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Writing / Blog 2015 Updating

Oh what shall I blog about this week?  I was cleaning my desk in my office and found several notes about topics and the such for blogging or vlogging.  I keep several note books, each with various things from cool and interesting sayings that I stumble across, to websites that interest me, to lists of topics for blogs…there is an abounding list, I just have to be in the right mood to do the work to do a decent blog.  Writing about daily stuff just gets boring to me and I am not so sure it’s really what I want this blog to be about.  I don’t mind an occasional life update type of blog, but I’m sure that readers would rather be provoked into thought by something other than my mundane descriptions of the weather in Maine.

I am considering opening a new blog…or renaming this one.  I’m going with the name “Private Label” and I am going to revamp the blog and it’s contents to some extent.  I think I have too many Catagories as it is now, and I should pare down to more generalized catagories such as “Daily Life”  “Butch Life” “LGBT Interests”….what do you as a reader think of this?  Do you think that my blog is messy?  Does the platform look decent or should I attempt to add more multimedia for 2015?  I mean pictures and videos and maybe do more poetry and creative stuff than I have done.  I’ve kept this blog pretty reserved, some would say that I can sometimes be “inappropriate” in my speech, well I have a mind that goes along with that inappropriate speech as well, a very Butch and somewhat twisted mind…yeah I think about sex a lot..I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, and it comes up in the photos that I sometimes choose to post here and elsewhere.  And we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so wow, I am really inappropriate I guess!  Hahaha, I am laughing at myself here.

I talk to you here in this blog like I would probably talk to you in conversation were we having one.  I like a natural flow to follow when I read, thus I try to write the way I would talk, so that it flows more easily and is a smoother read.  I’ve tried other more formal styles of writing, but this is the one that suits my personality best…I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, so to speak, quite often, and thus I write in a similar style…a conversational style I guess you would call it.  I’m sure there is some fancy, schmancy word for the style, but I’m not aware of it at the moment.

Writing in my blog is something that I started doing around 2006.  In the old days of AOL I had quite a written blog online.  In cleaning part of my office last month I happened across a full printed copy of those old blogs.  I recall printing them out because I was killing my AOL account.  Hell, I think I may still have an AOL presence, but I have NO idea how to access the account anymore..what email I used to use back then or what the password might remotely be!  If I did I would remove any trace of myself on there.  But back in the day, yeah the day…heh heh…AOL was the platform that everyone used, kind of like Facebook is today.  Although I think that we were all so inexperienced in web communications back then that we all managed at some point or another to screw up…I know I did.  I met a super woman via AOL and fell in love.  That wasn’t what I had intended to do at all, since I was also in a very long term relationship at the time.  Unfortunately it ended my LTR and while I was with the other woman for a while, I didn’t stay with her out of guilt and confusion mostly. She herself was an extraordinary writer, published a few books of her poetry and prose, and that’s how we connected, through our mutual love of writing and of the Butch-Femme dynamic as well.  She was my ideal idea of Femme.  Beautiful, poised and just delightful in all aspects.

One of the things that those old platforms did offer that I miss is music.  I liked that you could go to someone’s page and hear their musical choices.  Facebook doesn’t do that, and hell it’s a whole different platform, but I wish you could set some kind of background music. And I’d love to know what other people are listening to these days. I am a hard-core country rock fan. I like Jason Aldean, Clay Walker, Big & Rich, Keith Urban, Reba, LeeAnn Womack, and a slew of other country rock artists…then I also go for bands like Parmalee, Rixton, Plain White T’s, Little Big Town, One Republic, One Direction….and the list goes on.  I love music and I make sure that every month I add 10 new songs to my iTouch.

I wish there were a way to build a blog page that had a music player on it…I bet there is and Butchcountry67 is going to tell me just how to do it!  🙂  I’m sure there’s some blogging platform or some app you can add to a WordPress blog that would add music.  Hmm..I shall be researching this now as I go through revamping my page.  I may register my name also and go to having a main web page instead of going via WordPress.  That may give me more options like music and video.

So this is what I will be working towards on this blog.  Follow along and please, please give me some feedback and guidance as you see fit!  I am fully open to creative criticism, and to topics, if you have a specific topic or idea for me please let me know either in the comments or by emailing Mainely Butch.  I’d love to get some conversational blogging going on too, or some collaborative project with other bloggers if anyone has any good ideas on that I’d appreciate hearing them!

Peace!  ~MB