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Twenty-One Years Ago

FIRST – 21 years ago, on 9/11/2001, I stood on the open 2nd floor of the barn we were building at the farm I owned with my former partner. I had just heard about the first plane and I thought that we were entering WW3. David and I climbed down the ladders and headed inside the house where we joined Nancy and watched live TV coverage as the 2nd plane hit the other tower. Then the Pentagon. Then the field in Pennsylvania. Stunned, sick to our stomachs, and fearful we all started calling everyone in our respective families. Cell phone lines were jammed, there was trouble getting through to some people as everyone in America was doing the exact same thing in that moment. In that moment the world stood still; stock still. Every life in America changed on 9/11/2001. From those harrowing moments on we knew of “life before” and “life after” America was attacked by terrorists hell-bent on killing as many Americans as possible as quickly as possible.

Almost 5,000 people died that day. And many more became victims as illnesses from the contaminated sites where they were working so hard to find survivors; rescue the living and retrieve the dead, slowly killing them months and years later. Every living American was affected that day. Those who would be born after that fateful day would read about it, maybe someone would try to explain. But no one could ever put into words exactly what happened inside of each of us; how we felt, how we cried and what our worlds were like before that day. Many things we are now used now were not even thought about before the planes hit those towers and souls ceased to exist. Things changed.

Like everyone that day, I was confused, then super sad as I watched lives being snuffed out in real time, then angry as fuck at those who perpetrated the crimes against America that day. We stopped barn construction that day and the barn went untouched for the following couple of weeks, as my partner and I were as stunned and unsure of what was going to happen. Was our country going to war? Who did this and why? Were other places at risk? What the fuck is happening???

It’s a day I will certainly never forget. If you were conscious there’s no way you could forget. It was a pivotal moment in our country’s history, in world history and in our personal lives.

Americans pulled together over 9-11. Our country was at risk. We knew we had to show solidarity.

The next major historical moment in our history would happen 20 years later, on Jan. 6, 2020 when an insurrection against our country was spawned by an egotistical man who could not accept that he lost an election fair and square. He had been working diligently for the previous 5 years to tear us apart, to get us fighting against one another; destroying the fabric of American pride piece by piece. It’s a well-used tactic that Hitler and Mousellini both used when they decided to rip their own countries apart out of greed and power hunger. Trump studied it well. And here we are…our democracy is now at risk. It’s time for us ALL to come back together as American people and fight to save our country from the evil within this time.

There’s a lot more to say, but I need a break.

Pay attention, shit is about to get very real across this country. It’s no longer just one man, he’s built a fascist army of red hats, his MAGA Red Army, who are working at his will to help him become King. We are all just considered to be collateral damage at this point – unless we pull together and do whatever each of us can do to fight back against them. Speak up. Vote. Do not stay silent, that just gives them your permission to continue their behavior in your presence. WE do not have to accept this. WE out number them and love is always greater than hate. Good will prevail.


Butch Stuff


The weather broke from the high humidity and heat to a BEAUTIFUL 70 deg. no humidity, nice breezy day! I got up and decided to mow my lawn – hasn’t had to be mowed due to grass not growing for lack of water and high heat, but with recent rain showers it had gotten long. I had a kid who would mow it, but last time he did it he did a shit job, so I didn’t call him today. Started doing it myself. After about half hour I had to take a break! I didn’t realize how stagnant I have been and how much it’s taken a toll on my stamina and strength. I got it done though, just had to watch my heart rate and take breaks as needed. Place now looks good! I’m done, showered and off to do an errand for my new job. I hope to start at the beginning of the week. I’m definitely doing more to return to my normal activity level so I don’t feel like this when I go to do something strenuous.

So I finished everything to start my new job. It’s a stupid convenience store job, but WTF I need to work doing SOMETHING right now to keep me sharp, and the pay is pretty good, compatible to my last job. I am still looking for another delivery job because that’s what I really want to do. I should hear from the manager about possibly working this weekend.

I did some metal detecting today too. Got out for about an hour and a half, didn’t hit anything worth a crap, but just being out exploring is what it’s all about for me anyways. Spent nice time in the forest among the pines, refreshing. I got a new permission in NH to detect on an old 40 acre farm that’s been a farm since the early 1700’s. Also there’s a metal detector event in NH in October that I am registering to attend. Detecting and digging 2 days on a 120 acre farm with a bunch of other diggers. I am excited about that as it will help me meet more people who also enjoy this hobby. I absolutely LOVE it! I have no idea why I never thought to do this before now! I love history so metal detecting for historical relics is right up my alley!

Watched Biden’s speech last night and I have thoughts, but not going into that right now. It’s another gorgeous day (it’s Friday!) and i am off to do errands and have some ME time!