MainelyButch Goes to Work…

So I have rejoined the workforce of America.  Yeah, I got a fucking job.  It’s about time huh?  I know I’ve been not working for too long when I am even bored with being bored!   Anyway, started working, got through the training and started on the front end counter today.  It’s nice to be around so many people; to see people I know from around town who come in and to meet so many new people as well.  And the crew that I am working with seems to be a pretty good bunch too.  I know most of them a little bit from my own frequenting of the store prior to getting a job there.  That’s basically how I got the job, I would go in there at lest once every day or two for something and I kept seeing the “help wanted” sign so finally I asked one of the guys I knew who already worked there and he took me and introduced me to the manager, who granted me an interview and offered me a job.  I love how connections and networking can lead from one thing to another, and you never really know where you’ll end up sometimes.

So, I like the job, it’s actually quite entertaining in some aspects.  I love interacting with people and believe me at a large convenience store/truck stop you find all different kinds of people frequent it.  I love to people watch (thumbs up to my Vancouver friend who also loves to people watch, it makes me think of you!) and there’s plenty of it to do at this place.

Today after work I stopped at Old Navy and bought a new pair of pants – pants now, not jeans – for work. I had to get some tan khaki pants.  The uniform at my new job is the company’s signature red polo shirt with the company logo on it and issued to you when you are hired, and either black or tan pants/jeans.  If they are jeans they have to be pitch black and not faded or ripped up.  I happened to own a nice pair or black Levi’s already which I have been wearing and washing every night to wear again the next day.  Now that I have another pair I can alternate and get away with doing laundry every couple of days.  They gave me 3 polo shirts, so once I pick up another pair of pants next pay day I can stretch the laundry out to twice a week.  Logical thinking huh?  *smirk*   Anyhooo…the pants are quite comfortable as I got the Broken-in Straights type so they’re not all stiff and stupid looking.  I’m so used to wearing blue jeans that this is all quite a change for me.

Nola and Lulu have settled in pretty much already to me being gone all morning.  I’m working the 7am to 1pm shift, only 6 hours a day, Monday through Fridays.  It’s a great shift, busy enough to keep me happy and the perfect hours for me to have the rest of each day to do other stuff, make appointments as needed and take care of other business.  Plus I have the weekends off – which is always a bonus!   I suspect that the dogs just sleep all morning but I leave the TV on for them just in-case they want to watch GMA (Good Morning America) hahaha.  I do miss that morning show, but I been getting up at 5am to catch the morning news and have a couple of cups of good coffee before I shower and head out the door for my shift.  When I get home they come bounding off of the couch to greet me at the door, all wiggly-giggly at my feet.  They are definitely happy to see me.

So that’s been my last few days, just getting used to this new endeavor of working once again; settling into a new schedule and enjoying it.

It’s been some fucking cold – and I mean it, FUCKING COLD – here in the Northeast lately.  Today the wind howled like holy hell, whipping the snow into a frenzy of dust storm proportion. It’s drifted the snow everywhere, especially into my previously shoveled driveway and walking path to the house.  I am hoping that the wind and temperatures will be better in the next 2 days so I can get it cleaned up once again before the storm rolls in this weekend…yes, we are predicted for a good sized storm this coming weekend.  I suppose that it was bound to happen, winter was bound to catch up to us. We’ve been extremely fortunate up til now with not much snow and actually very mild temps.  It  was just a matter of time before the real winter weather kicked in.  I am figuring that we’ll probably get beat on from here on out til late April…unless we get some kind of lucky!

I’m off to catch up on some reading here on WordPress, I see some of you have posted since I was last able to sit down and really do some good reading and I want to try to catch up tonight.  I hate falling behind on my blog reading and my news reading.  I always enjoy reading all of your blogs and am trying to keep myself up with comments and responses like I said that I would.







Saturday Thoughts…Mar. 9th, 2015

Hold the phone! The fucking Sun is shining!!!!  I woke up at 4:30 today, had some coffee and listened to the news, texted with my favorite person, and fed the dog…then the SUN came up!  It is a bright, shining globe in the sky and we haven’t seen it this bright here in southern Maine for weeks now.  The temperature actually had TWO digits in it…yes! 19F !  And it’s supposed to actually rise a bit today and touch the low 30’s…I do believe that this is a sign from God that Spring IS going to come!

I been reading blogs for the last hour…many from Opinionated Man who writes a blog called Harsh Reality and who has fast become one of my favorite bloggers.  I’ve decided that this guy has a shit ton of time on his hands, as he posts bunches of posts everyday, and he has time to answer comments, and reblog too!  His stuff is thought provoking, inspiring, downright crazy at times and very funny.  I like him.  His blog is great, you should follow this dude for sure.

I’m at the point between winter and spring where i am making lists like crazy.  List of things to get done around the house, things to get done outside, things to do to the truck, things to buy, and projects that need to be completed.  It’s like list mania or something.  I’ve always run my life by lists, it’s a trait that my mother passed on to me.  Growing up there were always lists on the kitchen counter…one for each kid (there are 5 of us) and one for Mom’s stuff to do, groceries, Dad projects, etc.  So I am now a professional lister myself.  If I have a list then my day goes off more smoothly.  Although when you combine a list with low-level depression not much gets checked off, and lots gets added, as you sit around depressed and remember all the shit you have to do or get.  On the list it goes.

I’m really down on myself right now about my winter weight gain…seems that it gets a little harder every winter to keep a decent fighting weight.  Anyway, this week starts my new workout routine at the local city gym.  Where I am probably going to die of a stroke from over exertion and smoking too damned much.  But, I may lose a few pound before that happens. I gain it all in the middle, which is probably the hardest place to lose it too, but I have to try, and I will succeed.  Of course watching what I eat would be the second thing I am doing more carefully right now.  As I slug back a Pure Leaf tea with carbs that are frighteningly high.  Anyway, working out has got to make me feel better too, at least I hope that is true.

Ok, I am off to enjoy the sunshine and see what I can get done today!  Enjoy your weekend!!!  ~MB