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Ukraine’s Visible Pain

It’s become emotionally painful to listen to the news out of Ukraine. Russia is out of control, specifically targeting civilians, hospitals, schools, mosques, churches – even people fleeing inside of the supposedly safe “corridor” out of the country. It has become the largest war crime and humanitarian crisis we’ve ever seen in our lives.

The images of bodies laying haphazardly discarded in the streets, some dying right where they fell. The sounds of the whistles and explosions in the live feeds, along with people screaming and babies crying. The videos, often taken by Ukranian people and sent to the media of flattened villages, some just completely GONE along with all of the residents. Gone. The devastation is enormous, it’s all across the country. This invasion has laid waste to the lands and peoples of Ukraine, and still they fight like hell to save their country.

Now we just got a report that they are using phosphorus chemical weapons. The report had to come out of Ukraine by Telegram app. THIS is the beginning of Putin’s inhumane biological warfare. He knows he cannot win his illegal war with his beleaguered army of conscripts and broken equipment.

I can’t even wrap my mind around why the Russians are doing this, don’t they SEE the insanity? Somehow we have to get the REAL TRUTH of what is happening inside of Ukraine to the Russian public. Obviously, they’re being fed a steady diet of lies so they think Putin is doing the right thing by committing genocide.

THIS is the danger of censoring the media, then you only see what the leader WANTS you to see…America needs to really seriously pay attention to that fact. Hitler used this tactic. Putin uses it. Xi uses in in China. We can NEVER allow our leadership to restrict our access to the truth – NEVER.

I don’t want to see WW3 either, but I don’t know that we have a choice any longer. I believe that Putin has already started WW3 and is getting a jump start while we are all watching in horror. I pray he doesn’t escalate this to using WMDs. I’m so scared for the Ukrainians, but also for the rest of Europe and the world.

I don’t know what the answers are to ending this war. Putin just has to order a cease-fire. Unless NATO goes to war with Putin and Russia the only other way to end it is for Putin to order the end of it. And I don’t believe that will ever happen. He will take Ukraine eventually and then move on to Poland…where he WILL confront NATO and US forces. Putin is not afraid of WW3, that’s obvious. Sadly.

A sad veteran.


3 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Visible Pain

  1. The only comment I can offer regarding the humanitarian crisis and war crimes in Ukraine is this. As a 21c conflict it is probably the most covered by social media that we have ever known. I was born in 1950, and there has not been one year of my life when someone somewhere hasn’t been killing someone else. If we are to talk about crimes against humanity, then I have lived through the era of the British concentration camps in Kenya, the use of napalm and agent orange by the USA in Vietnam, Pol Pot’s murderous regime in Cambodia, the ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, the Hutu/Tutsi conflict… Need I go on? The war in the Ukraine is dire, but I can affirm that there is nothing about it that surprises me. And I’m sad to have to admit that.

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    • I just hope that the UN will step in and secure that nuclear power plant before there is an even WORSE crisis involving nuclear radiation contamination – of not only that area but wafting around the globe in clouds of radioactive particles possibly contaminating or at least tainting all of our earth’s ecosystems and affecting much of human life in very negative ways. THAT is my worst fear about what could happen out of stupidity of Russia in Putin’s little neediness to control Ukraine. And you are right, all my life there has been a war or wars somewhere on this planet…some worse, some for the right reasons, most for the wrong. If Democrats lose control of the US gov’t I am afraid Ukraine will be standing alone without much US help because we all know that the GOP thugs will pull the plug on ANY and ALL funding to Ukraine out of spite for Trump’s previous attempt to blackmail Zelinski into lying about Biden, because it’s only through lies and deception that Trump knows how to operate. If he ever told the Truth he would probably explode on the spot! hahaha

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  2. sooner or later we ( the rest of the world) is going to have to intervene and put boots on the ground, risking nuclear war to stop this and put a stop to Putin, if not, then this is history repeating itself.. we sit idle while the Blitzkrieg unfolds in front of us… first Ukraine, then who? Poland? Moldova? Romania ? Hungry? Slovakia ? Hungary?… doesn’t matter if they are NATO countries or not… Putin is just testing the proverbial waters right now… pushing this war, committing war crimes, killing innocent people ( including an American reporter and wounding another) … to see what Europe and the West will do about it, if anything… he isn’t worried about being dragged to the Hague after this … seriously who is going to go arrest him and take him to trial? it would end up being a toothless kangaroo court like the legal system in the USA when it comes to Comrade Trump… Putin’s whole shtick is to bring back the former glory of Russia ( going back centuries, not recent history)….kinda the same things the Republicans/GOP in the USA want for the USA… and to do that he needs to take back every country and free state that Russia lost over time and then bring down the “Iron Curtain” become an isolationist country ( like the USA was, up until pearl harbor, and what Trump tried to make the USA return to) … this isn’t just something small Putin wants and Trump/GOP/Republicans for both countries, Athoritism is on the rise globally , including Canada, which makes this even more scary for me a Canadian, I am caught right in the middle of 2 war mongering nuclear superpowers and will be caught in the cross fire if the missiles start flying back and forth… surviving the aftermath ( assuming thats possible) is even a more terrifying thought than having a nuke land beside me or on me… ohh and since Putin wants all the land Russia once owned back.. remember, Russia once owned Alaska too … this is an actual war to determine which political ideology will prevail globally, Democracy and Freedom or Authoritarianism , Global democracy is being fought for in Ukraine… and we sit idle…anyway, just my thoughts from outside the US borders, Ill shaddap now .

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