Poetry, Things Butch-Femme

Fire and want

The smoldering fire, white hot, rages

In my gut, my heart, my loins

I crave to take you there

Completely, unashamedly

To places only you dream


On days that end in Y

Your why is never questioned

You obey, you submit, you come

To me, willingly, softly, fiercely


In my mind, in my fingertips

Playing across your moist skin

Weaving through your thick hair

Finding places to seek and hide


For things unspoken yet necessary

To bring us to that precipice

That edge of abandonment

Sweat and heat of deepest desire


Passionate, biting and searing

Courses though my expanded veins

Rhythm beating in my heart, in my heat

Ravaging; ripping through your love


As my hand finds its way

To cover your scream, hold you down

Not yet my needy lover, for only

When I say you can will you


To me in the midnights hours

With visions of torment, satisfaction, release

Sighs of relief and exhaustion

Red-hot fire is streaming through my body



4 thoughts on “Fire and want

  1. I fantasize and you are here, over me pulling me onto you, the slippery wet of my aching everywhere, the fingertips that guide me through, the scents of perfume and cologne, the mesh of our bodies, I’m not alone, you open me and I can only give to you…surrendering I taste your skin, your dew…looking deep into your eyes as you dance within, that smokey sigh, that warm release…baby, I am here to please…
    I’ll kneel before you and part my lips, the desire at my fingertips, the taste lingers from every kiss, as I submit to your bliss, your hands in my hair, your skin on my breast, pulling me to take you there, soft warm wet until you rest…the tangle of the love we make…to you I give, for you…to take…


  2. I really enjoy the fact that you are writing this as a spoken word piece. I feel that with spoken word you can get away with more abstracts than you can in pure textual poetry.

    Well done,


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