Sinful Sunday…”Soft”

I follow a few bloggers on WordPress who participate in the “Sinful Sunday”challenges. I’ve been reading and checking their pics for a good while now but haven’t had the gumption to jump in…well here goes! I randomly shot this pic after a very hot tussle with my girl. We recently had matching tattoos done, hers […]

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Those Darned Definitions…

Man!  Has language changed some radically since I’ve been walking this green earth.  Daily I am surprised by the “new” use of “old” words; the newer definitions and meanings of some.  Start with the word we all know and use in a zillion different ways:  Queer.  Now we know the dictionary meaning to be “odd […]

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The Christmas Blues

What is the real meaning of being alone. What do each of us consider when we say that we feel alone or that we are alone? I’m sitting here tonight, my friend from the neighborhood is here, playing on her computer in the living room. We just hang this way sometimes. She comes over and […]

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Sunday Summary

I attended a massive family event last night.  I was pleased to notice that I am not the only LGBT person there anymore.  My family and friends circle has grown and expanded, and now there are several of us who identify along the spectrum of LGBT.  My niece and her girlfriend and their new puppy […]

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Summer is Over!

I just haven’t felt up to writing much lately.  Summer has ended, and I have started a new, part-time, job as some of you know from my Youtube vlogs.  Life has been a little hectic, getting used to a new schedule, dealing with some minor health crisis toward summer’s end and just trying to sort […]

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The Femme/Butch Question

So I get quite a few questions posed to me because of my Youtube channel and other internet venues I am involved in, one of the most common questions is “why do Femme lesbians want to date Butch lesbians? Why don’t they just date a man?” Of course this question is very irritating to me, […]

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