A reckoning

The enemy is withing the House of Representatives and the Senate. White superiority and outright racism is the new republican platform. They have embraced forces that are fully against democratic government of the United States. They are unapologetic for this. This is their new reality, they ARE going to keep it hot, keep the pressure on and keep the violence coming. They’re not apologizing because they are not sorry. They need this fringe element to continue to support them so they doubled down. They’ve almost gotten other Democrat reps and Senators murdered. They incited an insurrection. This is DANGEROUS.

They’re currently promoting 106 bills across 28 states to restrict voting rights – the GOP that is. They are so afraid of becoming the minority race in America…and it IS going to happen by 2050 at the latest, depending on how many people they can help kill between now and then. They were in no hurry to seriously deal with Covid-19 because of how heavily it has killed blacks, Latinos and seniors…3 groups they could do without in their minds.

Now our Capitol is still surrounded by razor wire topped fencing and there are metal detectors installed to prevent the carrying of weapons onto the floors of the Congress. Rep. Margie Taylor Green is openly Q-Anon representing, racist, xenophobic representative who has threatened death to AOC and Pelosi…as well as has some very very dangerous prejudices and beliefs. The GOP is against every good plan Biden has to move this country through this pandemic, rebuild out infrastructure, deal with voter suppression and increase our participation in slowing global climate change. The GOP opposes every one of those things. ONLY because it’s coming from a Democrat president and they could care less about the American Citizen. And five of them have validated ties to right wing extremist groups such as Proud Boys.

We have a country that has a contingent of people who have been told the Big Lie and it’s causing everything to be inflated. This may all continue to grow in danger until we are literally IN a civil war, not unlike the one in 1864. Until the head of the snake is severed there will be a constant threat of violence and danger across this country, no one will be completely safe anywhere. I hope like hell we don’t let it go that far!

Will we move forward with our grand experiment called Democracy? Or is this the end? Are we seriously headed toward an aggressive, violent autocracy fueled by conspiracy theories and BIG LIES?

I got a really sweet wood burning tool kit from Amazon today. I remember looking at them a while back and maybe adding it to my wish list, but I do NOT recall ordering it! And there was no paperwork. I need to go look at my account history.

I’m so sick of being cooped up like this, but I understand why and that it’s what we all have to do or should be doing, laying low and out of areas where other people congregate. We still haven’t found available vaccines here, it’s ridiculous the condition that the previous admin left Biden in as well as him having to start from scratch, so 9 days…I’ll give him a mulligan. If we go much longer without a vastly expanded and operational vaccination system and the American Rescue Act he’s going to start back sliding. I try to remain hopeful. I’m most worried about my elderly parents and their extenuating health conditions, getting them shots first is my goal.

I watched several episodes of Nazi Megastructures on the History channel and wow. I watched to S5-E1, got a few more to go; they did some amazing stuff and horrible things as well. I ended up in a fight with a friend over the silence of millions as 6 million plus were marched into those gas chambers and erased from the earth. She tried to convince me that it never changes, and we are no better now and it won’t change no matter who speaks up or fights for truth and justice.

Snow blower is ready. Storm is on it’s way. Hope everyone had an interesting and good weekend!

Peace. ~~ MB

One thought on “A reckoning

  1. “Will we move forward with our grand experiment called Democracy?”
    You know what I think already. It was doomed from almost the beginning. It was doomed when you moved away from making the Town Meeting the basic political unit, and towards the Super-State. You could have extended the Six Nations’ system of participatory democracy, you could have become the Rojava of the West. Instead you became the toy of the plutocrat. It is so sad! I’m afraid what you’re looking at right now is inevitable. The invaders in your Capitol chanted “USA! USA! USA!”

    I hope I’m wrong.

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