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5 Myths About Non-Binary Transition

Reblogging this in support of all of my Trans friends, and as someone who blurrs the line very heavily…I can so relate to most of this post, even though I don’t fully identify as Trans, I don’t identify in the binary either. Very well written article. The last part about “Nobody will Love You” I could have written the last part of that almost word for word, as I know the fear of my just disclosing my hiv status can scare some off. This part
“whether we’re talking about your body (too short), your mind (too analytical), your emotions (too stoic), your personality (too bossy), where you live (on the other side of the world), what music you like (jazzercise), or even stuff like whether you’re a cat person or a dog person (cute puppies only please). And given that delicate web of requirements, it’s clear that you are not going to find that magical connection with just anyone. So forget about gender and people’s preoccupation with it, and concentrate on finding people who like everything else about you. Above all, concentrate on loving yourself too.” Really resonated with me. Enjoy the read.

1. You can’t transition at all

Well… This is obviously untrue. I – and many others like me – are living proof.

But let’s unpack it for a moment.

For me, being transgender is simply having a gender that does not match the one you were assigned at birth (which is most probably, always only, male or female, based on external genitals). The importance of this definitions lies in its ample leeway to identify outside of the binary, while honoring the shared experience of the internal transgression of gender. Once I realized that I did not have to “want to be a man” in order to be trans, I felt huge relief, and immediately settled down and got cozy with the label. Because for me, consciously identifying as transgender provided not just the gateway to invaluable resources, it also gifted me a community: a group of people I could see…

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