Mainely Butch Bio – A more in-depth look

Every blog has a “who is” page where we give a brief synopsis of who we are, what we do and why we are here creating this space on the internet. I feel like I have created more “About Me” pages and drafts across cyberspace than I could ever count. It feels redundant, and some sites have now got us linked to web-sites that have the sole job of designing these pages, I have one or two I know!

My name is Ang and I have an internet presence as Mainely Butch. I blog from my home in the southern part of Maine, 10 minutes from the rocky shoreline, and 45 minutes north of Boston, Mass. I love it here; I love Maine in general. It may not be perfect, but it’s damned close for me! The fact that I can enjoy a nice rural living situation but be in the heart of Boston, at Logan International Airport, in the White Mountains visiting the Old Man or be at the beach in a matter of under an hour makes this place just a perfect spot to live.

I am in my mid-50’s and have been writing since I could hold a pencil to paper. Not only to I write stories of my life, or give my staunchly held opinions on topics, but I also hand-write letters to pen-pals around the world, send birthday cards by snail mail still, and keep hand-written list after list of things to accomplish in my life. Putting pen to paper manually has always been an exercise of Zen to me; I find great comfort in the way a pen feels in my hand and the way the keys tap under my fingertips when I am typing. Writing is not only a mental exercise of delight for me, but a physically aware activity as well.

I grew up here in southern Maine, a member of a large family with an even larger extended family. While my family has not only been very supportive of my writing always, they are also incredibly loving and supportive of me living as the person that I was born to be in this life. We didn’t have luxury, but we had love, lots of love. My very active and outgoing parents will celebrate 53 years of marriage in 2014. I was a lucky kid, confused about who I was maybe, but not about where I belonged. Family is my foundation, and I thank my lucky stars I have a good one..

I am a Butch lesbian, a US Army Veteran, and a woman living with HIV. A former drug and alcohol addict, I can certainly tell you stories of that horror, but there were fun, loving and intensely identifying times during that period of my life, too. I will occasionally tell a story of my partying days that will be intense, but often I have chosen to select the humorous or defining moments to relate to my readers. Anyone who says their drinking/drugging days were all bad is lying. We all had fun doing it, or we wouldn’t have been doing it to begin with! Sure, it became a habit, but certainly didn’t always start out as one.

I contemplate politics, current events, activism, and various views of sometimes controversial topics. You will find my opinions sometimes strong, and sometimes changing. As every human being, I have a brain that is constantly thinking. Problem for me is that mine doesn’t slow down much or stop even to let me sleep quite often. I live with a constant battle of Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I’ve learned how to control some of it, and am learning all the time better ways to manage it. I function just fine, through the years I have just learned to live with it, but it at times can be hard on those closest to me such as lovers and friends. By choice I remain medication free for this disorder, as I was not diagnosed until recently and figure that I have lived with it – and without medication for it – for this long, why start now? If you are a Youtube video watcher of mine you will see the ADHD often kick in while I am doing a video! It can be funny, but it can also be frustrating!

I film many Youtube videos about the topics that I often also write about. If there is a written blog then chances are there is a corresponding video for the topic as well. I invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel at (link), when you are finished here.

My sense of humor can range from dry to outright just plain funny. I’ve used humor to cope with many things in life along the way. If I can’t laugh about it, I will probably cry about it, and that’s something that this Butch does not like to do!

My gender identity is Butch. I have a hard time with not using Butch as my gender. I use Butch as a noun. It’s who I am. I am a cross between very masculine and a woman. I have a female body, so I am a woman, but I identify as much more masculine than most typical women. Gender and gender identity is a topic / issue that I often find coming up in my blogs and vlogs. Little kids ask me if I am a “boy or a girl” quite often. I smile and avoid the question like the plague. And it’s not comfortable for me to use public restrooms, but that’s a whole topic for a blog by itself.

Besides writing I enjoy a range of other things in life. Femme women are one of my favorite enjoyments. I enjoy the Butch-Femme dynamic and way of life vey much, and my relationships over my 50some years have shown this to be fact. I don’t care to argue my identity or relationship choices with anyone, especially if you are already part of the LGBT community and are going to ridicule me for who I am when you certainly understand what being ridiculed by others for who you are feels like, and how bad you want to punch people when they do it to you. Don’t do it here please.

I enjoy driving, travelling and exploring antique and thrift stores weekly. I have a passion for flea markets and any kind of fair or festival too. If I am not there shopping, I am there working selling my own wares, re-selling items and making things. I love arts and crafts and making anything with my hands, its’ therapeutic and fun! While I don’t get to travel as much as I would like, I do manage to get away from here every year for at least a little while. Hopefully in the future I will do more travelling and less wishing!

I enjoy a simple life here in Maine; living with my little Chiweenie dog, Nola. I’m not a fancy Butch, I’m more of the simple jeans and a t-shirt, old truck driving, things are paid off kind of Butch. I smoke too much, swear too much and enjoy home cooking tremendously. I am very family oriented and call my mother once a day just to say hello and tell her I love her. And I love to have cookouts and bonfires with my brothers and sisters whenever the opportunity arises for us.

I am retired from the 9-5 working world. For years, 22 of them to be exact, I worked in the swimming pool industry; doing everything from A to Z in that business. Prior to the pool business excursion I was with the US Army for a total of 6 years, 4 active and 2 active reserves. The US Army afforded me the opportunity to travel in Europe for 2 years, which spawns many stories of drunken soldiers and German food.

Ang as a baby

Ang as a baby

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  1. CT says:

    Since you changed your theme again recently, none of the posts shows up. The blog will load with posts, but then they abruptly disappear. All that’s left is a blank space. You might want to experiment and see what’s wrong. It’s making your site unusable, and will cost you regular readers like me.

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