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Threats to Journalists

Awake early on this Sunday morning listening to news…of journalists around the world being arrested, imprisoned and tortured. This pains me to no end. As a writer myself I am very concerned with the growing governmental clamp downs on protesting and speaking out against government policies, legislations and politicians themselves.

Some are disappearing, never to be heard from again.. .the silencing of voices we so much need right now as the world seems to be in increasing turmoil. People are rising up against oppressive governments seeking democracy and peace. All they want is to live in peace with their families and to govern themselves – not be run over by harsh, oppressive and violent governments and vicious authoritarian leaders.

Around the world, over 64 journalists are currently missing, according to data from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). (9/1/2020) These professionals were targeted for doing the important work of seeking the truth and informing the public, and their cases demand answers.

Even here in America -you don’t hear about it – but some of this type of stuff does happen. #45 made many people distrust honest journalists. Journalists don’t make money by writing “fake news” that’s just the Trumpublican lie #1. He’s caused a ton of death threats toward journalists just for writing the truth here in our own country. He condoned the vicious murder and dismemberment of Kashogi in Turkey and still we haven’t dealt with it or punished the Saudi Prince who ordered the killing because Kashogi wrote about him and Saudi Arabian oppression. Kashogi was a resident of the United States and was tricked into the Turkish embassy to be brutally murdered while his fiance waited outside. Instead #45 gives the prince nuclear fuel, weapons, planes and bookooo $$$. All while refusing to make SA atone for the human right violations and killings. Of course #45 hates journalists, so I imagine he secretly was gleeful.

Democracy is under very disturbing and serious threat here in the USA. Trump has been pushing his new agenda “white rage” and “critical race theory”. There is no “white rage” what there is is Trumpian White Hate. He convinces his base that they are in jeopardy of being overrun by people of all kinds of colors, especially blacks and hispanics. And in 10 years he’ll be sort of right, white will be a minority color in America. We’re a melting pot. Did the forefathers not see this coming? Hell, THEY themselves were mixing it up with their owned slaves, natives, foreigners…because as we know they couldn’t keep it in their pants. They MUST have found those foreign babes very attractive. 🙂

I’m worried about voting rights, worried about Trumpian White Hate permeating our world. I’m worried about more politically motivated violence – all over the country.

August 28th 2021 We will ALL march on our cities for Voting Rights. Everyone needs to make a plan to march and to write and call your Senators, Congress people and the President – We must pass the John Lewis Voter Rights Act as soon as possible. And a filibuster can NOT be used to stop democracy. We must speak truth to power!!!

That’s it for tonight. Continue to think about those lost in Florida’s apartment implosion. It’s so sad, the families are waiting, and it will be miraculous if all of the bodies are ever found. It saddens me because those families are waiting and the days go by with no good news. The truth is slowly coming to light.

Peace ~ MB


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