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The Hearings

Does it feel like the world has gone a bit insane? Taken a turn toward the dark side? Is just filled with so much hate and violence that reports on incidents grow every day. Pretty soon they’ll need TWO hours for the nightly news instead of a single news hour. From daily mass shootings to skyrocketing inflation, greed-bloated gas/oil prices, and most of us just barely making ends meet financially it’s emotionally draining and a mental health minefield facing all of us.

Undoubtedly we are all feeling the stress and pressure of a world on edge right now. What’s next? Food shortages? Failing power grids? Dwindling water supplies? Environmental catastrophe? Mass migrations due to wars, lack of food sources, lack of livable land, lack of water, power, medicine and threats of war and extreme violence from cartels, gangs, militias, and other perpetrators of doom.

So what are we going to do?

We currently have a very divided government that is too busy with in-fighting and with hating on each other to get ANYTHING done! It’s time to replace those people who refuse to do the jobs they were appointed to do. We have to stop the stupidity and put people with integrity and vision into our representative seats in government and then we need to support them to DO THEIR JOBS that we voted/hired them to do.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be watching as the Jan. 6th committee that has been investigating the insurrection, lay out what happened, not just what we watched live on national television but all that happened prior to, during, in preparation for and from where the commands came. It’s really going to happen and it feels like we are anxiously perched on the mid belt of the powder keg gritting our teeth and waiting for the explosion. Who will shot first?

Last night I watched PBS’s Frontline show is called Jan. 6th, What’s Happened Since? (full documentary). I’m sure you could see it on Youtube or any streaming platform for that matter. It’s good, and thus far it’s jogging my memory as to how I felt that day, listening to the Orange Baboon and then watching in horror as my Capital was attacked and occupied by insurrectionists. Much of the video footage being shown is new to me, wow. So MUCH more happened in this insurrection and the insurrectionist mentality seems to be growing. I just don’t understand WHY we let these politicians and political causes turn us against one another like this. Why have we let them divide us so? Our strength will be in numbers. And I am only glad that the wing of domestic terrorism, Trumpian Nazis, are in the minority party. Democratic voters and thinkers outnumber them 2 to 1 at a miniumum.

The televisions across America should all be tuned to one of the 5 big stations broadcasting this prime time event. We all want – and need – to know what exactly happened, who perpetrated all this violence, who instigated it, and who paid for it. Then we need to FIX the system that allowed this to even happen.

Hearings start at 7:00 pm eastern time. Get your popcorn. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a hella ride!

This is the year we may lose our democracy. This is the year we need to not sit on the fence, we need to be fighting and VOTING to make the best choices for a democracy to continue in America.

This is not a drill.


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