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Day 134 Covid Tired

I am sure that I am not the only Covid-caving person who has been struggling with hauling out art supplies repeatedly, so much so that I am now once again considering a craft/art room, or some area of supply and workspace that has a designed purpose. I have spent so much extra time cooped up in my house or working in the yard that I am just through with doing projects, yet it’s the ONLY think TO DO!

I feel like I am living in limbo, just like so many others I am sure. Covid has us all in a bind right now with no end in sight. And with our country so divided and our president acting like a dictator it has become stifling to live in the USA – we are basically “existing” at this moment, just waiting for the next crisis to be thrown at us. I just keep trying to stay optimistic and hope that we can hold it together long enough to watch Trump crash and burn when Biden takes office. It’s going to get rough my friends, so buckle up!

Today: July 29, 2020….Just a FEW of the things so far this week….

134 Day of Covid-19 Lock down…are ya tired yet? Masking? Social Distancing??

>4 million Covid positive tests

>150,000 Dead Americans due to Covid-19 and Admins. LACK of proper RESPONSE!

Administration insisting children return to school in-person, despite Covid-19 dangers

@7,300 children in Tennessee schools test covid-19 positive after 1 week of in-person school, state goes BACK to on-line learning.

62 straight nights of BLM protesting in the Portland streets…

Trump’s StormTroopers are sent into Portland, Or, and into Seatle, WA….maybe elsewhere as well, Trump promises to unleash 75,000 troops on American citizens exercising their 1st ammendment rights to Freedom of Speech and peaceful public assembly.

AG Barr shows contempt for Congress and a willingness to blatantly LIE to protect Trump

AG Barr squirms under intense quesitoning about him helping Trump to reelection

As the Senate GOP is STILL talking about some technicality in the investigation in 2016…stuck., with no other defense of Trump’s CURRENT offenses or antics.

Covid-19 Rent and Mortgage protections expired.

Cares Act Unemployment benefit, PPP and assistance to citizens and businesses expired.

Senate Republicans cannot pass a package and are bickering over pennies compared to their $2 Trillion dollar aid package for their rich corporate buddies 2 years ago.

AOC smokes Yoho on the House floor. Shamed, Yoho resigns, will not run for reelection.

And it’s only WEDNESDAY….happy Hump Day Folks!

Peace.. ~MB

oh Hey!!! Everyone!! Please Support your protesters! They need bail money, supplies, food, medical supplies and protective equipment in Portland and Seatle. Reach out if you can and give them a hand! Not all of us can BE there, but we can BEWARE and support our fellow warriors sweating it out on the frontlines!

“By fine-tuning your ability to notice detail about people, you can learn to question automatic assumptions, withhold opposing ideas without being judgmental & detach from your own prejudices.” (stolen from Healing with the Masters) (KC Callison FB)

Butch Stuff

60 Days

60 days of chaotic weirdness, unlike any other 60 day period in any of our lives.

Trying to figure out what we should each be doing that is safe or not safe with NO leadership or guidance from the very top echelon – the US President – is a challenge all by itself.

60 Days and we are STILL stuck on talking about “testing” – or lack thereof – and the lack of PPE.

60 Days of daily “updates” which are more like political rallies sometimes and like #45 having his very own little boy’s birthday party with everyone slapping him on the back and telling him how great, wonderful and perfect he is in everything he does.

60 Days of watching good people being either fired, moved to the basement office, slandered, ridiculed and outright insulted by Donald J. Trump. His reasons are all because each of the people – one, Dr. Bright, was even HEAD of the lab that is working on the most promising vaccine – disagreed with or spoke words that Trump didn’t agree with or approve of himself. Yep, firing people for speaking TRUTH and NOT agreeing with Trump’s fluff or misinformation. THAT is how it works in communist countries! There are actually some countries where you “disappear” or are found dead of suicide (yes, this is what is happening in China to ANYONE who speaks of the virus outside of their laboratory.) No one around Trump is allowed to have their own opinion or speak truth that doesn’t match HIS idea, so you KNOW they are ALL LIARS!!! You can’t work for him if you are NOT a LIAR.

60 Days of watching Trump slowly become more and more confused about what he’s trying to talk about. Sometimes just completely unable to reply and make ANY sense at all. He’s shown us how much he hates women, how horribly he treats them – right on TV for ALL of us to SEE – and how much their intelligence, which is obviously higher than his, scares the shit out of him. He basically RAN off stage a couple of days ago when being simply asked WHY he believes it’s so important to be competative and continually state who’s doing better with testing – us or China – he couldn’t even answer the question.

60 Days of watching our federal government – and our own president – work feverishly AGAINST the individual states and local governments. Bidding against them for PPE, seizing testing parts that the states might acquire on their own and even forcing some governors to hide the supplies from the feds, and disputing state statistics, disparaging individual governors who may not “agree” with Trump (again, that agreement thing) and showing NO EMPATHY for the families of those 90,000 people – US citizens – who have lost their lives to coronavirus19, many due to the slow, slow response of the Trump administration in the beginning of the pandemic hitting American soil.

60 Days of piss poor, lazy, sub-par attempts at basic leadership skills. This guy can’t even keep the people who hand him his meals safe from this virus – his personal valet, who gives him his meals, tested positive for the virus last week. Trump had a melt down and of course blamed those around him for “not protecting him”….while he disputes and completely blocks CDC guidance on HOW to protect ourselves! That is the CDC’s fucking JOB! And Trump refuses to let them do their jobs and says publicly that he believes HE knows more about this because he can “feel it in his gut”…folks, we are listening to a fucking feather merchant trying to ice cream in Antartica – with no takers. Idiot, just a plain IDIOT – the epitomy of the word actually. I want to add his picture next to the word “Idiot” in Wikipedia.

60 Days of “the plan” changing every 3 days…infuriating as hell.

60 Days of face masks, social distancing (6′), limited patron food shopping, and astronomically soaring food prices.

60 Days of my friends and some family members being out of work. Waiting STILL on the arrival of unemployment funds while running out of cash to keep things afloat. We’re all in this together, so we’ve all been trying to help each other and also help our local assistance organizations as well, keep things going. It’s stressful and it sucks. This is one time I am glad I am on a fixed income – while it’s not much at least it pays the basic bills. Gas for my car was a whopping $32. last month (I track it in my Cumbies app), down from about $120 a month during a regular month of moving around, so that is quite a nice little savings. Of course, it was just spent on food instead – eating has gained a whole new appeal during the lock down! I’ve managed to keep my weight steady, but I can see the reason some are gaining a little! It’s pretty easy to sit down and binge on Netflix and Doritos! hahaha

60 Days of Gov. Andrew Cuomo being the only sane and believable political voice I hear. While Anthony Fauci started out bold, telling us the honest, raw truth he’s been forced to “dumb it down” to make his idiot boss look smarter. You can tell Fauci is annoyed as fuck with having to put up with Trump’s idiotic, uneducated stabs at being a medical genius, but somehow he’s doing it – FOR US! Without Fauci in the room I believe NOTHING being babbled, NOTHING! Birx is in the same position as is the head of the CDC (name escapes me, it’s like Redman, or Rightman). And when Mike Pense opens his mouth I want to put a bag over his head – a plastic one, with a zip-tie necktie. He annoys the fuck outta me.

…ok, so those are the main “60 Days” of annoying, inconvenient, bullshit items. I know that some are made to protect me and my loved ones and I am really okay with that, but still it’s just not all fun and games being in one location most of the time. I know I could “cheat” but I like to live by what I say and do what I say I am going to do or am doing. So, yes, I am maintaining my “stay-at-home” protocol and I believe that I am doing the right thing, as many, many others are as well. Open up, go out, do your thing, but please, please, please be SMART! Wear your facemask, social distance, stay outside as much as possible, maintain your temper and try to be kind to those who HAVE to be out there working and putting themselves in the line of fire for Covid19! PLEASE!!!

Tomorrow I will write up the “60 Days” of things I’ve done, learned, created and enjoyed during this pandemic shut down.

I hope you are all staying safe, healthy and thinking smart. Preparing for the 2nd wave would be smart of you as well. Don’t be foolish and believe that this is “over” by any means! It’s not! So stock up on weed, water and chocolate and you should be fine for the next round as well! My love to all of you!

Peace ~ MB