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TED Talks

The need inside of me to find and know about new and innovative things is immense.  Recently I have stumbled upon “TED Talks” which is some of the most incredulous stuff I’ve ever encountered online.  What a brilliant and world changing project!  Or rather “set” of ideas and projects.  The theme seems to be various very good speakers, who each hold some powerful ideas about how to change the world in some small way or another, are given 18 minutes to do just that – empower an audience to want to change the world.  Some of the projects are just astounding.

Turned on to this site by fellow Youtube vlogger, Pogobat, or Dan Brown, I have become very enthralled with the site and all of the projects.  The human brain has a thirst for knowledge, and these 18 minute “talks” can seriously change the way one thinks or reacts to be different from how you would have thought or reacted before the “talk”.  Interesting stuff.

I love blogging/vlogging and the interactions that I have with other people.  I’ve learned so much over time with my Youtube page and from all of the people I have touched lives with via that venue.  It’ has carried over into my daily life, I have used information and changed myself in some ways with that information.

TED talks are about a wide, wide variety of subject matter; each one in it’s own way,  pertinent to the human condition.  That one commonality intrigues me so very much.  Anything that fires up my mind and thought processes is almost akin to taking drugs to me!  I love to be stimulated by ideas and thought processes.  When you aren’t having a lot of sex, this is the next best thing – brain stimulation!

After posting a video blog about this I have gotten feedback from other people who are TED addicts!  I didn’t know we all had this in common!  Were we hiding it, perhaps afraid to be seen as nerds extraordinaire? Hell, it that’s nerdy then I am King of Nerds!  *laugh*

I am mostly interested in TED Talks about things that relate to life and good living, solving problems in living and in communities.  I’m not so much into the medical or math angles, so I do pick and choose the talks I listen to..but there are over 1000 so I have tons to catch up on while more and more are being added all the time!

If you have not checked out TED talks go to their web site or look them up on Youtube.  or are the two web links I have for you.  Explore and enjoy!