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Slow-motion Destruction of Life as we Knew It

White identity politics inside of the completely untethered Republican party – that is blatantly anti-democracy and bordering on being rebranded as a domestic terrorist organization is NOT a good thing for ANY PART of America and should NOT be allowed to continue it’s measured, a slow-motion coup on American government.

If you think it ended on Jan. 6 2021 you are sorely mistaken. Jan. 6, 2021, was the virtual BIRTH of this very active continuing assault on the American government, culture, lifestyle, and every citizen’s expectation of FREEDOM and Constitutional protections. Jan 6th was the conclusion of a “trial run”, the last episode in the Trump Terrorizes America series – soon to be followed by the new mini-docu series titled Insurrection leads to civil war.

I am just an ordinary American citizen. I am part of the LGBT community. I am female. Those last two things make me a second-class citizen in this country. I am also a Veteran who served proudly and believed once upon a time that America was a proud, thriving place of Freedoms that were unlike any others in the world. I served proudly thinking that I was part of protecting the constitution and freedom in America, all the while unknowing that many of these freedoms have been under strenuous attack for decades.

Now I am witnessing the success of these well-organized, often funded by questionable means such as foreign actors in the form of countries or foreign leaders. This whole tearing apart of America from the inside by a minority party with unlimited resources has been in the works for decades and we are now feeling the “success” of their plans to end democracy in America and install an egalitarian government.

I’ve heard “nooo, they’ll never get away with doing this, or that…” only to then watch as they CONTINUOUSLY get away with everything questionable and break all the rules, violate laws and do unimaginable illegal damage to our government entities – and are NOT prosecuted or even reprimanded! They’ve packed the courts with judges who are part of their unspoken “organization” so they are never held legally responsible and they can just keep on tearing down our country piece by piece. They have installed the most extreme right wing conspiracy theorists into many positions of power across the nation – one by one.

Their ultimate goal seems to be contiguous uninterrupted control of the country by a conglomeration of right-wingnuts of the white power party, the domestic terrorist organization formerly known as the GOP.. An org that is wanting to control women from top to bottom, forcing pregnancy. They are “against” the abortion of a glob of cells but could care less about the killing of children in classrooms via blowing their brains out with AR15s. They view women as second-class citizens with no bodily autonomy or privacy rights, to be controlled and basically owned by men. Almost daily they are stripping us of our rights quietly behind the robes of a hand-picked (by Federalists) SCOTUS with pre-determined outcomes dictated by the Federalists. They were very very copious in putting this plan together, methodically over time, having patience until we got to where we are right NOW. They have a “new” America in mind and it’s not one of the Constitutional rights or freedom. There is more to come, just watch.

In my 60 years walking this planet the happenings of the last 5-6 years have been astoundingly the worst I could ever imagine and I fear for myself and millions of others who will be targetted in this evolving scheme of the GOP.


One thought on “Slow-motion Destruction of Life as we Knew It

  1. Greetings Sir!
    Thank you for your words out here. These are times that really beggars belief! It is so much and so horrible that it becomes hard to grasp the enormity and reality of it all. Here below is a list compiled by “Powered By Rainbows.” I recommend taking some anti-nausea pills before reading it all though.
    “Cap’n” Toni…
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    Powered By Rainbows™ 20 hours ago
    Just as a reminder, in the past 2 weeks, the Supreme Court has:
    ❌ Stripped rights away from women
    ❌ Taken rights away from Trans Men
    ❌ Forced government funding to go to catholic private schools against the constitution
    ❌ Allowed Christians to force their religion on students in public schools against the constitution
    ❌ Allowed more people to conceal their assault rifles and opened up gun laws as if this country doesn’t have a problem with mass shootings
    ❌ Allowed companies to pollute the environment as much as they want and effectively undermined the EPA against the constitution
    ❌ Admitted they have lied under oath to the US Senate
    ❌ Told the American public that the Supreme Court now controls districting in every state, effectively controlling who gets elected in every election to come…against the constitution
    ❌ Forced women and trans men to have babies even in cases of rape or incest causing women to die as a result
    ❌ Pushed hundreds of LGBTQ children to suicide with suicide notes left behind now citing the Supreme Court as the reason they chose to end their lives.
    ➡️ All because 5 justices were able to lie under oath just to get a job after being appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote in all of their elections.
    ➡️ And somehow this isn’t even the biggest news of the week. The former president Trump has been credited with committing treason against the country, attempting to overturn an election, and attempted murder of a secret service agent sworn to protect him. And multiple people under oath have now said Trump didn’t care about weapons in his audience because those weapons weren’t for him but rather to murder his Vice President Pence…something Trump has said Pence deserved.
    🇬🇧 UK has said they welcome and would pay for any woman in America who want an abortion but couldn’t get one in their state.
    🌊 California has announced they will be a safe haven for women and trans men to get services if their state doesn’t allow it.
    💩 The Dumpster fire that is Texas responded and said they would charge any woman, trans man, doctor, and all staff members of any medical facilities in California with a felony if they provided services to any woman or trans men (whether or not they are from Texas). This is even though Texas has absolutely no legal authority over another state, just proving they never wanted to protect kids or states to have power over themselves…they instead wanted power over everyone as if Texas is the new federal government.
    🤠 Texas also announced they will be reopening Lawrence v. Texas which allowed gay people to live freely without being arrested after its ruling by the Supreme Court in 2003.
    🇺🇸 The contacts we have in the Supreme Court offices tell us Obergefell v. Hodges which provided marriage equality to all US citizens in 2015 will be the first case SCOTUS takes up after they return from their vacation.
    🏳️‍🌈 Meanwhile Supreme Court justices are complaining people are peacefully protesting outside of their homes
    📰 And news stations across the country are spending hours debating whether Trump threw a plate of ketchup across the room as if that is the most horrible thing he did.
    🎤 Join us next Thursday, July 7th at 7pm as we discuss all of this with our panel of legal experts.

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