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Thirteen Investigations…?

We used to live in a world that had rules, norms and specific methods of doing things. In walks Donald Trump and ALL of that is out the window. This guy does everything possible to bring attention – mostly NEGATIVE attention – to himself, he encourages the hate against himself with his whiney rhetoric and insane claims that he is some sort of “untouchable” God-like figure that is beyond laws, rules, and regulations. He pays NO price for anything wrong that he does, nothing. And he is good at nothing except making people madder and madder. He does illegal things and throws his hands up saying “I am exempt” using his being the FORMER President as his “get out of trouble free” card.

This guy is the #1 WORST thing to happen to America in the last 200 years. He’s a total bafoon. He’s uneducated, arrogant and ill-mannered. He knows nothing about American laws, history or culture. His presidency was a diabolical disaster being four years of doing absolutely nothing. He treated foreign dignitaries like shit – unless they were communists, then he loved them to pieces! He abused his own people putting many in very precarious legal quagmires.

He’s already under investigation for the coup he instigated on Jan 6, 2021 and facing possible criminal indictment for his role.

Now we have this FBI search of Mar a Lago, his beachside golf slum. After repeatedly asking for 15 months for records he took to the slum to be returned to NARA they finally had to get a search warrant to retrieve the records. Prior to this he had returned 15 boxes containing 184 classified and top secret documents back in January, but NARA knew more were still missing and in his procession. In executing the search warrant the FBI confiscated another 26 or so boxes – how many classified documents are in those we do not yet know, nor do we know WHAT kind of security risk those documents represent or who has had access to them, who may have copied them and where any copies would have ended up. This is a SERIOUS security risk to America, our troops, our agents worldwide and our law enforcement here at home. AND the investigation into Trump, for espionage and obstruction of justice, is in progress. This search and seizure was just the beginning. We’ll see what comes out at his trial once he is indicted for his crimes – those committed as President and those he has now committed post-presidency as a civilian.

Trump now has 13 open investigations on various things he has allegedly done in both civilian and government life. THIRTEEN! Who has that many serious investigations all at once? And the guy can’t even gat a decent lawyer because lawyers want one of two things – a good case and to be paid for their work, both absent with representing Donald Trump in any one of his 13 current investigations. The boneheads who are representing him now waited over 2 weeks to file for a Special Master to sort thru the documents taken from Mar a Lago. By that time they had all already been gone through by copious teams who do that exact work. A useless, late, bullshit filing by weak representation.

One day in the future Trump and his axis of Maga Red Evil will be just memories. He’ll be pushing up daisies probably from some golf course who knows where. Hopefully democracy will have survived him and his recruits and their little red hats. In the meantime we are living in VERY historical times…this probably won’t even be believed in the future, it’s so unbelievable now!




2 thoughts on “Thirteen Investigations…?

  1. Worst thing in 200 years?

    Well, I’d say he was up there bucking for a podium place, but I believe many African-Americans would cite the Jim Crow laws, and many Native Americans would cite the doctrine of Manifest Destiny and the resulting genocides and near-genocides as worse still. Many people from other countries would cite CIA/military overthrow of their governments as being worse – at least in that respect Trump tended towards isolationism. Nevertheless, NOT someone I would like to see in office again, speaking as a non-American.


    • Worst president of the USA in over 200 years, yes. Worst in world history? No, not yet anyways. Give him time and more opportunity and I can see him TRYING to become a baby Putin. He emulates Putin and WANTS to be treated as royalty, remember what he said when he visited China and they rolled out the red carpet for him? He admired Xi Ping’s strong hand rule and said America should be treating HIM as Xi’s people treat Xi. Now we are in a place where he has stolen America’s most vital secrets and most likely has put many in harm’s way by doing so. IDK if WE will ever know what was in the documents and who he possibly sold them to, traded them to, or gave access to them. He has NOT said “why” he chose those particular documents (I would LOVE to know what the documents’ subject matter is, that would tell a lot about how he intended to use them I am sure). Did he take certain documents of Top Secret origin to possibly trade to Putin for MORE help to “win” another election? Remember, accepting foreign dollars or help to become elected to any office in America is ILLEGAL by American law. Perhaps it’s too late, perhaps the damage has already been done and his plan is already in play…I’m going to leave it up to our DOJ and FBI to figure that out and deal with it appropriately. Give Merrick Garland a little more time and he will air-tight this case….and #45 keeps opening his mouth discussing it openly which is just adding nails to his political coffin. Peace! ~MB

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