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Goals/Resolutions Thread

It’s New Year’s Day, which means probably once or twice or maybe five times this past week, someone has asked you if you’re ready / excited for the new year, and what your resolutions are. So we figured I thought we could just make a party out of it and create an open thread in which I show you mine and you show us yours. Resolutions, that is.  Although I think of them as more of goals and less as resolutions, I want to allow myself some space to succeed and resolutions never seem to be successful.  I am a more goal oriented person I guess.

One of my goals is to be better at communicating with my blogging community, to comment more and engage in more conversation in general with my fellow writers/bloggers.  Comments are good and needed to keep the conversations flowing!

So, what kinds of goals/resolutions have you thought about or made for 2016?