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A Great Butch Haircut

I’ve been wearing my hair in the very short crew cut style for about 6 years now and I used to complain constantly that I could not find anyone who would or could cut it the way I wanted it or do it right.  I’d try one hairdresser and she’d seem skeptical about cutting a woman’s hair “that” short.  I’d insist.  I’d get a choppy version of what I was originally after.  I had many conversations with other Butches about this.  All we want is a good BARBER that has no qualms about giving a good man’s cut to a Butch and does it with respect and precision.

Yesterday I had a very lucky day.  I ride out to Rochester, NH weekly to pick up mine and Kat’s smokes for the week at this Indian run smoke shop that’s quite awesome.  A few doors down from it I noticed a place called Loaded Dice Boston Barbers.  Last time I was there I said I would get my hair cut next time I was in the area.  Well, yesterday was it, and wow what an experience it was!

Walking in the door you first notice an awesome red felt pool table to one side of the room, and 3 barber chairs to the other side.  The walls are tastefully decorated in 100% New England Teams sports items, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics. Jerseys, sticks, balls, autographs, all artfully arranged and proudly displayed.  At the back end of the shop are two undescribable mod-art chairs in a bright red, and a TV. The chairs face the window to the built in Tattoo shop – part of the Barber shop!  There are fridges with signs saying you can bring in your own beer or wine and enjoy your experience.

The haircut itself was top notch.  My barber, Johnnie, was very precise.  He paid extra attention, often stepping bakc and examining his work on my hair and making sure it was perfectly straight, and looked good.  He chiselled out the edging with perfection and a small razor.  He spent over 30 minutes on my head, making it perfect.  To finish off he lathered and shaved the back of my neck and sideburns and sides of my cheek fuzz with a straight razor.

Yea, it was the BEST experience I have ever had in any hair cutting situation.  I will never NOT use a real barber again!  I am going to continue to use Boston Barbers of course and hope they are there a really long time!  My next visit may even include a new tattoo!