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A reckoning

The enemy is withing the House of Representatives and the Senate. White superiority and outright racism is the new republican platform. They have embraced forces that are fully against democratic government of the United States. They are unapologetic for this. This is their new reality, they ARE going to keep it hot, keep the pressure on and keep the violence coming. They’re not apologizing because they are not sorry. They need this fringe element to continue to support them so they doubled down. They’ve almost gotten other Democrat reps and Senators murdered. They incited an insurrection. This is DANGEROUS.

They’re currently promoting 106 bills across 28 states to restrict voting rights – the GOP that is. They are so afraid of becoming the minority race in America…and it IS going to happen by 2050 at the latest, depending on how many people they can help kill between now and then. They were in no hurry to seriously deal with Covid-19 because of how heavily it has killed blacks, Latinos and seniors…3 groups they could do without in their minds.

Now our Capitol is still surrounded by razor wire topped fencing and there are metal detectors installed to prevent the carrying of weapons onto the floors of the Congress. Rep. Margie Taylor Green is openly Q-Anon representing, racist, xenophobic representative who has threatened death to AOC and Pelosi…as well as has some very very dangerous prejudices and beliefs. The GOP is against every good plan Biden has to move this country through this pandemic, rebuild out infrastructure, deal with voter suppression and increase our participation in slowing global climate change. The GOP opposes every one of those things. ONLY because it’s coming from a Democrat president and they could care less about the American Citizen. And five of them have validated ties to right wing extremist groups such as Proud Boys.

We have a country that has a contingent of people who have been told the Big Lie and it’s causing everything to be inflated. This may all continue to grow in danger until we are literally IN a civil war, not unlike the one in 1864. Until the head of the snake is severed there will be a constant threat of violence and danger across this country, no one will be completely safe anywhere. I hope like hell we don’t let it go that far!

Will we move forward with our grand experiment called Democracy? Or is this the end? Are we seriously headed toward an aggressive, violent autocracy fueled by conspiracy theories and BIG LIES?

I got a really sweet wood burning tool kit from Amazon today. I remember looking at them a while back and maybe adding it to my wish list, but I do NOT recall ordering it! And there was no paperwork. I need to go look at my account history.

I’m so sick of being cooped up like this, but I understand why and that it’s what we all have to do or should be doing, laying low and out of areas where other people congregate. We still haven’t found available vaccines here, it’s ridiculous the condition that the previous admin left Biden in as well as him having to start from scratch, so 9 days…I’ll give him a mulligan. If we go much longer without a vastly expanded and operational vaccination system and the American Rescue Act he’s going to start back sliding. I try to remain hopeful. I’m most worried about my elderly parents and their extenuating health conditions, getting them shots first is my goal.

I watched several episodes of Nazi Megastructures on the History channel and wow. I watched to S5-E1, got a few more to go; they did some amazing stuff and horrible things as well. I ended up in a fight with a friend over the silence of millions as 6 million plus were marched into those gas chambers and erased from the earth. She tried to convince me that it never changes, and we are no better now and it won’t change no matter who speaks up or fights for truth and justice.

Snow blower is ready. Storm is on it’s way. Hope everyone had an interesting and good weekend!

Peace. ~~ MB

Butch Stuff

Building Anxiety

Being kind of a political junkie of sorts my brain is feeling like a pan of scrambled eggs right now. There’s stuff going on in every dark corner of politics, every idealogic platform, so many issues, and so many people trying to control all the little bits. It’s just become an insane scene of … carnage. The insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021 sealed my anxiety…it’s now just something that’s THERE all the time. Nerves on edge, wondering who can even be trusted at all anymore. I watch every person I see, wondering if they believe in lizard people and election fraud that did NOT happen. Or if they are the next “lone wolf” of seething violent actions yet to be done. Yeah, it’s not pretty in my head right now and it’s going to take some serious work to get by this trauma and increased PTSD that invades my daily thoughts. This sucks. I want peace and quiet. I need to go deep into the Maine woods for a while and out of social media range!

Our Congress and Senate are no longer working “for the people”. Some are working solely for theirselves, their bank accounts and some sort of weird political prestige. I haven’t heard ONE republican come forward to discuss any business of the people’s – only to defend their corrupt, insane president, to express talking points that make them “look good” in their audience of one’s eyes, saying things only to cover their own hides.

Trump and these complicit politicians have unleashed and fueled a right wing white supremist movement bent on ending American democracy…and they do not even KNOW why they need to end it, just doing what Trump tells them. There is the print of so much organized conspiracy and collaboration on this insurrectionist movement. Funding by bad actors, foreign sources, and planning beyond what we currently know. More and more will come to light and we will be further shocked and feel even more threatened and scared.

For people to become THIS insanely radicalized is something I have never seen before, I doubt anyone has – except in like Iraq or Iran where the Taliban radicalizes people continuously, but never here in America in my own lifetime (just turned 59 on the 10th). It’s just so foreign to me, people believing – I mean REALLY believing in some of the far fetched conspiracy theories about lizard people and Trump mass executing all his foes on inauguration day…like WHERE does this wack-ass stuff come from? You couldn’t make it up, I swear!

The inauguration is on Wednesday and will be historic with Kamala Harris being the first woman, and a woman of color, to be sworn in as Vice President of the United States. I know I will get choked up watching it, it’s going to be very impacting for all of us women across this country. It will also be an inauguration unlike any before because of the storming of the capitol on Jan. 6th by the insurrectionists spurred on by Trump’s rhetoric and lies. Our country’s capitol is now occupied by so much law enforcement it’s unbelievable. And all 50 state capitols are under guard as well as they prepare for possible violence on inauguration day. The dark corners of the internet are awash in talk of “violent revolution” by these extremists. I am definitely on edge about it. My anxiety is through the roof and my self-preservation mind-set has kicked in hard.

There is so much super difficult work to do. So many very hard conversations to have with family, friends and associates. We all must rebuff these conspiracy theories. We have to find ways to shut it down, to love these people enough to try to bring them back to reality. I don’t want to “throw away” 25% of our people (only 25% of Americans are Republicans) just because some buffoon has hypnotized them into thinking this way. But I am seriously afraid of down-stream radicalization – the adults teaching these stories to the kids, and trouble in schools and on play grounds. I mean WORSE trouble than previously, not just the typical kid fist fight but kids really taking this shit seriously and hurting or killing each other. Yes, we have work to do.

Tomorrow is the LAST day of #45’s reign of terror. I hope he will just slither away to Florida and be eaten on the golf course by a giant alligator in one single bite. haha…if wishes were horses this beggar would ride…

Be safe. Be aware. See something, SAY something!!!

Peace. ~ MB

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The Paper Purge

I write every day. Problem is that what I write becomes outdated about an hour after I finish writing it, sometimes even before I finish or publish, thus I don’t bother to publish. This leads to a file FULL of “drafts” of pieces I’ve written, half-written, saved and just never took all the way to publishing. This happens here on this platform and others. It’s frustrating. Thus, I am forced to re-think my writing – at least on some topics, current events and politics being top-of-mind in this thought process.

My brain tends to jump from topic to topic some days. I want to write about this, that or the other thing and then nothing gets done – or completed. I’m thinking that some of this is exacerbated by the speed of life in today’s world; computers and the internet. Before the speed jump in 1990 I didn’t find this to be an issue. I’d get an idea, type out a piece and add it to one of my topic binders or maybe send it off to be published. Done.

I still have those old binders. Like everyone my age we have a lot of paper from years before computer storage ability. We’re generally not sure of how to handle these boxes of paper; boxes of documents validating our lives. Boxes of old journals, my topic binders, things we saved that were printed. What to do with them now? Again, a question that pings around inside my head searching for the proper answer.

When I’ve discussed this dilemma I get the general run of suggestions: scan the important stuff and put it in your cloud, then go back and see what you can do with it. Maybe edit and publish? Write that proverbial book? And once it’s safely scanned I can have a nice fire pit evening or two sitting outside, sipping on a cold drink and burning the evidence.

I’ve also got a ton of paper pictures, pictures of people I can no longer place names on, Army buddies, old homes, apartments, ex-lovers, and photos of people, places and things that no longer hold any sentiment. Those all need to be part of the fire pit nights as well.

You have to do this eventually. If you don’t do it with your personal papers and photos then when you take the long dirt nap someone else will be up here going through YOUR stuff, seeing YOUR old love letters from that hot chick in California or one you were with during your college or Army years. I know I don’t relish that idea at all. I want to deal with this myself and not leave it for others to deal with or see. Most of it’s harmless, but some is private and I wish it to remain so.

So, my own personal paper purge needs to happen. While I am generally still cooped up due to Covid-19 it’s a good task to undertake. And see? It’s even given me a little topic to bang out a paper that I can post on my WordPress. AND it’s given me the motivation to get this project started.

I’m going to start by making a quick 5 point plan of action. That way the project will be completed and not left half-way through! I am someone who functions best with a list, so an action plan list will work perfectly for this task. I’ll be doing that with my morning coffee. It will also keep me from thinking about the news for some good periods of time today. It’s NOT a one day job. It will take one day to organize it so that I can go through the stack of boxes and totes and separate them into which to start unpacking first. I’ll let you know my progress on this one.

Enjoy your Thursday…the weekend is approaching, my anxiety is building again…please stay safe, stay home and stay healthy!

Peace! ~MB

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A Quagmire of Dysfunction

Does this photo trigger you? Is this something you believed you would actually SEE in your lifetime – a Confederate battle flag being marched proudly through the halls of our capital building, the house of Congress and Senate. This is the flag of traitors to the United States, created and carried by traitors to democratic rule and it is well known to represent the Confederacy, slavery, and dark times in US history.

You could consider this the original flag of insurrectionists in America – in flown by the Confederacy in 1861-1865 and again Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 by people who mostly do not even know or understand the disgusting history of this “flag”…people who have no concern for those hurt so deeply just by the reminder of what this represents to them and their ancestors..

THIS particular photo from Tuesday just makes me SICK to my stomach. It triggers a very physical, guttural response in me. This flag represents slavery, it was flown by men who wanted to keep other human beings – black men and women – as slaves against their will and who were beaten, killed and if they lived were treated worse than livestock on their farms and plantations

In my opinion, THIS is a CRIME. This man will be found and charged criminally by the federal government eventually (good face shot for facial recognition) for crimes related to him being insider the Capital building with his insurrectionist buddies. I hope he is proud of himself. I hope his children will be able to explain this photo to THEIR children when it comes up in the family album one day, but I am thinking it will not make it into that album because I am sure his family is ashamed of this man, this photo, that sick, seditious flag and all it stands for – even today.

Shame, that’s what I feel when I see this photo because I KNOW that people around the world will be seeing this photo as it’s gone viral on the internet. This flag being inside our nations capital is akin to the Nazi flag being draped over a Jewish person’s casket…it’s a flagrant symbol of disrespect and hatred that should NEVER be flown ANYWHERE, especially inside of our nation’s most sacred buildings.

What happened in Washington DC – at our Capital Building – on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, while most of us watched in stunned horror, fear and without really understanding was the result of a quagmire of dysfunction. The seeds of which were planted in January 2016 and grew to an ugly reality over four years, being fed daily a diet of dangerous, litigious lies and misinformation spiced with conspiracy theories of lizard people drinking the blood of babies (a myth that can be traced back to Nazi Germany and WWI conspiracies) and the moment-by-moment stoking of hatred via Twitter by Pres. Trump. Finally today it reared it’s ugliness in a manifestation of violence, terrorism, and death that was led by none other than the sitting president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. All because a man with the personality of a petulant child and an ultra narcissistic personality disorder who believes he is somehow exempt from the rules, guidelines, laws and legalities of our Constitution as written by candlelight by our forefathers over 200 years ago.

Trump stood in DC and shouted at his “people” who were there with all their weaponry and red MAGA hats on, to march on the Capital and stop the counting of the electoral college votes. Guilliani shouted for them to take combat tactics to our capital and to our representatives who were inside the building. Trump ordered that on his own constituents. He ordered our Senate, Congress and the Vice President to be attacked by his mob of “base” supporters. Why the media calls them his “base” is beyond me, just call them his gang, or his mob. They are criminals, thugs, mobsters, and numbskulls. Why they didn’t take the mahogany boxes that held those electoral votes is a bit questionable. Maybe they are just stupid. But what was in those mahogany boxes IS what they were revolting against….or IS IT??? I hope that they didn’t get them because our congress people took them when they were evacuated from the chamber.

I watched most of this unfold LIVE on TV today. Things I saw were NEVER meant to be SEEN in, or BE inside of our sacared Capital buildings. I saw confederate battle flags, racist logos, Nazi swastikas, long guns with barrel mounted rocket launchers INSIDE the rotunda of our capital. ROCKET LAUNCHERS. DC Police taking SELFIES with Proud Boys, grinning and back slapping them in camaraderie. It was a deranged scene of chaos, straight out of a novel on some library shelf. It was unbelievable, even though I saw these things with my own eyes.

The people behind all of the things we SAW; we witnessed, today, are DANGEROUS people. They are willing to sell out our country to become famous on right wing media and to become pals and garner the support of the Trumplicans. They are soulless thugs. They are NOT people we want in the halls of our government institutions. AND they just instigated a coup attempt on the United States of America, an insurrection, a terrorist attack that left FOUR PEOPLE dead and many injured. All a result of Trump’s lies and false stories of bravado.

ALL of the people who participated – EVERY congress person, senator, aide,. advisor, lawyer and politician (including Trump and his entire family who have helped him do this to us) MUST face consequences for their actions, their words and the advice and guidance they gave to the insurrectionists that breached our Capital Building today. There need to be HUGE consequences. Starting with the Capital security…WHERE were they? WHY did they “allow” this breach? NO ONE should have EVER been able to breach a building that often has the President and Vice President inside of it…you can BANK ON IT that this would NOT have normally happened.

There must be a VERY DETAILED and INTENSE investigation into why our security forces were taking selfies with insurrectionists in our Capital building. Why did they just step out of the way and let these terrorists – with backpacks, weapons and ill intentions – walk right into the Capital putting our Vice President, Congress, the Senate and all those inside the building doing the business of the people at HIGH RISK for bodily harm and even death. Four people DIED as a result of this insurrection led by Donald J. Trump. Someone helped.

Someone or some group on the inside of security forces in the building assisted Trump in making this happen. Someone set this up. Yes, some group on the inside of security MADE it so that this could happen — watch the tapes, these insurrectionists just WALKED CASUALLY into the Capital – actually LED inside by security!!! WATCH the tapes!!! Watch the news reports, you will SEE those security guards turn around and you will SEE the terrorists just follow them inside the building. Come on, we ALL have eyes! WE ALL WATCHED! No one can tell us we “didn’t” see what I KNOW I SAW!!!

I saw “wannabe” soldiers, boys dressed in battle fatigues they bought at the surplus stores; with flak vests and body armor, assault weapons, illegal magazines and I KNOW some of the rocket launchers and flame throwers were probably NOT legal either. I saw women carrying signs about saving children – what those signs are referring to is the QAnon conspiracy theory about half lizard people who drink the blood of children to gain strength, they think Trump is somehow going to “save” these fake children. This is NOT true, there are NO LIZARD people, and if you research that story you will discover that this is a story older than all of us…an old Nazi WW1 myth made up by them to scare people way back then, it was resurrected by QAnon as a joke, but some very gullible people have chosen to believe that this lizard people story is somehow real…ok, you can laugh at them now, but it’s dangerous that they are THAT GULLIBLE that they would believe some sci-fi made up story such as this. QAnon is such bullshit. QAnon is an ENEMY of the people, a dangerous group that sits around and thinks up weird shit that they can convince the less educated, more gullible Trump base who will believe anything that’s about Trump being a “savior” or a “king” or “sent by God”… NONE of which would ever be believed by 90% of people around the world, but there are those 10% who are – I gotta say it just PLAIN ASS STUPID – the same ones who will gleefully pay $1000 each to buy tickets to take the special bridges to Hawaii from a travel agent who is working out of the unemployment office parking lot…”until his office is finished”…LOL Hey, that guy is the smartest of all of us. At least he sees the $$$ in the stupidity.

Trump sees it too, he’s convinced them they HAVE to send him money to “keep fighting” for his presidency. What he’s actually doing with their (your?) money is putting it into accounts that he can readily access for his own personal expenses and whims whenever he wants. He’s NOT using it in any way for what he’s “telling” the world he is using it for, he’s WAY smarter than that. He knows that truth doesn’t make him richer, but LIES bring in the bucks every time. He knows what his “base” wants to hear; what will cajole them into sending him $10 every time – promises of jailing lizard people and exposing child-blood drinkers for all of them to SEE, and lots of other crazy ass QAnon weirdness. Man, someone has to cut the head off of that QAnon beasty-boy once and for all. QAnon IS the LIZARD!!! BWHAHAHAHA…..etc.

Trump pointed these people at the capital, told them not to let “them steal the election from you” and set them running toward the Capital building. And all while he and his family and lawyers watched on multiple screens from another location – no he didn’t make the entire walk with them to the Capital, he couldn’t do that, he’s too out of shape. But seeing the tape of them watching from afar, all those screens set up, yeah, this was planned and he wanted to SEE what happened – like his favorite FOX TV show! Sick bastard.

Trump incited a riot. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing and HE should be held responsible and prosecuted for it, but it has to be done in a way that he cannot “pardon” himself out of. It has to be charges brought BY the Congress or Senate or BOTH. Biden’s new Attorney General – Merrick Garland (yay!) must be taking copious notes about now. You know Garland wants McConnell’s ass on a plate for what he did to him in 2012. Now he has a chance to have Trump’s shrivelled up nuts right next to McConnell’s saggy, lily white ass! Hahahah

Countries around the world look to America for examples of distinction for our formerly shining example of Democracy working…or they DID until Jan. 6, 2021. America lost face around the world yesterday. The leaders of many other countries made public statements about their shock and bewilderment at what they were witnessing happening in the US capital. Never did anyone ever think this kind of thing would – or could – happen here!

There is SO MUCH we do NOT KNOW right now about what transpired behind the scenes yesterday – and in preparation for it in the days leading up to yesterday. Those behind this insurrection – those at the top of the food chain of destruction – are working fast to cover their tracks right now. Senators are shitting blue wondering if their political careers are damaged or if they’ll be able to push that $4,500 Congressional pay raise, that they are trying to give themselves, through before Trump leaves office. The current government of the USA is FULL of corrupt actors. Some of the politicans that have been in offices so long that they just can’t imagine not getting that fat political paycheck every 2 weeks. It’s time for us to take a HARD look at how we are allowing so much corruption to grow inside our governmental institutions. Time for time limits, term limits, ceilings and employment regulations to be instituted on those who are forcing THEIR will on us (by making legislation that guarantees them jobs and guarantees we can’t stop them) and for us to take our citizen powers BACK. Time for a governement that IS for and BY the PEOPLE and not rich political hacks.

We need to start with a vetting process for ALL political appointees and candidates. Stop allowing criminals to operate inside the lines. No more men with track records of assaulting or sexually harassing women – that should disqualify ANY person from serving or being employed by the US government or companies that serve or supply the government of our country.

Grrrrr….I have SO MUCH more to say….but I need to take a break….and this isn’t done, brace yourself. Jan 20th this mob and more have pledged to return to DC to finish this, to start a civil war and to crown Trump their King….no, it’s not over by any means.

Stay safe. Stay aware. Watch.

~ MB