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What a week

Bursting with emotional response, this past week was one for the history books. From the Afghan airlift of US citizens and SIVs and refugees fearing for their lives to the methodic, slow movement of flag-draped coffins of 13 young US service members – 11 men and 2 women – who gave their lives in line of duty, coming off a plane at Dover with a US President in attendance – something I do not ever remember seeing before in my life. Video here…

We have a hurricane beating the shit out of New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana pretty much, Haitians trying to contend with mudslides from an earthquake the week before while the Siberian wilderness burns in a fire bigger than ALL of the other fires on this planet put together right now.

Americans are doing the milk crate challenge, being inundated with false information on the internet on covid, fighting like hell to stop our politicians from squashing the voting rights of all Americans with their suppression tactics on full, unabashed display.(side note* we really need to get the For the People Act PASSED this is vital to our democracy and equality) And squabbling amongst ourselves about masks and shots, anti-vaxers in abundance with ivermectin as a cross to bear. As the turmoil of racism stirs just below the epidermis of American skin of all colors. Slowly we divide into smaller tribes and even covid bubbles once again.

All the while America remains viciously divided by a smorgasbord of political party, mask mandates, vaccinations and on how the Afghan airlift is being conducted. We are mostly in agreement that the war needs to be ended, but divided on how it’s being executed – most of which falls squarely on party affiliation. Any president overseeing an operation like the withdrawal from Afghanistan which was previously put into motion by the former administration, would be drawing a hella lot of opposing party criticism on this issue..

The eviction moratorium ended per a Supreme Court decision…the cost of everything from cardboard, food, essentials and gas has been on a steady rise with no signs of relenting. Thousands more will be added to the rolls of the homeless and threatened. People are hurting around the world because of this pandemic, yet we STILL have deniers. There’s something every person wants or needs right now that they are being kept from because of Covid-19, be it the ability to just go shopping without pre-thinking about germ exposure or travelling and living in fear of other travelers, we’re all being held back in many ways and it’s not fun.

Biden is handling a LOT and he’s keeping his cool. Can you even imagine what the last guy would be tweeting and squibbling about on Fox News right about now if he were still in the White House? I am pretty proud of how Joe has been handling his myriad of issues from Covid vaccines to the Afghan airlift and pull-out. He has the hardest job in this country in making decisions and taking actions that he understands will affect the lives of 320 million people every day. It’s his job to protect this country and to uphold the honorable standing of America (*ha…this can be disputed to death). At least he’s DOING his job and he’s gotten legislation passed that will positively affect this country from top to bottom (*Infrastructure bill). I have confidence that he will get us out of Afghanistan, perhaps not unscathed, and he’ll get the troops home. His commanding generals are the best, if they do their jobs as instructed we will be free of this war yet. Ending a 20 year, 4 presidency war is no joke and it’s not an easy task – or it would have already been done. Joe is doing the hard stuff. Stuff that needed doing for American interests. He’ll be vilified by the right and it’s the job of us who care to hold him up and support his difficult decisions; trusting is always so fucking hard.

My week wasn’t bad except for a deep, prolonged sadness at the loss of our troops. It’s triggered thoughts of my military days and how lucky I was not to have lost those serving beside me. The Cold War years were different, it was a quiet hostility we faced; an assination attempt on our President at the time (Reagan) and counter terrorism on a very different level. Loud bangs still bother me, my PTSD is more triggered by knowing what those troops are going through over there in a foreign land with the threat of terrorism all around them. It’s triggered by knowing that Afghan women and girls are in mortal danger if they are left behind. Life under Taliban rule, Islamic doctrine to be followed, will be sheer hell on women in particular – especially those who have known nothing other than the relative peace of having Americans there keeping the Taliban at bay for the last 20 years. I fear the tragedies ahead.

As we pull out the next 36 hours will be very tense – we’ve already taken on rocket fire and destroyed a truck headed for the airport laden with explosives…who knows what’s next as troops are being airlifted out now…that last flight will be the most tense with no ground cover…but we HAVE to end American participation in this endless war. It’s the right thing to do.

…now we start another week, let’s hope it’s a recovery week for everyone’s sake.

Peace… MB


One thought on “What a week

  1. The current conservative project which you see in the world at the moment – the violent lurch to the right (in social, cultural, and economic terms) was initiated by Reagan. Or, more properly, by those for whom he fronted. We are not at its planned culmination. Things are going to get worse. Voting for slightly less right-wing parties isn’t going to help. Thinking and acting outside the box is.

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