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The Butch-Femme Friendship Dilemma

I recently had a question asked by two different viewers on my Youtube channel, and it gave me pause for thought, and fodder for a blog and vlog on the topic. The question is “Can Butches and Femmes be just  friends?”  Meaning here, can they successfully navigate the terrain of friendship -  without becoming emotionally… Continue reading The Butch-Femme Friendship Dilemma

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Accidental Explosion…don’t try this at home!

Daily Press…“Write about something that you did that you would advise a friend to never do.”I once built a horse barn from 2” thick rough cut lumber.  Being rough cut, it was not dimensionally perfect, in other words 2” “rough” cut meant it was straight from the mill’s saw, no finishing, no making it “exactly”… Continue reading Accidental Explosion…don’t try this at home!

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Who God Intended Me to Be

I personally have no idea what it’s like to be any other way than Butch lesbian.  I know some people “come out” later in life and “figure out” they are LGBT…or that they are Butch or Femme,  a tweener, a granola, queer, or __________(fill in the blank with your favorite identity marker or label).  For… Continue reading Who God Intended Me to Be


Relationship Checklist

During the month of July, 2010, I did a video blog – or a vlog – called “Lesbian Dating Application” which was very funny, but serious too as it laid out all of the things that would and would not work in a relationship for me. Here I would like to revise that previous performance,… Continue reading Relationship Checklist