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What’s Happening…

I had a great weekend. The adjustment to my meds seems to be just the ticket, feeling MUCH better! I think I was on too high of a dose of one of my meds and it was fucking with my head and my energy and ability to concentrate on anything. Today is day 8 and I am definitely feeling different and I like it.

The yard sale was ok, I didn’t do as well as I wanted to and I have several bananna boxes full of items to donate to the charity thrift store in York. I did clean out a ton of stuff, which I really wanted and needed to do. So it was a success in that aspect. I think I am going to do more flea markets and consignment store sales instead of these iffy yard sales. I do alot better on Marketplace and Amazon than anywhere.

Today I hung out at home all day just reorganizing my house. I moved my great-grandfather’s old oak desk he made out to my living room. It’s just a small single draw secretary type desk, but the sentimentality of it to me is what counts. He was a German and he made this desk after he and my great-grandmother came to the states after the war. He was a cabinet maker from what I am told. It would be really cool to find out more about my great-grands on my Dad’s side…I don’t know a whole lot like I do about my mother’s side.

So, the GOP has voted to refuse to even DEBATE the “For the People Act” in the Senate They KNOW that because of the filibuster the democrats are dead in the water…so either the democrats get it thru their thick heads that they HAVE to play hard-ball like the GOP is doing they are going to lose this battle for voter rights.

Amy Klobuchar is preparing to take the show on the road with local rallies for the “For the People Act” to let the public have a say and to get people aware and angry about their rights being trampled in 48 states. The bill polls at 78% in both parties, this fight is not over. Klobuchar is heading to Georgia with the Rules Committee, which hasn’t gone on the road for 20 years. The GOP is going to pay for this I sincerely hope. I hope they are clearly voted out of EVERY office across this country. That they are truly made to KNOW they ARE the MINORITY in this nation.

What the GOP is trying to do, suppress the vote, is illegal. Eventually the Department of Justice and Merrick Garland WILL get involved in the courts with each of the states that try to push these laws on their people through minority party bullying. Citizens of the USA will not tolerate this and as the elections get closer you’ll see amplified effort by the democratic party to end the bullshit around suppressing the vote across the country. Of course the GOP will be in full-on panic mode by then and freaking out knowing they are going to lose, so it may get a bit on the wild to violent side.

3 Days later….

  • Merrick Garland did indeed file suit against the State of Georgia
  • Derrick Chauvin got 22.5 years for the 2nd degree murder of George Floyd.
  • A disaster in Florida as a 12 story apartment building collapses into a pancake of rubble. 159 missing, 4 dead so far.
  • China shuts down the Hong Kong democratic news media and arrests 5 journalists for crimes against China for writing the truth. This must be acted on by the United States. If we continue to sit back and watch China swallow up the good people and real journalism of Hong Kong it will be something we will greatly regret.
  • Former NRA chief is tricked into giving graduation speech to 3045 empty chairs – representing the 3045 kids who WOULD have graduated this year but for being victims of gun violence. Great trick!

I had a great first fire of 2021 in my little backyard a couple of nights ago, it was a very cool night at 60 and clear. The full moon was out and it was just gorgeous. My friend Stephanie came by and we sat by the fire talking about life for a good 1.5 hours.

I’ve been propagating succulents, growing from cuttings and I have about 100 going now. I’m hoping to locate a spot to get some of them sold soon. They’re now in little clay pots and doing quite well. It’s been a fun project and a learning experience. I think I need to create a space with more humidity for them though – and constant temperatures.

This little spot of mine in southern Maine is so cool sometimes. I have a LOT of wildlife that visits the yard, especially the feeders and watering hole I created outside my picture window. I feel pretty damned lucky to have this spot and be able to see all the animals coming for food. I have not only wild birds, crows, wild turkeys with babies, deer, possums, woodchucks, a skunk or two and reportedly a local fisher cat, snakes, mice and voles. It’s a virtual food chain.

Alrighty, I said I’d get a blog post up…and I have managed to do so. It’s been a real difficult thing lately. I’ve got this sort of brain fog going on that is impeding my writing and making me a bit crazy. Not in a bad way, but kinda just throwing caution to the wind lately. Some of it is nerves due to upcoming throat surgery that I have on July 6th and my trepedation about that event.

Have a great weekend!

Peace ~~ MB


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