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Five Day Photo Challenge

Crocus2015I’ve been working hard on cleaning up my yard around the house all week.  I am seeing a lot of plants poking up from the ground in all of my gardens, but in the middle of the lawn these beautiful blue crocus flowers bloom every spring.  They must have been dropped there somewhere along the years by a bird or something, because they are no where near a garden, just sitting out in the middle of the lawn.  I thought they were so pretty today, in full bloom and all, and I snapped this quick picture with my cell phone….I think the photo came out spectacular for a cell phone pic!  This was taken pre-raking of the area, so you get the full natural effect of the leaves and a stick that needed to be picked up too.  I actually left it and the area around it totally undisturbed, because it looked so beautiful in it’s natural setting.

So this is my photo of the day share with you.

There is a sort of “challenge” going around on WordPress right now where you post a photo a day for 5 days and write 5 stories/poems/paragraphs about the photo.  I was inspired to join the challenge when I saw Cee’s Photography Blog and her post today of the sunset.  She always has the best photography and photo type challenges on her blog, and it’s all quite inspiring to us amateur photographers.

I would like to see Butchcountry67 and Kris of Tangled Web both do this 5 day photo challenge too!  🙂  And anyone who is secretly wanting to also do the challenge is welcome to jump on board!  I am going to actually take a fresh photo each day instead of using recycled or previously taken photos, but you can probably do it either way, use a photo you have that has an awesome story behind it or take a new photo of something you encounter during your day.

I’ve been seeing the Bald Eagles a LOT lately. I think they’e become my totem or something.  They have evidently nested near the river between Maine and New Hampshire close to where I live.  I travel that road every day and cross the river.  Yesterday I saw one of them sitting on a stump IN the river fishing…He was just gorgeous and such a bright white head and tail, and such a HUGE bird.  I would LOVE to get a photo of one or both of the Eagles, now THAT would be a great picture if I can get close enough.  I tried yesterday, but I could only get on the bridge, and I only had my cell phone so the pictures didn’t come out very good.  I will keep trying, over the summer I am bound to catch a good picture sometime!



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Daily Life in Eliot, Maine….#2

The weather here in southern Maine is STARTING to break, it was actually about 30F today, which is like a freaking heatwave to those of us who have survived this record cold and snowbound winter we have been having.  Only 15 more days until Spring, but still the threat of storms, although accumulation will now be lesser because of the rising daily temperatures.  Thanks God!  It’s been brutal…as you all know from all my bitching and moaning about the snow.  I know…move…it’s definitely on my mind for next winter for sure.

I am inspired by Opinionated Man’s blog to post photos daily, and this will also force me to be taking photos daily — something I mentioned that I wanted to do more of once again as the weather permits.  Today I didn’t get out to do any “fresh” photos, but I shall recycle some of life here, as I would like to continue to participate in the “Daily Life in ____” challenge.  I think it’s a great prompt and one we can all use to show bits and pieces of our lives in various parts of this wonderful world.

Here are today’s photos from Eliot Maine and my life.

"Stuffie Slut" Nola, my little dog and her gazillion stuffies...I call them her stuffie ho's!

“Stuffie Slut” Nola, my little dog and her gazillion stuffies…I call them her stuffie ho’s!

MainelyButch and Nola down by the waterfront in Kittery Point, Maine Fall 2014

MainelyButch and Nola down by the waterfront in Kittery Point, Maine Fall 2014

Hanging at the beach last and all.

Hanging at the beach last summer…boots and all.

Old North Church steeple in downtown Portsmouth NH the closest city to where I am located.

Old North Church steeple in downtown Portsmouth NH the closest city to where I am located.

General Blips

Writing Challenges, My Adventurous Day

IMAG0385I follow most of WordPress’s blogs and one that I particularly like is the Daily Post, which often gives great topic and writing suggestions, you’ve seen me previously address some of their topics. Today’s is to write about anything, and then end it with “and all was right in the world.”  Again, a pretty interesting and intriguing challenge!  Gotta love it.

Now I also follow Dancing with Fireflies, a wordpress blog “where creative writers network and show off their talent” as their tag line says.  They often have the BEST of the BEST writing prompts!  Today’s prompt is to write a resignation letter to something/someone you want to “quit”.  It’s best explained in the link, where you can read all about the challenge.  I thought this is a super idea!  Just think of being able to anonymously write an “I quit” letter to that nasty boss of yours, or quitting something that you really dislike doing.  It’s like writing a Dear John letter to just about anything.  I love this one…and for those of you who are also writers, I challenge YOU as well!

So these will be the two things that I will be working on for the time being.  If you know of any more inspirational blogs that you think that I would like please drop me a comment about it!  I’m always looking for something new to spark my interest.  i need a good muse 😉

I spent the day today driving up the coast of Maine and stopping at about every antique store along the way.  My buddy from the neighborhood tagged along with me and we had a splendid time crawling through some dusty old places full of dusty old stuff.  It’s just something that I love to do.  We picked up a few little trinkets and treasures…I’ve been into collecting little fish statues, mostly the colorful saltwater fish like these in the picture below.  003I am not sure what started the fish collecting thing, but I have been noticing them much more lately and the four little ones in the front are what I picked up at Arundel Antique Village…a massive collection of awesome junk!  I have a few friends who are also pickers — the slang name for people like me who pick treasures and resell them for profit usually, and for pleasure always!

This is a United States Census badge from 1900 that I happened upon in a tray of junk at one of the stores, I thought it was quite interesting and just had to have it.  I have a penchant for badges and the like.  Especially if they are official ones.  This one will most likely be resold through one of my venues.  I have a booth at an antique shop on Route 1 in York, Maine and I sell quite a bit from there when the tourists are all in town especially in the summer months.

006And for fun and because i found it, I got this little truck with the Captain Morgan’s Rum, I now have it sitting in the front of my liquor supply cabinet, proudly on display.  It’s dorky I know, but hey, it’s Butch Cave decor!  I laugh, but it’s funny to look around my place and not know that it’s inhabited by someone with very eclectic taste.  011

Nola had a great day riding around with us.  She is so well trained all I have to say is “back seat” and she hops right back there no problem, no complaints.  Once she is back there she will begin to “leak”…which is what I call it when she starts those soft little whines that are barely audible and increasingly become a little louder until I have to correct her with the statement that I am going to ship her to Siam or something equally dog-scary.  It’s a constant battle because while she is just fine in the big back seat of my SUV she would rather be sitting in my lap as I drive or be sitting on the passenger side (if I am alone) or sitting on the passenger’s lap.  She’s a royal pain in the ass sometimes to drive around with, but it’s part of owning the cutest Chiweenie dog of all time, I have to take her everywhere with me, or she will sit home sad and lonely…and we don’t want THAT!  (*snicker, snicker*)

Once I got home around 4:30 or so I was pretty tired.  but I’ve rallied and found the energy and desire to write!  After a long long day of thinking about things and pondering the possibilities, I decided that writing would be a great exercise and a nice relaxing thing to do tonight.  So I heated up left-over chicken cacciatore, rice and sat down to another great home cooked meal, and my buddy and I had great dinner and conversation.  She’s a writer too, so it’s cool taht we can swap ideas and give each other feed back, although her blog is on another platform and I don’t get over there enough to read her stuff.

Oh!  And I found a phone app for WordPress today too!  So you can write and post on the fly, so to speak!  I did download it, but I won’t use it for much because half of my writing relaxation is sitting in front of my computer and looking at the big screen as I type like a banshee!  But it’s always nice to have, and it’s got the reader on it as well, so I can read blogs on my phone when I’m waiting in the car or stuck somewhere with time to kill.

So that’s all folks…remember, check out the challenge at Dancing with Fireflies (hot link for ya!) and let’s see what you can resign from doing today!  I think it will be a fun exercise.  Euphemism could even play a key part if you are creative that way!  🙂  Rock on….and Peace!!!!  ~MB