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Sweating and Testosterone…

As I sit here taking a break from mowing the lawn to wipe the river of sweat from my head – yeah I’m wicked bad with the head sweating – I realize I didn’t answer a friend’s question to me the other day but it just occurred to me again – what changes have I experienced body/life wise on the Testosterone that I am on.  Funny I was telling my friend C that the only extra body hair I was noticing was on my belly!  Of all places, yeah the happy trail is becoming a lush path.  The other think I have noticed is that I sweat like a polar bear in France int he summer time.  I haven’t noticed that the sweat is smelly at all, just that I sweat a LOT.  and the only things I can attribute it to is the T and maybe the hiv in blood.  I went through hot flashes when I went through early menopause (yay me!) at 46-49…since then it’s gotten less with the flashes, hell I haven’t had one in months, but I do sweat in the heat on a regular basis.  It does require showering quite frequently, sometimes twice a day if I am super active and have that sweaty feeling that drives my ass toward a nice cool shower. 

so to answer a few people’s questions to me…

yes, T makes me sweat a bit more


I have not noticed any major body changes, I’m still just a stocky Butch, with a one pack and a decent appetite.


Testosterone definitely affected my appetite, speaking of eating!


I already have a deepish voice, so I haven’ t noticed any changes there at all.  


My attitude is a bit less sharp.  I am less likely to get upset by mundane issues, and think that people tend to make their own drama

I may have slightly more facial hair, it ‘s hard to tell what is age and what is the T.


I definitely have a much higher energy level and much higher sex drive.  I love these two things especially, and they are the original reasons that I started on the low-dose Androgel.  

This week has been kind of strange.  It started out ok, was pretty boring yesterday, then today I found myself doing a lot of reading – something that I do daily anyway, but more so today. I read to take my mind off of my own reality sometimes.  And today I needed that.  

I kept busy Monday and Tuesday with antique shop stuff, spent some time with my Mom (as mentioned in an earlier blog) and got a lot done.  I like a week where I can make it happen and see results of my efforts.  I do need more though to work off this energy that I have pent up inside.  I have wishes, but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride….

The more I consider returning to the work life soon the more excited about it I get.  I need to be out around more people than I currently am.  I do get out every day to various places, but the Depot is different; it’s a different place, and you get to see lots of different people and experience lots of varying personalities.  My poly/multi-tasking mind needs that kind of stimulation.  I do very well under pressure.  

I’m off to relax for the evening, shower my sweaty lawn-mowing self off and get into some comfortable clothes, lay around on the couch and watch some TV for a couple of hours before I crash out for the day.  ahh…such is life…



2 thoughts on “Sweating and Testosterone…

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    yep I noticed that I sweat a lot in the heat, I do think it’s from the T , been like that for a good long while now, I didn’t think human’s had that much water to sweat out! unfortunately it’s not an altogether pleasant smell either (at least on me) not offensive, but definitely noticeable..


  2. I’m telling you! You could scrape a good quart off me after some exertion like mowing the lawn. The outside temps just make it worse when it’s hot…yeah, not a great smell I am sure, but not like man sweat either! 11 days to my surgery date! 🙂


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