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It’s going to get worse once again, before it get’s better. Covid-19 the Delta variant is racing around the world chewing up those who are without vaccinations and so virulent that it’s caused some breakthrough infections in .01% of the vaccinated – specifically those with other immune compromising conditions. In other words, here we go AGAIN with this vicious pandemic.

Here in Maine they have even found the coronavirus19 in the white tailed DEER population. So, we are NOT alone, this virus will infect anything that breathes. It’s going to be a problem for years to come at this rate. I only wish the “doubters” and “deniers” and anti-vaxxers would come around and see – and UNDERSTAND – the science and get real about prevention and vaccinations.

If they keep up their current posture on this it will keep the pandemic in a vicious cycle of replication to deadlier and deadlier variants. And, even with an improved view on vaccinations and proper protective protocol we will continue to fight the variants of this virus into the future. So, prepare for yearly boosters, better to be safe than sorry.

I’ve had a helluva week, you know, one of those weeks where the shit hits the fan…over and over again?

First my dog came up with an abscessed tooth that had to be treated, plus needed antibiotics and pain meds…cha-ching$$…she didn’t eat for a couple of feedings but now she’s back to normal and chewing on her bones.

My glasses are DONE. I’ve broken the newest pair so many times and super glued them back together…plus they are an older prescription and not working as well for me anymore. So I got my eyes tested and got a new script. Went and ordered new glasses on Tuesday in Portland. Because I wear no-line bifocals and like the digitized lenses I have to wait for them to be made and shipped to me. That was another huge expense, glasses plus prescription sun glasses too.

I am in the midst of having to replace my car. I finally settled on a 2011 Equinox and agreed to purchase it, only to arrive home afterwards to find that my house refrigerator had ended it’s life while I was out dealing with having to get new eyeglasses and securing the newer car. I lost most of the food inside of it as everything had basically thawed and come to room temperature. So there’s another big expense…

Then the refridgerator delivery guys arrive, come into the house and WHAM! Nola BITES one of them! The guy was wearing shorts, so he had bare legs and she did break the skin on the back of his right calf. It wasn’t bad, no blood or anything like that but hard enough so he winced and it did leave a mark. I was mortified to say the least. Luckily the young man brushed it off, after we cleaned it up with peroxide and made him feel safer. She HAS had all her shots and I do have copies of all the records on hand.

So, as you can see it WAS a long string of minorly unfortunate events. I kept my cool though and just dealt with whatever was happening in front of me at the moment. Made things MUCH easier to separate from and go into the solution mode of operation without stressing over the calamity of events.

The pollen count here is currently skyrocketing because the goldenrod, a weed that blooms a golden yellow, is going crazy blooming early due to the rains and cooler weather, it thinks it’s time, so POOF! let’s blow pollen all over everyone and make them all miserable. Now, I don’t have allergies BUT goldenrod in high concentration does mess with my sinuses and gives me headaches, like this evening’s headache.

Field of Goldenrod in Southern Maine
My new wheels

So, it’s been a mixed bag of misfortune turned opportunity this week for me. I’m hoping the crisises are over for a little while.

How has your week been? What’s the covid situation where you are? Do you wear your protective mask in public spaces?

Catch ya’ll later. Peace! – MB


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