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Threats to Journalists

Awake early on this Sunday morning listening to news…of journalists around the world being arrested, imprisoned and tortured. This pains me to no end. As a writer myself I am very concerned with the growing governmental clamp downs on protesting and speaking out against government policies, legislations and politicians themselves.

Some are disappearing, never to be heard from again.. .the silencing of voices we so much need right now as the world seems to be in increasing turmoil. People are rising up against oppressive governments seeking democracy and peace. All they want is to live in peace with their families and to govern themselves – not be run over by harsh, oppressive and violent governments and vicious authoritarian leaders.

Around the world, over 64 journalists are currently missing, according to data from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). (9/1/2020) These professionals were targeted for doing the important work of seeking the truth and informing the public, and their cases demand answers.

Even here in America -you don’t hear about it – but some of this type of stuff does happen. #45 made many people distrust honest journalists. Journalists don’t make money by writing “fake news” that’s just the Trumpublican lie #1. He’s caused a ton of death threats toward journalists just for writing the truth here in our own country. He condoned the vicious murder and dismemberment of Kashogi in Turkey and still we haven’t dealt with it or punished the Saudi Prince who ordered the killing because Kashogi wrote about him and Saudi Arabian oppression. Kashogi was a resident of the United States and was tricked into the Turkish embassy to be brutally murdered while his fiance waited outside. Instead #45 gives the prince nuclear fuel, weapons, planes and bookooo $$$. All while refusing to make SA atone for the human right violations and killings. Of course #45 hates journalists, so I imagine he secretly was gleeful.

Democracy is under very disturbing and serious threat here in the USA. Trump has been pushing his new agenda “white rage” and “critical race theory”. There is no “white rage” what there is is Trumpian White Hate. He convinces his base that they are in jeopardy of being overrun by people of all kinds of colors, especially blacks and hispanics. And in 10 years he’ll be sort of right, white will be a minority color in America. We’re a melting pot. Did the forefathers not see this coming? Hell, THEY themselves were mixing it up with their owned slaves, natives, foreigners…because as we know they couldn’t keep it in their pants. They MUST have found those foreign babes very attractive. 🙂

I’m worried about voting rights, worried about Trumpian White Hate permeating our world. I’m worried about more politically motivated violence – all over the country.

August 28th 2021 We will ALL march on our cities for Voting Rights. Everyone needs to make a plan to march and to write and call your Senators, Congress people and the President – We must pass the John Lewis Voter Rights Act as soon as possible. And a filibuster can NOT be used to stop democracy. We must speak truth to power!!!

That’s it for tonight. Continue to think about those lost in Florida’s apartment implosion. It’s so sad, the families are waiting, and it will be miraculous if all of the bodies are ever found. It saddens me because those families are waiting and the days go by with no good news. The truth is slowly coming to light.

Peace ~ MB

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What’s Happening…

I had a great weekend. The adjustment to my meds seems to be just the ticket, feeling MUCH better! I think I was on too high of a dose of one of my meds and it was fucking with my head and my energy and ability to concentrate on anything. Today is day 8 and I am definitely feeling different and I like it.

The yard sale was ok, I didn’t do as well as I wanted to and I have several bananna boxes full of items to donate to the charity thrift store in York. I did clean out a ton of stuff, which I really wanted and needed to do. So it was a success in that aspect. I think I am going to do more flea markets and consignment store sales instead of these iffy yard sales. I do alot better on Marketplace and Amazon than anywhere.

Today I hung out at home all day just reorganizing my house. I moved my great-grandfather’s old oak desk he made out to my living room. It’s just a small single draw secretary type desk, but the sentimentality of it to me is what counts. He was a German and he made this desk after he and my great-grandmother came to the states after the war. He was a cabinet maker from what I am told. It would be really cool to find out more about my great-grands on my Dad’s side…I don’t know a whole lot like I do about my mother’s side.

So, the GOP has voted to refuse to even DEBATE the “For the People Act” in the Senate They KNOW that because of the filibuster the democrats are dead in the water…so either the democrats get it thru their thick heads that they HAVE to play hard-ball like the GOP is doing they are going to lose this battle for voter rights.

Amy Klobuchar is preparing to take the show on the road with local rallies for the “For the People Act” to let the public have a say and to get people aware and angry about their rights being trampled in 48 states. The bill polls at 78% in both parties, this fight is not over. Klobuchar is heading to Georgia with the Rules Committee, which hasn’t gone on the road for 20 years. The GOP is going to pay for this I sincerely hope. I hope they are clearly voted out of EVERY office across this country. That they are truly made to KNOW they ARE the MINORITY in this nation.

What the GOP is trying to do, suppress the vote, is illegal. Eventually the Department of Justice and Merrick Garland WILL get involved in the courts with each of the states that try to push these laws on their people through minority party bullying. Citizens of the USA will not tolerate this and as the elections get closer you’ll see amplified effort by the democratic party to end the bullshit around suppressing the vote across the country. Of course the GOP will be in full-on panic mode by then and freaking out knowing they are going to lose, so it may get a bit on the wild to violent side.

3 Days later….

  • Merrick Garland did indeed file suit against the State of Georgia
  • Derrick Chauvin got 22.5 years for the 2nd degree murder of George Floyd.
  • A disaster in Florida as a 12 story apartment building collapses into a pancake of rubble. 159 missing, 4 dead so far.
  • China shuts down the Hong Kong democratic news media and arrests 5 journalists for crimes against China for writing the truth. This must be acted on by the United States. If we continue to sit back and watch China swallow up the good people and real journalism of Hong Kong it will be something we will greatly regret.
  • Former NRA chief is tricked into giving graduation speech to 3045 empty chairs – representing the 3045 kids who WOULD have graduated this year but for being victims of gun violence. Great trick!

I had a great first fire of 2021 in my little backyard a couple of nights ago, it was a very cool night at 60 and clear. The full moon was out and it was just gorgeous. My friend Stephanie came by and we sat by the fire talking about life for a good 1.5 hours.

I’ve been propagating succulents, growing from cuttings and I have about 100 going now. I’m hoping to locate a spot to get some of them sold soon. They’re now in little clay pots and doing quite well. It’s been a fun project and a learning experience. I think I need to create a space with more humidity for them though – and constant temperatures.

This little spot of mine in southern Maine is so cool sometimes. I have a LOT of wildlife that visits the yard, especially the feeders and watering hole I created outside my picture window. I feel pretty damned lucky to have this spot and be able to see all the animals coming for food. I have not only wild birds, crows, wild turkeys with babies, deer, possums, woodchucks, a skunk or two and reportedly a local fisher cat, snakes, mice and voles. It’s a virtual food chain.

Alrighty, I said I’d get a blog post up…and I have managed to do so. It’s been a real difficult thing lately. I’ve got this sort of brain fog going on that is impeding my writing and making me a bit crazy. Not in a bad way, but kinda just throwing caution to the wind lately. Some of it is nerves due to upcoming throat surgery that I have on July 6th and my trepedation about that event.

Have a great weekend!

Peace ~~ MB

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Tired of this…time to change

Q: What is my responsibility to my country as a citizen?

We must each play our part in supporting the democracy and it’s our job to make sure our government is doing what it’s designed and assigned to do, not just running amok, literally hell-fire rampant over the wishes of the people. Trying to govern by force from a minority of power securely tied to corruption and money. And now, with a rich real-estate “tycoon”s help they have amassed an army that they can feed verbal dribble to and watch them suck it up like they are starving. Their toxic, vile rhetoric is full of black powder that poisons the minds of those who absorb it in any form; causing them to become brainwashed and violently compliant to ridiculous “commands” from the demon himself in Florida.

He’s caused these country loving people to fall prey to the oldest trick, lie and deceive them and change it up when they least expect it. Poor people don’t understand they are disposable to these rich guys who are using them as protection pawns in a lame attempt to overthrow a country’s government – our own – to give them access and gain to wealth and power. They will then destroy their temporary army, sadly.

It’s just over 5 months since the day of the Insurrection on our capital. Five months since officer Sicknick took his last breath and died of his injuries suffered when he was beaten by Trump loving Americans with a Blue LIves Matter flag and hit over the head with a fire extinguisher.

I am personally very concerned and even scared of where our country is going of what will happen next. It causes me anxiety that the democrats haven’t made any move on the Voting Rights Act and that Manchin is holding the whole party back – now they say he’s actually doing it for several other that do not want to come forward themselves….WTF???

We need some very new, very progressive blood in our House and Senate seats. Younger democratic politicians with balls and vision for the FUTURE of ALL not just a pack of old white guys who have been riding the rail to retirement with a guaranteed government pension and are petrified of losing that…bunch of cowardly dotes.

It’s time for democrats nationwide to stand up, gather together, show strength and unity and take our country back from the white supremacists and corrupt white collar money grubbers. Time for a March for Demcracy – on our capital as well as EVERY state capital and EVERY politicians office across America.

The time is now to come together and force through a permanent protection of every American’s right to vote and to instill universal, country wide standard voting practices.

It’s time to push for full, functional, futuristic infrastructure that is envisioning today and the future, not that keeps us in 1980 perpetually stuck. The GOP wants us to revert to horses and carriages, but still buy their gas and oil so their stocks remain high. They think of NO ONE and NOTHING other than themselves. As long as THEY are paid and taken care of they will block anything that’s good for the country and promote everything that will suppress votes and be bad for the country. It’s evident in their words, their moves, their votes on different bills. I urge you to check your Senator’s voting records, understand what they have voted on and why they voted as they did…then if you are outraged CALL them!!!

The time is now to come together to protect Black lives, LGBT lives, Asian/IP LIves, Jewish lives and every other minority that makes up the American melting pot. Stop the hatred by stopping hateful practices and any practice that harms any group in the name of boosting the wealth of another.

We also have to deal with stuff that is very difficult – like what’s happening with immigration and refugees at our southern border. Everyone talks a big game about it but i have YET to HEAR ANYONE put forward a REAL PLAN with step by step items to deal with this issue, deal with the root causes and deal with the people who are AT the border properly, humanely and with love and care for them as human beings! We need to get the hell out of the middle east and put some of our power in this hemisphere where it’s needed to quell the violence and horrific attacks on civilians happening in central and south America. We have more reason for peace here than over there.

We must take care of our poor and our food insecure children here within the borders of the United States. Deal with the homeless veteran issue, gun violence, racial violence and anti-semitism. We are a kind country, but we treat our own citizens like crap sometimes. Just because someone doesn’t look like you or make as much money or have as big a house doesn’t mean that they are ANY LESS THAN YOU.

It’s time to come together and remove the corrupt politicians from the seats they are clinging to for dear life. They’ve become drunk on power and money. They’ve become disuaded by dark money and promises of power in a new regime, from a cowardly FORMER president even. It’s time to stop denying the plain, blatant truth and return our country to her place of honor and pride in the world. That will NEVER happen if we allow our democracy to be taken over by the authoritarians gunning for it so very hard right this minute across the land. They will lie, cheat, steal, torture, maim and KILL to keep their people in power and to return some of those corrupt ones we thought we were rid of. They must be stopped – by the REST of AMERICANS who are FOR DEMOCRACY and LIBERTY for ALL WE must stop them now.

I believe that so much of what citizens are allowing to happen is due to a TRUE LACK of EDUCATION of our history, of civics and of world history. So much of what is happening now can be directly shown somewhere in history, history that shouldn’t be repeated. It makes me think about all of the US history that has been suppressed and/or deleted for the most part. We just recently came to a place of public knowledge of the Tulsa Massacre of 1921 because it was suppressed and hidden by order of the whites in power at that time.

Now you can ask a 21 yr old who Condalesa Rice is and they’ll tell you it’s either a stripper or candy name. We’re not teaching proper history or civics in schools anymore. Americans really need to look at their ciriculum and do a major upgrad across the board, adding classes that reflect what their needs will be when they step off into the world on their own, go on to a 4 year college, join the military, or secure a job in the technology industry – which is growing exponentially by the day.

Parents have been trying to keep their kids away from the news too much, teenagers need to SEE what is happening and to understand WHY – as much as WE adults understand anyways. They are the next generation that will be facing dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, the damaged population that will leave it it’s wake, plus the destruction coming from the ex-president of the USA has yet to cease – our youth WILL be forced to contend with his followers for years to come.

A good cross-section of 5th graders could form a more decent and functional government – based on equality and fairness – than many of the idiots trying to do so now. Literally half of our government is working vigorously AGAINST America, AGAINST democracy and AGAINST voter rights, women’s rights, LGBT protections and are voting FOR racism and hatred.

June 16th, 2021, Wednesday night

…I’ve been working on trying to get this finished up and posted for like a week now…just not happening because it’s not coming together like I envisioned it. I’m not sure if I should change up my writing, such as do more writing about my thought processes, my inner turmoil and celebratory successes that keep me smiling…or if I need to stay on the political writing roller-coaster which is so deep and confusing now that the constant changing of words, constant lies and denials that things were said or done when there is VIDEO PROOF of the incidents…all of this frustrates me and makes the writing more stressful and FAR LESS relaxing like it used to be for me. I write to calm my nerves, not jack them up with hatred and violence. And it’s just gotten worse and worse since the beginning of the pandemic – followed by a landslide win election that the Republican party REFUSES to admit they LOST fair and square. They were prevented from cheating this time and the result is that they lost. Now they can’t handle that fact and are like toddlers throwing a tantrum. It’s just ridiculous.

I want to redirect my thoughts and write about other aspects of life – and less about politics and wars. Yet I always struggle with what exactly to write about! I am considering a podcast in addition to this blog and have a couple of other tie-in ideas. In order to do so I need questions to answer; things I can directly address from my point of view, personal experience and the such. So, please send me some questions or topics you would like me to talk about. I

Questions and topic requests can be emailed to me at MainelyButch@yahoo.com. Please put Blog Questions in the subject line so that I don’t breeze by the email! I am willing to talk about most anything, if I encounter a boundry pusher I will let you know by return email. I just really don’t want to address any more right now about politics or politicians please!

I hope everyone is safe and relaxed on this Wednesday night. I’m ready to shut it down and get some rest. Working on the yard sale we are having this Saturday has been a ton of work the last 3 days…cannot wait til it’s over, but we are having fun preparing! I just hope we make some ca$h this weekend! I just had to put my car into the shop for front brakes and a wheel bearing…cha-ching! Thus my side-hustles are in full swing!

Have a great night!

Peace and Kindness ~ MB