A reckoning

The enemy is withing the House of Representatives and the Senate. White superiority and outright racism is the new republican platform. They have embraced forces that are fully against democratic government of the United States. They are unapologetic for this. This is their new reality, they ARE going to keep it hot, keep the pressure […]

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Building Anxiety

Being kind of a political junkie of sorts my brain is feeling like a pan of scrambled eggs right now. There’s stuff going on in every dark corner of politics, every idealogic platform, so many issues, and so many people trying to control all the little bits. It’s just become an insane scene of … […]

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The Paper Purge

I write every day. Problem is that what I write becomes outdated about an hour after I finish writing it, sometimes even before I finish or publish, thus I don’t bother to publish. This leads to a file FULL of “drafts” of pieces I’ve written, half-written, saved and just never took all the way to […]

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A Quagmire of Dysfunction

Does this photo trigger you? Is this something you believed you would actually SEE in your lifetime – a Confederate battle flag being marched proudly through the halls of our capital building, the house of Congress and Senate. This is the flag of traitors to the United States, created and carried by traitors to democratic […]

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