Trumpy Tweets Nuclear Policy Change

Trump and his Tweets!  When a US president, or in this case a president-elect, speaks the whole world listens.  Yesterday he basically blew 40 years of nuclear policy work out of the fucking water by tweeting Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 19h19 hours ago The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until […]

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It’s Official. We are Screwed.

I am completely shell shocked.  How could this happen???  Somehow the Republican party has commandeered our country.  I fear we are in deep trouble on so many fronts. I got up this morning –after staying up til 1 am watching election coverage on TV.  I rose to a feeling of complete disgust at the news […]

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This Week…

I never title my posts until I am finished writing them.  How about you?  Do you start with a title or the body of your post?  It just occurs to me that maybe I am a bit weird in this respect. It’s a cold day here in southern Maine.  I been freezing all damned day. […]

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Finally it’s Friday!

Starting my new job today.  Just a clerk job over at the truck stop, but it’s a job and I need to be getting out of the house and working. So I took it when it was offered.  I think I will like it; getting to interact with various people, meeting some new people, etc. […]

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Politics..My Opinions

I have personally tried to ignore all of the political ruckus that has infected the USA.  I have never in my 54 years seen anything remotely like this kind of politics.  The field of candidates is piss poor to put it mildly. Of course this is all just my opinion and I am sure some […]

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