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Again on Butch-femme Relationships


I have just had the pleasure of reading a most outstanding piece on Huffpost  called “Redefining Butch-femme Relationships”, by Georgia Kollas, writer, Huffington Post blogger, and cultural observer.  I loved it!  It could not have been any better!  I encourage all of you to give it a good read!

Also, Ms. Kollas is a self-identified as a femme, a “strong, badass” one at that!  I love reading about the “dance” from a femme perspective as it’s obviously the opposite, yet the same as my own experience from my stance as a Butch.

To quote one favorite and much agreed with paragraph from Ms. Kollas’s article:

…We are yin and yang – seemingly oppositional forces that are actually complementary and interconnected. We offer a devoted appreciation for the gender expression of the other, an affirmation of intrinsic qualities that make us who we are. Each of us is unique, with our own blend of characteristics along a gender spectrum. We all carry both masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves.

I so agree that we are the “yin” and “yang” in each other’s worlds.  We are the same, yet complete opposites that need on another for happiness and love.  We, both identities, thrive on the energy that our opposite exudes.  As a femme loving Butch, I am very strongly attracted to the softer essence of the femme, and to her fierce badass parts as well.  It’s not just about the sex, it’s about the “big picture” that each of us has in mind.  It’s about the sensuality, both strong and intriguing, that lures us to each other; to desiring to be in one another’s presence.

I’ve always heard the old “mimicking hetero” stuff, even from other lesbian identified people in my community.  And it makes me chuckle to myself because that’s really not what Butch-femme relationships are at all.   As a Butch I do not desire to be or to mimic a man; I am a undeniably a female person who is entrenched in masculinity from within my soul.  I embrace my masculinity, and I love women who embrace their femininity with that same reciprocating enthusiasm – particularly lesbian identified femmes who find my Butch-ness appealing and attractive.

I appreciate the power of a femme; that alluring mystique that captivates my every thought when I am with her.  I love the flirtations and the magic that happens within the Butch-femme dance.  That magic fills my chest with pride; pride for being with such beautiful and sexy woman that makes my masculinity feel so perfect to me.  There is just nothing akin to the exquisite dance that happens when we are connecting.

Another favorite line from Ms. Kollas writing,

I love butch–femme and the particular dynamic that exists when two people are firmly in their fullest expression of their gender and interconnected in a dance of complementary opposites.

I see femmes as precious beings; ones to be protected and to be loved deeply.  As I run my fingers through her long hair, balling my hand into a fist and pull her head back to kiss her passionately it is actually she who controls that very moment, as it is she gives me that power.  There is a power exchange in the Butch-femme dynamic that is fierce, yet so subtle and we feel it deep in our bones; spiritually, emotionally and sexually.

We know the deal, and we’re in-tune as we dance.

Kudos to Ms. Kollas on this wonderful article!

Peace.  ~MB





LGBT Community Issues

Being Recognized on the Street…Attempted Reblog from QueeringtheNerd

WordPress is messing with my head this morning…where did the “reblog” button go?  Now it’s a “share” button, and it allows you to share across Twitter and Facebook as well?  I thought we were a little different here than on the other standardized social networking sites…I don’t wanna share!  I want to REBLOG!!!

The page I would like to REBLOG is Being Noticed on the Street by QueeringtheNerd’s blog written by PlainT.  It’s just an awesomely written piece about how when you live as an out LGBT person or are seen as a visible couple, people tend to have all sorts of reactions toward you…both positive and negative, some sweet, some violent.  Please take a few minutes to read this…according to WP’s new things here it’s less than a 3-minute read….yes now they are telling us how much time we should take to read each blog.  Maybe next it will be a read it out loud link!  Hahaha!

I have written before about how I am affected by my own appearance…by being very masculine in presentation and very Butch I garner more comments than you may imagine over the course of a day.  When I go out in public I am immediately recognized as part of the LGBT community – particularly the L and the T, often people are confused.  I do not usually correct people when they use the wrong pronouns, it’s just too much for my brain to imagine doing as much as it happens.

I am one that is easily spotted on the street, immediately noticed like as in “one of these things is not like the other…” (get that song stuck in your head now?!)  It has never bothered me.  I certainly do not do anything to soften the situation, I couldn’t imagine now trying to change myself so that I blended in with the straight crowd it just would be a big fat horror show.  When I was younger it bothered me much more than it does now.  Now it’s just the way it is.  When I was younger (and still had my feminine chest) I wasn’t mistaken for a guy as much as I am now, but I still had a presence that screamed GAY.

I live in a very rural to suburban part of the country.  I find most of the people here to be very open-minded and welcoming of all types.  Most of my friends here are straight and it’s not a “big deal” or strange that I am obviously lesbian and very Butch. They seem to accept and support me just as I am, which I like. I sometimes think that my being Butch makes people even more curious than my being lesbian…seems they all have “friends who are gay” too….I love that line, “oh!  I have several good friends who are gay too!”  Like I needed to know that soon after I just met you.  I know people mean well in recognizing me, and when I deal with assholes that are bigotted jerks – you know the ones who like to call names, or give you the stare – I can puff my little self up and be pretty mean looking.  It’s a natural thing for me, I just come off as hardcore even though I am not really that way at all.  I’ve got that rough and tough edge about me. I believe I developed that side of myself when I was very young, it was to protect myself so that no one would mess with me.  I figured if I looked tough and acted a bit crazy that I could keep the bullys away at school, then it just sort of spilled over into all parts of my life.

Anyway, I just wanted to reblog Queering the Nerd’s blog on this type of being recognized thing that happens to most of us, especially if you are Butch or coupled in a realtionship and it’s obvious.

Does it bother you to be recognized like this?

Peace~   MB

General Blips

About My Blogging

I am following suit again and blogging about my blogging experience and my take on things related to blogging, another great prompt from Opinionated Man. or was it Confessions of an Average Mom?  The web is spreading!

I started online blogging way back in the hay-day of AOL, remember them?  I blogged about my daily life there, about my experiences as a horse farmer in southern Maine.  I recently discovered a hard copy of the old blogs from AOL, which I had conveniently printed out.  I say conveniently because I have long since lost my user name and password to that site, and I believe I do still have a profile on there, which is now FAR outdated!  I’ve pondered how to reconnect to AOL a few times with the intention of deleting my profile.  I never have followed through though, because I have no idea HOW to!

Originally I started blogging as a way of venting and also to allow my “friends” on AOL to get to know me a bit.  I had stories to tell and kind of wanted an audience to see if any of them were interesting enough for others to want to read.  Reading back over them, I can now see that my writing has matured quite substantially over the years since then.  I stopped using that platform in 2008, and never have figured out my old user name and password!

Then I started a Youtube channel in March 2009, yes 6 years ago this month!  Happy Vlogging Birthday to Me!  I enjoyed Youtube, or YT as we’ll now call it so I don’t have to type it out a million times, because at that time it was a fast connecting community of people video blogging – or vlogging – about all kinds of personal topics, and less about commercial production like it is now.  I built an audience on YT, mostly of other LGBTQ people because much of my vlogging was about issues and subjects that would interest my LGBTQ community.

When I started blogging on WordPress (WP) I had to basically start over in building a new audience, this time of readers instead of watchers.  I used YT to sort of promote the start and continuation of my written blog, mentioning it in my videos as I saw fit, by linking the two sites wherever possible.  As of late I haven’t been “vlogging” very much, in lieu of the fact that I enjoy “blogging” more.  I’m never going to be a video star, but I am and will continue to be a published author.

WP has been a great experience, and I like the platform because it looks and feels more like I am truly a writer — which I tentatively call myself in moments of self-confidence.  In my opinion actual blogging “sites” such as WP or rival Blogspot/Blogger, and others seem to be primarily about reading and writing and not about building the most beautiful or interesting “profile” like sites such as AOL and Facebook are about.  The difference clearly is that those are “social networking” platforms, and while WordPress has some social networking ideas behind it, it’s mostly about the writing.

It’s been like a game of connect-the-dots in a way.  I’ve been trying to build an audience for my wares, which in my case is about my writing and my writing is about my experiences and opinions about things that are parts of my life.  I try to write about things that I know about, and if I don’t know enough about something but wish to learn more then WP becomes my jump-off platform for gaining the knowledge that I need to write about whatever it may be.

Probably the best blog I have read about how we are weaving “intricate webs” through our interactions and blogs is by a young woman who has a blog called Confessions of an Average Mom.  In this blog “Blogging about Blogging”, she really lays it out very clearly how we each benefit from the other through influence, inspiring one another, reading, and feeding of of one another’s creative energy as we each build and share our audiences.

My blog has gone past the point of being “directed” toward the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) community these days.  Now I write for a wider audience, for my any and all readers who fall all across the human spectrum of identities.  I think I used to limit myself by thinking I could “direct” my writing to just the LGBTQ crowd.  While lots of what I write is from the perspective of a Butch Lesbian, it’s not all about my being queer anymore…it’s about my life and my world these days.  I know that I do have a fairly large following by my community and by supportive allies.  That still matters to me, but it’s not all that matters.  I just want to have a diverse audience, and want to make my writing better, more interesting and sometimes hopefully helpful to someone.

I’ve gained some great insight into blogging from Harsh Reality’s Opinionated Man who seems to be the super blogger and has some great, thought provoking, inspiring and even aggravating at times, posts on his blog.  I wish I could think as fast as he does!

I have much admiration for many of my fellow bloggers such as ButchCountry67, and A Boy and Her Dog’s Jamie Ray, as well as from many others other than the ones mentioned above. I tend to follow most of my favorite bloggers on a daily basis, because for me reading and writing is a daily activity, it’s not a hobby or a sport, but more something I have to do daily or my day just doesn’t feel complete.

General Blips

Saturday Thoughts…Mar. 9th, 2015

Hold the phone! The fucking Sun is shining!!!!  I woke up at 4:30 today, had some coffee and listened to the news, texted with my favorite person, and fed the dog…then the SUN came up!  It is a bright, shining globe in the sky and we haven’t seen it this bright here in southern Maine for weeks now.  The temperature actually had TWO digits in it…yes! 19F !  And it’s supposed to actually rise a bit today and touch the low 30’s…I do believe that this is a sign from God that Spring IS going to come!

I been reading blogs for the last hour…many from Opinionated Man who writes a blog called Harsh Reality and who has fast become one of my favorite bloggers.  I’ve decided that this guy has a shit ton of time on his hands, as he posts bunches of posts everyday, and he has time to answer comments, and reblog too!  His stuff is thought provoking, inspiring, downright crazy at times and very funny.  I like him.  His blog is great, you should follow this dude for sure.

I’m at the point between winter and spring where i am making lists like crazy.  List of things to get done around the house, things to get done outside, things to do to the truck, things to buy, and projects that need to be completed.  It’s like list mania or something.  I’ve always run my life by lists, it’s a trait that my mother passed on to me.  Growing up there were always lists on the kitchen counter…one for each kid (there are 5 of us) and one for Mom’s stuff to do, groceries, Dad projects, etc.  So I am now a professional lister myself.  If I have a list then my day goes off more smoothly.  Although when you combine a list with low-level depression not much gets checked off, and lots gets added, as you sit around depressed and remember all the shit you have to do or get.  On the list it goes.

I’m really down on myself right now about my winter weight gain…seems that it gets a little harder every winter to keep a decent fighting weight.  Anyway, this week starts my new workout routine at the local city gym.  Where I am probably going to die of a stroke from over exertion and smoking too damned much.  But, I may lose a few pound before that happens. I gain it all in the middle, which is probably the hardest place to lose it too, but I have to try, and I will succeed.  Of course watching what I eat would be the second thing I am doing more carefully right now.  As I slug back a Pure Leaf tea with carbs that are frighteningly high.  Anyway, working out has got to make me feel better too, at least I hope that is true.

Ok, I am off to enjoy the sunshine and see what I can get done today!  Enjoy your weekend!!!  ~MB

General Blips

Writing / Blog 2015 Updating

Oh what shall I blog about this week?  I was cleaning my desk in my office and found several notes about topics and the such for blogging or vlogging.  I keep several note books, each with various things from cool and interesting sayings that I stumble across, to websites that interest me, to lists of topics for blogs…there is an abounding list, I just have to be in the right mood to do the work to do a decent blog.  Writing about daily stuff just gets boring to me and I am not so sure it’s really what I want this blog to be about.  I don’t mind an occasional life update type of blog, but I’m sure that readers would rather be provoked into thought by something other than my mundane descriptions of the weather in Maine.

I am considering opening a new blog…or renaming this one.  I’m going with the name “Private Label” and I am going to revamp the blog and it’s contents to some extent.  I think I have too many Catagories as it is now, and I should pare down to more generalized catagories such as “Daily Life”  “Butch Life” “LGBT Interests”….what do you as a reader think of this?  Do you think that my blog is messy?  Does the platform look decent or should I attempt to add more multimedia for 2015?  I mean pictures and videos and maybe do more poetry and creative stuff than I have done.  I’ve kept this blog pretty reserved, some would say that I can sometimes be “inappropriate” in my speech, well I have a mind that goes along with that inappropriate speech as well, a very Butch and somewhat twisted mind…yeah I think about sex a lot..I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, and it comes up in the photos that I sometimes choose to post here and elsewhere.  And we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so wow, I am really inappropriate I guess!  Hahaha, I am laughing at myself here.

I talk to you here in this blog like I would probably talk to you in conversation were we having one.  I like a natural flow to follow when I read, thus I try to write the way I would talk, so that it flows more easily and is a smoother read.  I’ve tried other more formal styles of writing, but this is the one that suits my personality best…I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, so to speak, quite often, and thus I write in a similar style…a conversational style I guess you would call it.  I’m sure there is some fancy, schmancy word for the style, but I’m not aware of it at the moment.

Writing in my blog is something that I started doing around 2006.  In the old days of AOL I had quite a written blog online.  In cleaning part of my office last month I happened across a full printed copy of those old blogs.  I recall printing them out because I was killing my AOL account.  Hell, I think I may still have an AOL presence, but I have NO idea how to access the account anymore..what email I used to use back then or what the password might remotely be!  If I did I would remove any trace of myself on there.  But back in the day, yeah the day…heh heh…AOL was the platform that everyone used, kind of like Facebook is today.  Although I think that we were all so inexperienced in web communications back then that we all managed at some point or another to screw up…I know I did.  I met a super woman via AOL and fell in love.  That wasn’t what I had intended to do at all, since I was also in a very long term relationship at the time.  Unfortunately it ended my LTR and while I was with the other woman for a while, I didn’t stay with her out of guilt and confusion mostly. She herself was an extraordinary writer, published a few books of her poetry and prose, and that’s how we connected, through our mutual love of writing and of the Butch-Femme dynamic as well.  She was my ideal idea of Femme.  Beautiful, poised and just delightful in all aspects.

One of the things that those old platforms did offer that I miss is music.  I liked that you could go to someone’s page and hear their musical choices.  Facebook doesn’t do that, and hell it’s a whole different platform, but I wish you could set some kind of background music. And I’d love to know what other people are listening to these days. I am a hard-core country rock fan. I like Jason Aldean, Clay Walker, Big & Rich, Keith Urban, Reba, LeeAnn Womack, and a slew of other country rock artists…then I also go for bands like Parmalee, Rixton, Plain White T’s, Little Big Town, One Republic, One Direction….and the list goes on.  I love music and I make sure that every month I add 10 new songs to my iTouch.

I wish there were a way to build a blog page that had a music player on it…I bet there is and Butchcountry67 is going to tell me just how to do it!  🙂  I’m sure there’s some blogging platform or some app you can add to a WordPress blog that would add music.  Hmm..I shall be researching this now as I go through revamping my page.  I may register my name also and go to having a main web page instead of going via WordPress.  That may give me more options like music and video.

So this is what I will be working towards on this blog.  Follow along and please, please give me some feedback and guidance as you see fit!  I am fully open to creative criticism, and to topics, if you have a specific topic or idea for me please let me know either in the comments or by emailing Mainely Butch.  I’d love to get some conversational blogging going on too, or some collaborative project with other bloggers if anyone has any good ideas on that I’d appreciate hearing them!

Peace!  ~MB

LGBT Community Issues

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I would like to Thank Butchcountry67 for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, I am very honored by this nomination!  I’ve been blogging on WordPress.com since 2009 and have been a regular WP blog reader for even longer.  I am inspired by many phenomenal writers, by the passion and the grace with which they light up my computer screen and stimulate my thoughts.

I am inspired by many other writers, some bloggers and some published in print, but here I will personally nominate 7 of my most often read online blogs with hot links to each for your convenience.  I hope that you will check them out, let them know what you think, follow those that also interest you and help us to promote our online blogging community, good will, excellent writing, and most of all…freedom of speech and expression.

As a Butch identified lesbian blogger, I am partial to my other LGBT friends and cohorts who blog on WordPress and other sites, as my nomination list here reflects.  I want to say to each of them here that “you inspire me daily, thank you.”  Without the readership and support that I receive here on my writing I would not continue to post online.  It’s become an important part of my life, and is my personal passion.   Again, Thank You ButchCountry 67, and Thank YOU my readers!   ~Peace~    ~MB~


The rules of this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
Display the award on your post.

2. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

3. State 7 random things about yourself.

4. Nominate other bloggers for the award.

5. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post.

6. Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) on your blog, whether on your side bar, ABOUT page, or a special page for awards.

Soooo…7 Random Things About Me:

1.  I am a Butch identified lesbian living in southern coastal Maine, and most often write from that perspective.

2.  Books that have inspired me are: Grapes of Wrath, Butch is a Noun, Tuesdays with Morrie, and Five People You Meet in Heaven.  I love to read.  These books are about life stuff, but for recreational reading I like The Vampire Chronicles and Rita Mae Brown’s work in Ruby Fruit Jungle, just to name a couple.  I prefer books that can be related to real life and I do not care much for any kind of science fiction stuff – books or movies.  I love print books; books I can hold in my hands and feel the crisp pages under my touch.  I pray they are not lost in the technology affray.

3.   I did not “come out” to my family and straight friends until I was over 24 years old.  By that time most of them had “figured it out” but some still needed to hear me say it to make it real for them.  I lost very few friends, and the ones who I lost obviously were not really true friends to begin with in my opinion.

4.  I served 6 years in the US Army from 1980-86 as a 63Bravo…Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic.  I enjoyed my service in the military, and it was a big contributor to forming me as a young adult.  When I was in the Army it was NOT okay to be LGBT and I had to hide my identity and sexuality in order to stay enlisted.  I sadly saw many friends booted out because of their sexual preference.

5.  I am a Capricorn, and one stubborn old goat!  I’ve been told that I am a very typical Cappy… I am assertive, set in my ways, determined and strong willed/minded.  I tend to be more of a leader than a follower.  And I can be bossy given the leeway to be as such.

6.  I have lived in several places in my life but I always seem to return to Maine, where my roots are deep because I am 15th generation of the oldest family in Maine.  My family came here and settled the oldest town in Maine, where I was privileged enough to grow up, Kittery, founded in 1642 by the Shapleigh family and named for their estate in England.

7.  I am too am old enough to remember the original Hippies, Bell Bottoms & Hip huggers, Club kids and Disco, when cars were made of solid steel and we all had Cherry Bomb mufflers so you could hear us coming a mile away.  I also remember when you could buy penny candy for a penny.  And when you could not say one-tenth of the words that are now allowed on public, prime time television stations, and when you didn’t see ANY gay or lesbian performers who were “out” in real life.

Now for the fun part! I am nominating these 7 blogs for being so inspiring to me.


Roxi St. Clair


Queering the Nerd

Butch Wonders

Butch-Femme Photo Project

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you will visit some or all of the above listed great blogs!


Things Butch-Femme

Social Media, Comments, Replies and the LGBT Community

Comments, Posts, Replies, etc….here, there and everywhere.  We post little tidbits, our daily experiences, incidents we have watched or participated in somewhere along the line, etc.  And directly under those posts, on every social platform website that I know of, is a place where readers can leave “comments” and generally “like” the post.  Notice there is never a “dislike” or thumbs down icon?  That baffles me.  I think all sites should go back to the 1-5 stars rating system for posts.  

Social media websites, in my understanding, are for us to communicate and talk to one another – right?  Don’t you think that’s what they are for?  .And if you do not care to hear the “comments” or feedback of other people who are reading your posts there is generally a way that you can either “hide” the comments so that ONLY YOU see them, or so that no one can make a comment or rate a post.  You can also make it so that comments must be “approved” before they show publicly on some social venues.

So, what am I driving at here?  Well, I do my posts to have conversations with people; to sometimes just see what others are doing for the day, what their opinion may be about something I posted, or to get other ideas about something that I did, said or that happened to me.  Often the comments are interesting and give me more fodder for thought.  Sometimes they are stupid and are left by trolls – I ignore or delete the troll comments.  Then there are the comment Gremlins, who just wait for you to post so they can send some negative, derogatory or belittling comments your way.  Guess it just makes them feel good.  But you won’t see the Gremlins posting anything of their own that would give you the idea that they are serious about blogging or putting their own experiences out there because they either don’t have the ability to express themselves well in writing or filming, or are personally afraid of their own Gremlins and can’t take the heat.

I always try to be respectful when posting a comment on someone’s post or blog.  I never post to harass anyone, or to school them, but just to put in my own two cents on whatever they had to share in their post, and perhaps to share MY experience with similar circumstances if they are telling us of an incident in their post.  The idea is to have a conversation…or so I believe.  And I also believe that comments are part of the conversation and do get other people to read the post, and the comments.  Which then gets them into the conversation too.  This makes the original post successful – it got us talking – sometimes about more difficult subjects even!  

Public comments aren’t always just for the original poster’s benefit of the sharing experience, but are for the following audience as well.  They got one idea in the post, and maybe other ideas and views in the follow up comments.

In my last blog I said that I had been holding back on my own writings and videos online because of my not wanting to deal with the negative commenters, gremlins, and outright haters.  That was me feeling vulnerable and allowing my fear to dictate my behavior. But as I said in that last blog I am no longer going to let those negative Nancys ruin my pleasure in writing and vlogging.  And I meant that.  

I personally commented on a Facebook post today which I thought was just contributing to a conversation by adding my different view of the topic and also telling of one of my experiences with that same topic’s longer term outcomes.  I did it out of just basically just simply commenting; never gave a thought to it being seen as negativity – which it  was in a way as I was messaged privately and told that she felt that I was schooling her —  which was definitely NOT in my thoughts or my intentions at all. I respect this particular person and do follow her work and enjoy it. I was merely trying to add to the conversation.   

Her removing my comment because she considered it to be me trying to “school her” just inspired – and compelled – me to write this blog.  Again I will say, my intention was NOT to school her about the topic, but to relate to her MY experience with another side of the topic.  

The poster did direct message me afterwards and explain that she removed the comment because it pertained to something that she had “already addressed” in previous posts.  And I appreciated her further explanation, and the very nice conversation that we had.  She’s a good egg, and an important part of the community in my opinion.  But let me dwell on the “already addressed” part of that for a minute because this is something that actually bugs me a little.  I have encountered this “I posted about it before” thing with a few people.  This is especially encountered on Youtube.  People are like, ” if you want to know what I said about blah blah blah I did a video in 2007  – go look it up!”  I think that’s a lazy ass answer from a vlogger to an interested viewer in my opinion.  And often, on Youtube, it’s said with some snide attitude to the viewers too…not cool at all.  

If a blogger or vlogger doesn’t want to repeat answering a question, or discussing a topic again, then when someone asks they should find the link to the previous piece done about it (if you keep a good index of your work this should be a no-brainer) and perhaps private or pulicly message or email the link(s) to the person inquiring and thank them for their interest in the work, for watching or reading and engaging in the conversation.  In my world, this is the polite and professional way to handle an inquiry for information or opinion on a topic that you may have previously addressed, maybe even in detail, in any previous post whether it be in a written blog or in a Youtube or Vimeo video that you may have done.  

This is also the poster’s opportunity to ask the interested party to also make a comment or do some writing or filming themselves about the topic after they see the poster’s work done on it.  This does a couple of things…it keeps important conversations going, and it inspires more thought all around, it can be the catalyst to get a new person blogging or vlogging, it can also lead to the original post/blog being seen by more people (which is always good) and it can spark new, shoot-off conversations and topics.  

ALL of these things are very important to us in the blogging world.  A good blogger wants to build their audience continuously, and wants to be the flame that starts the fire of good conversation; start the discussion which leads to more good things, like change, making more people aware of the different sides of a topic, and the ultimate of changing someone’s mind – making an ally out of former opposition.  And all of this helps us build community and supports change and growth of individuals and even groups.  

I am all about building more closely knit LGBT community.  I live in a place where it’s more difficult to interact with other LGBT people on any kind of a regular basis – rural America.  There are millions of us living this way, out here in rural or suburban areas where it’s just more difficult to have much of a localized community of LGBT people and allies.  It’s always been more difficult for us living outside of the city life.  So blogging and social media are generally my daily chance to interact with my peoples!  I very much enjoy having conversations, being part of discussions, and knowing that I am not alone in the world with my thoughts.  

My girlfriend and I have to really plan to get out to see other Lesbians when the mood hits us.  Occasionally the local Gay men’s club will put on a Saturday afternoon “Tea Dance” for women only, which is really nice of them, as they do understand that the women seeking the company of other women in our area are without our own club.  There are “meet-ups” but they are mostly down towards Boston, and that means at least an hour’s commute each way.  There is a local meet up that was started in February, but I just got an email notice that it needs a new leader within the next 7 days or it will be taken down from the meet up board – of course it will, they want someone to pay the monthly fee charged for having a Meet-Up page.  I am considering saving the group, but haven’t quite made up my mind.  The other leader quit fairly quickly for some reason, makes me wonder why.  And I tried to contact her but she’s removed her email from the account so I couldn’t even do that.  

So, social media is our friend.  And the internet brings us the news of the LGBT community – nationwide and worldwide, which is good.  We both have our blogs, and we will continue to write because it’s something that we both love to do anyway.  We will be attending Pride events in Portland Maine and possibly in Boston Massachusetts, which are both about an hour from us in opposite directions, in June.  I’m sure I will post video accounts of both events when we go!  In the meantime, I hope to encourage everyone to blog, write, reach out and connect with each other and continue to build community around yourself, the support is needed by everyone in some way or another.  And remember to listen to and mentor those young LGBT people in your life, even in your online connections, and remember to reach out when you need it too!  The community is there, we just need to tighten it up a little!!!Image

As I always say “Rock on!”  ~MainelyButch

Things Butch-Femme

“Great Blogs Thrive…”

I saw something on Dancing with Fireflies blog that I wanted to re-write to align with Butch Perspectives here:

This is how Crysta on DWF put it……”Great blogs thrive because of comments. Dancing with Fireflies is a community, and you are part of it. We would love to hear what you thought of this article and anything else on your mind.”  (http://Fireflydance.net   or  http://dancingwithfireflies.wordpress.com)

So, I want to basically say the same…I am always about trying to draw more community together for conversation and discussion of important topics to us as the LGBTQ community as well as to us as members of society in general!  

“Great blogs thrive because of comments.  Butch Perspectives is part of the LGBTQ community, and invites you to be part of it – LGBTQ and allies alike – I would love to hear what you think of my articles and anything else on your mind.  Questions and topic requests are always welcome as well!”  ~MainelyButch