Her Ring

I found your ring today And held it in my hand Memories of two young lovers Weather in a far away land Young love pure and free I adored you and you adored me. Memories are so bitter sweet I smile as I tuck that ring away again. MB 6/29/21

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Threats to Journalists

Awake early on this Sunday morning listening to news…of journalists around the world being arrested, imprisoned and tortured. This pains me to no end. As a writer myself I am very concerned with the growing governmental clamp downs on protesting and speaking out against government policies, legislations and politicians themselves. Some are disappearing, never to […]

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What’s Happening…

I had a great weekend. The adjustment to my meds seems to be just the ticket, feeling MUCH better! I think I was on too high of a dose of one of my meds and it was fucking with my head and my energy and ability to concentrate on anything. Today is day 8 and […]

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Tired of this…time to change

Q: What is my responsibility to my country as a citizen? We must each play our part in supporting the democracy and it’s our job to make sure our government is doing what it’s designed and assigned to do, not just running amok, literally hell-fire rampant over the wishes of the people. Trying to govern […]

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