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GoodBye 2020

It’s still difficult to find the motivation to write lately. This fucked up year 2020 has taken it’s toll on me as well. The isolation and hours of boredom, the fear of the virus and the insanity of our political culture have all stressed me in some way or another. But, I did learn to live and let live. It is what it is, so I just take it one day at a time and chill as time goes on. Eventually things will be back to some semblence of normal, although it will definitely be a “new” kind of normal for all of us.

I’ve been doing art stuff, working on the house, the shed, my living spaces and myself. I’ve never felt more confident or at peace with just being single and doing my own thing. 2020 taught me that at least. Because I didn’t grow up needing electronics to keep my attention it’s been fairly easy to be isolated and to stay busy. When I was growing up we kept ourselves busy all the time, I just had to recall some of that individualism and fortitude.

It was a solemn holiday. I did spend the Christmas holiday with my family. We’d all been isolating for so long so we could get together in a group of 5. I will probably just spend New Years’ Eve here at my place with my sweet dogs. I was thinking I could cook some good stuff up and just watch football all day! Awesome way to start off 2021! Last year I had a sad Christmas and this year it’s just been sort of empty…nothingness. I did put up outdoor lights, had an odd little silver fake tree – it actually looked cool, and did a lot of strings of lights inside, just to add some color and nice vibes to my space.

I’m so tired of politics right now…but because I am engaged in much conversation around the topic and the candidates and players I still keep abreast of everything going on. Government is in trouble in America right now, Democracy is endangered and next week is going to be off the charts.

I’ve been watching a lot of stuff on some of the recent archaeological finds around the world. It’s unbelievable how much of this planet we have NOT explored fully! From ocotpus punching fish to Viking women warrior buials. It’s something I am completely into. The whole Viking story is just fascinating to me. They have discovered two Viking hoards in Norway…unreal stuff! Gold coins and crosses, spear heads, skeletons of warriors laid out for a ceremonial burial…I can just picture it…so interesting.

I’m really watching the vaccine distribution debacle. It’s so fucked up right now with the federal government really dropping the distribution ball on us. I emailed my provider today and asked, I got a message back from him saying he knows nothing about when they’ll have them available. I may end up getting one at one of the clinics. Because the data is all much better with Moderna I am hoping to get that vaccine, it’s got a 100% effectiveness against severe covid, that’s good enough for me! My immune system could not survive an episode of covid – and it’s questionable if my lungs would either since I smoke and have for 40 years. So I am all about doing anything possible to protect myself from infection. Catching one pandemic virus in a lifetime is my limit! Covid would make TWO! So no thanks!

So the Nashville RV dude….omfg…just a PRIME example of how people can have REALLY fucked up thoughts and plans in their heads and you wouldn’t even know it if you were sitting next to them…scares ya hey? What a twisting, turning sort of story, the female voice coming from the RV before the explosion was SO FUCKING SCARY!!! I am VERY curious to know what he used as an explosive and accelerant. I bet it was a military grade material.

The CDC just estimated we will have 100,000 covid deaths in the next month, by Jan. 31, 2021. I hate it so much. I know a few people who perished, and others who have lost parents or children to this crazy virus. It’s been so devastating and sad across the country. People need to stop. Stay HOME. Isolate. Give in 6 weeks of us all doing this to the utmost of our ability and we could possibly conquer this virus. The 100K is baked in already because so many decided to travel and gather at Christmas…and New Years’ is in another day….(I’m making a note to disinfect the counter tops tonight before bed, and door handles again – I just keep doing it.)

I invested in a new bed for Christmas for myself. I got one of the Serta Hybrid iComfort beds, it’s more than insanely comfortable!! My lower back pain and left hip pain disappeared in about 3 nights of using the new bed. I feel alot better and am sleeping way better! It was cool getting a bed in a box and watching it like “grow” into a bed mattress right on the frame…so convenient! I love the thing! iComfort rocks. I did a lot of research before picking this one, I could have gotten the Purple but to me it was a waste of $1200. when I can have a comfortable sleep on the $379 deal! I have a full size bed, so I had to get it special, most people have Queen sized nowadays I guess. I gave up the bigger bed for this one because I wanted more floor space in my room. I sleep in an 18″ piece of the edge of the bed, so I don’t need a ton of sleep space, full is big enough. Mom gave me a set of awesome 100% cotton flannel sheets for the new mattress for Christmas and I put them on yesterday. They are sooo comfortable; my bed is snuggly as fuck.

I caught Jaden Smith’s movie Life in a Year…omg..what a good movie. I found it on my Amazon Prime videos list. I’m not big on romances, but that movie is worth a watch. And Youtube videos of The Tiny Chef are another hilarious thing to watch to get you laughing when you need to laugh.

As we are entering the most dangerous phase of #45’s meltdown in his bunker, we’ve got to get our thoughts wound back around this country acting with integrity. Back to some seriously core values, be progressive, stop the corruption. The insanely corrosive nature of disinformation is so bad for this country and the world. People thinking some of this wild stuff could even be possibly true makes me shake my head and wonder. Deradicalizing people we love is going to take a long time, no wake up moment is coming. We have to convince them what they are doing and believing is creating real havoc.

I sincerely hope that 2021’s pendulum swings to the side of better times for all of us.

Peace and Goodbye 2020!!!



One thought on “GoodBye 2020

  1. I am glad you got to get together with your family at Christmas. I know that was comforting. Connecticut seems to be a little on top of the vaccine situation because the governor said he knew the feds would screw up and made his own plans a couple of months ago. Of course we are much less spread out than Maine. We are so hopeful that by next fall we can drive north again. We really miss your state. Peace and may the year go well for you.

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