Blog Changes June 2014

This blog is about to go through a myriad of changes.  Please bear with me as I do some much needed re-writing and re-organization here, which I have allotted myself two weeks to complete. I must set deadlines both small and large to accomplish things due to my battle with ADHD.  If I give myself small bits of the blog to change each day, then at the end of the two week mark I should have everything in place and where it should have originally gone.  After reading some good informative articles on blogging and proper blog orientation I could see the many holes and the lack of organization in this blog.  I apologize for any inconvenience or difficulty in the way that I have kept the blog these last 4 years may have caused anyone who reads my articles regularly!  I didn’t realize that there were much better ways to organize my thoughts and this blog and make them much more readable and pleasant to navigate.

I will be re-writing my “About Me” page as well, bringing it up to date and going a little more indepth about who I am and what this entire blog encompasses for me.  The names will be changed to protect the innocent! J

I will also be adding several new pages here, to include a disclaimer and comments policy page.  Because I write about sensitive issues, some trigger issues and use language not appropriate for all audiences I feel the need to disclose this to the first time readers when they arrive. This page will remain static for a short period of time to also remind the returning reader of my comments policies.  I am open to most all comments offering opinions, critical thought, constructive criticism and opposite view, as long as the comments are not derogatory, hurtful, slanderous, or profanity riddled.  I will not tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia, ethnic slurs, or religious rants of any kind.  All of this will be specifically laid out in the new policy.  Please take a moment to review this when you arrive on that static page in your future visit – and I encourage you to leave comments if you think I am leaving anything out in the new policy, or if I am coming across as over-bearing with these rules.

I love to write, I love to relate the funny, serious, curious and thought provoking happenings of my life.  I share my various and strong opinions, and I DO have many of them!  I generally take my writing seriously.  If you have suggestions, requests, or comments I am more than welcoming of them.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Please stop back because there’s a lot more to come!

Just so you know who I am.
Just so you know who I am.

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