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Another trying week…

I enjoy – no thrive – on intelligent and provokative conversation, yet I live alone. I don’t often get the opportunity to engage with anyone on the level that I need, thus I watch several journalists on the news like Rachel Maddow and Brian Tyler Cohen. I need to hear people talking in full sentences and talking intelligently. I understand that these pundits speak primarily on hot-button issues that face us every day and most people don’t understand nor wish to engage in this type of conversation most of the time.

I am glad we are out of Afghanistan. I am a veteran. I have some inside knowlege of our military life and what the forces were going through. The withdrawal from Afghanistan went about as good as any withdrawal could go. Biden did the right thing in sticking to his guns and bringing our troops home. Sure, you can criticize him for timing and how it was executed and what went wrong, yet you also have to give him credit for all that went right.

The lives of 124,000 people were saved and thus will be changed for the better because they were evacuated by our American forces. Yes, there are more that want to leave. My feeling on some is that they KNEW we were scheduled to exit theater at the end of August; they knew this for more than 6 months and could have left the country at any time during that 6 months, but they waited and those Americans that are still in Afghanistan should have been paying attention and got out of there earlier. That’s MY opinion. Our mission was done, we had no reason to continue to deploy our forces to Afghanistan. There was no national interest in doing so and 80% of the American people also wanted to end the war. It went on for 20 grueling years and cost 2, 461 American lives. We eradicated Bin Laden and decimated Al Qaeda.

It’s been such a good thing to watch President Biden act like we expect a president to act. He’s not sitting in his living quarters at the White House tweeting his grievances and acting like a spoiled child – as our last “president” (I use that term loosely with #45) did almost daily for 4 years.

Biden addresses the nation on a regular basis, speaking solidly on many issues facing our country right now and that will be factors in our future. From climate change, women’s rights, war, and the economy to jobs, infrastructure, covid-19, and healthcare as well as foreign policy and human rights issues. Biden doesn’t shy from any of the challenges we face as Americans living in a democratic country, instead he has exhibited his leadership by dealing with the tough issues head on. Right now I believe we are all still shell shocked from the previous administrations blatant disregard for the well-being of America and it’s focus on promoting lies and misinformation, dividing people as a means of controlling and instigating hate crimes, i.e. the resurrection of Jan. 6th. It’s just plain refreshing to see President Biden performing his duties as a true president should, representing American interests first and foremost.

And for the hot-button topic of the week – Texas new abortion restriction law. This new law has been constructed in such a way as to prevent litigation in higher courts. It removes a woman’s right to control her own body and reproductive organs. Politically this hands Democrats a wedge issue to go after women voters, most of whom support a woman’s right to choose and reproductive freedom as well as body atonomy. Republicans scream bloody murder about freedom and individual rights, especially right now during a massive covid outbreak where they refuse to follow science and medical advice and push for no mask mandates, promote misinformation on vaccines and social restrictions – causing the pandemic to linger and grow worse in some states. Fox news is avoiding covering the new Texas “heartbeat” law because they know this is an issue that could drive women voters to the polls in 2022 enmasse. Women are sick and tired of old white men making choices and laws that only control women’s bodies and infringe on their basic human rights. As women increasingly rise in the political world I believe the “old white boy” network will be dismantled. The future is diverse and that diversity will promote much better legislation concerning individual rights and more well thought out laws, not only surrounding women but also encompassing prison reform, judicial reform, health and wellness of all people and a more caring environment across the country.

Final note: World Industrial Wars

“Politicians are very much like prostitutes just more expensive.”

War and arms sales have been the staple provider of billions of dollars funnelled to the Saudi royal family and senior politicians around the world for decades. Swiss bank accounts are full of bribery money. Any politician who wants war probably has money invested in one of many arms manufacturing companies or has connections with other crooked politicians worldwide who are all part of the big arms bribery scheme. It’s such a deeply corrupt situation.

It’s a well researched and investigated fact that many of the arms deals made would NOT happen if it were not for the billions made in bribes by politicians and world leaders. War is now a commodity, the manufacturers depend on these wars to sell their products. So they entice politicians to keep wars going and to keep arms races as high priority. Some country leaders will use national security excuses to keep a perpetual state of war in progress for profits. Industrial war is about murder and slaughter, if people understood and saw what was REALLY happening they would be so repulsed they would make it harder to wage war for these companies and politicians.

It truly IS a world gone mad.



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