Things Butch-Femme

Hello Blog!

Hello blog! I know you must feel very neglected!  I haven’t written in you for weeks!  What’s been going on you ask?  Where have I been?  Why have I not written in so long?

Well, I haven’t really “been” anywhere, just here at home and around the community.  Haven’t done any travelling outside of New England, because I am just a contented home body at this time, and I just can’t travel right now.

I’ve decided to try to return to work at the bowling alley.  I am just not made to not work at all, and even though it bothers my back and legs very bad some nights, I am going to power through it. I really need the little bit of weekly income, and the socialization of getting out there around more people on a regular basis.  I tend to hibernate far too much when left to my own devices, and that’s just not good for anyone.  People need people, we need interaction and conversation. We need others to stimulate our minds, intellect and our physical beings. I sometimes get lonely and starved for other human contact when I spend too much time by myself.  So for the next few weeks I will be readjusting to having a set work schedule and getting used to working once again! Yay!

I have been doing some minor vlogs on Youtube and I just helped some friends by getting involved in a fundraiser to help them make it through a rough spot without losing their insurance or housing. I never get involved in those kinds of things,at least not online.  But this was a special circumstance and I felt compelled to help if I could do so.  I live on a very very tight budget myself, and often it’s difficult for ME to make ends meet, so giving money is hard for me to do directly, so I thought “what if I can help them raise the money, what if that were my contribution to the cause?” and that’s basically what I set out with the intention of doing.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would raise the whole amount needed within a 24 hour period!!!  

What I thought would happen is that we would raise a few dollars to help, and when I got paid I would donate a twenty spot if I had it left after necessary bills. But miracles do happen, because the outpouring of support was phenomenal!  I am so humbled by the generosity of my friends on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and also that of my personal local friends as well.  

I don’t generally get involved in fundraisers for things like surgeries wanted or for specific items.  But this was so different.  These friends were going to lose their apartment, have the lights shut off, and lose their health insurance – and they are both dependent upon that insurance to survive!  When those kinds of things are at stake then my heart bleeds for the people in that situation and I want to mend the world, ya know!  While I know I can’t help much myself, I always find something to say, do or help happen that DOES help in some way.  THAT will bring me good Karma I hope!  As it will to all those who helped make this happen for my friends this weekend, know that they are now breathing easier, and are working hard on long-term solutions, hopefully the job will come back that was lost, and things will loosen up a bit for them. Everyone who participated in making this happen should be smiling and happy themselves as well.

Nola and I have been combating the heat here in southern Maine this week.  I have one small 5K air conditioning unit (window unit) that I installed in my bedroom.  It helps to keep the sleeping area cool at least.  I do have a small television in there, so when it’s really unbearable we go into the bedroom and relax. My desk and computer are also in the bedroom (all so that I can take advantage of the A/C being in here!) so I can do videos and keep up with my online sites. I do enjoy my computer time, chatting with far away friends, or with my Mom on FB even.  Technology rules our world today, might as well join ’em, because it’s not to be beat for sure!

I had an AC unit, a larger one for the living room last year, but I unfortunately lost my grip on it and dropped it out the window while trying to take it out last fall.  It fell about 10 feet to the ground, onto a small paved area under the window, and smashed into a gazillion bits. So I think that 2013 will be the year of just using the overhead fans (thank goodness I have them in every room!) and doing all I can to just keep it a tad bit cooler inside than it is outside. There’s always a quick ride over to my sister, Patty’s, for a dip in her nice cool swimming pool, or a ride to the beach where Nola can run in and out of the waves.  Maine beach water never climbs much above 55 degrees even in the dead up heat of summer, so it’s an icey dip in the Atlantic if one dares!  Nola doesn’t seem to mind, and would rather frolick in the waves than be tossed into the pool!  But my toes turn blue and my teeth chatter just thinking about ocean water along the Maine coast.  What I enjoy most about the beaches here is walking on them, the beaches are different here, very rocky in some spots, and long stretches of light gray sand interspersed along the rocky coast line.  It’s beautiful.  And the occasional light house on the horizon makes just looking out over the Atlantic a gorgeous thing most days.  

Why have I not written in so long?  Hmm…I am not 100% sure, but some of it was just the timing.  The beginning of Spring and now Summer are busier times for me generally.  I get into gardening and yard maintenance. I get more distracted by family outings, birthday parties and cookouts.  This year I’ve had a lot of stuff going on internally I believe.  Plus I have had some health issues that have made me nervous and when I am nervous I tend to sty to myself even more than usual.  I guess, in a nutshell, I just haven’t had that compelling urge to write.  Or to let anyone in on my thoughts.  

Let me say, that my health is okay.  I do have a busted up left arm right now, torn rotator cuff and torn bicep tendon. I am going to the orthapedic surgeon on the 10th of next month to have it checked and possibly have surgery to correct it.  It hurts like hell, and yes I have to have it in a sling quite a bit unless I am resting.  

I had a bunch of testing done last week and will hear this week on how those came out.  Nothing too major. My counts are good, bloodwork is good for now.  But, hey, as you age things just seem to need more attention! LOL

Nola is doing great.  She turned 5 on June 10th -which was also my half birthday! hehehe.