some shrubs near the front porch that will have to be culled out now, and it damaged the hedges, I’ll try to tie those back and support them to see if they can make it.  Yes, lots of yard work to be done.  I can’t wait to get started, maybe another week or two and I can start raking and cleaning up.

That’s all for this morning my WordPress peeps, lurkers and stalkers….I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.



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  1. Have you changed your password again? I can’t log on, and couldn’t locate your personal e-mail address. I’d appreciate the password. Thanks.


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