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Bring Back America

Sixteen days after our election the GSA finally releases the funds and gives the go ahead for the transition to the Biden/Harris administration. 16 fucking days of total bullshit. And still Trump will NOT concede and promises MORE court shenanigans. The shameful, corrupt Republican party remains silent and defiant. It’s clear that Biden WON the election, no question. This election was monitored and run ultra efficiently because we KNEW this was going to happen. We knew that Trump would do exactly what he has done. And what a MESS he made of it with Giuliani’s melting face and crock of conspiracy crap and 34+ LOST filings and a 37 page scathing rebuke by a federal judge in Pennsylvania.

This year has been overly historic. From a worldwide pandemic to the most intense and stressful election season I’ve ever experienced. Our country has been under seige by the GOP for the last 4 years, and 80 million of us stood up and say NOPE and took it back. The most shameful, corrupt group of old white men have torn our government agencies and institutions apart and put us at the highest risk we have been at since the 1950s. Power hungry, money hungry and cruel and inhumane.

That’s what I saw over the last 4 years. And that is what we have to continue to battle hard now as they will try to rise up again and overtake us once more. The Democratic party MUST get more ruthless and stop being so meek and forgiving, We are dealing with a autocrat and his disciples, we must battle back with force and determination. The Trumpist Cult will continue to exist and the conspiracy theories will persist. It’s our job now to right our country, reset our values and retake our place in the world as a strong democratic republic.

The crippling things done to our national security in the last 16 days is astounding. It’s not being talked about, but Pompeo and Trump withdrew the US from the Open Skies Treaty which we had two specially equipped planes that would fly over countries like Russia and then the other countries in the treaty and the US would share information about what was going on. This prevented troop build ups for invasions, nuclear build ups, etc. While the withdrawal was done illegally because they were supposed to have 4 months notice given to Congress before withdrawal, they have ALREADY dismantled the two specialized planes – like overnight! Also, Pompeo had a secret meeting after the G-20 with Bin Salmon and Netanyahu. First time Israel and Saudi Arabia have spoken in decades. WHY? You have to wonder what Pompeo and Trump are up to with the Saudis and Israel. Nothing good I am sure. And who knows what ELSE they have done.

Trump has take us backwards 70 years, to when Truman pulled the country out of 150 years of isolationism and began the American Century. Trump recklessly and carelessly destroyed so much. It will take us years to rebuild. Biden has to put in the best and the brightest of diplomats and workers to get this job done as soon as possible.

Thus far Biden’s picks for cabinet level positions has been done with precision and perfection. Historic picks, such as Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary; people who will help move us out of the mess we are currently in. While it’s going to be a long haul over the next 4 years, I am personally looking forward to this administration and the history that will be made, the advances that will happen and in seeing just what kind of sinister things they uncover that Trump and crew have been up to over the last four.

I’m happy these 16 days of limbo and uncertainty are over. I’m still fearful of the backlash of the radical right, but we’ll handle them when that becomes a major issue – if it does. Those diehard groupies of Trump’s are certain to cause some trouble somewhere.

This election was not close, yet Trump and his corrupt buddies STILL tried to steal the win from 80 Million PLUS American voters. His refusal to concede his loss, coupled with his completely embarassing conspiracy theory court filings – 36 altogether so far, all LOST – never should have happened. All of this was just too close for comfort. We need to now look keenly at our democracy and make reforms to insure that any situation close to this is NEVER permitted to happen ever again in our Republic.

One of the most starkly visible aspects, to me anyways, was the real deeply racist inflection of ALL of his claims of fraud or cheating. It was black votes, predominantly black cities, counties, districts and even polling centers. Trump and the GOP openly threw as much nasty, hateful and dispicable racism into their fraudulent claims, their conspiracy theories and their illegitimate lawsuits as humanly possible. You could not infuse any MORE racism into it than they DID, outright even from the beginning of the campaign. His hate for the Black Lives Matter movement, for anything that would bring one iota of equality and decency to reversing the inequity of American politics; to validating Blacks and minority people of color as “less than” and “people who are criminal and do not count”. It was horrible to witness, I cannot even imagine what it FELT like to so many of the hard working black and POC politicians, representatives, public servants, and good hearted, much loved citizens of America. Trump brought deep corruption and shame to America and our beloved Democracy, the experiment that we are all still working so hard to make work – for every single American person and those who come here for refuge and a better life. THAT will be his legacy, shame and divisive hatred.

Joe Biden said today, and this hit home with me… “I have told every one of my chosen cabinet members that anything they do they should first ask themselves this one question: “Will this be good for the American people and our country?” (or something to that effect, wording probably not exact. I will put the video of his presentation today right below. I highly recommend watching it if you did not catch it live this afternoon, it’s very refreshing to hear people who CARE about America and all of us speak from the heart about their plans to bring American back. Biden demands honesty and truth. He’s told every cabinet member to always speak truth to power, no matter what. I have hope. For the first time in 4+ years I have HOPE that we WILL be Okay again!

Best thing you will watch and hear today…probably all YEAR!

On some personal notes:

Here at home I put my bird feeding station back up, further from the house this time and with a different base. I put feeding in for birds and squirrels both this time. I’ve been staying home 99% of the time, only going out for essentials and then making very strategic plans for those trips, like curbside pick-ups. I’ve been very, very careful in hopes of having dinner on Thursday with my parents – just me and them. I have been tested 3 times and like I said above, haven’t moved much!

My mental health is about like most everyone else I know…scarily shakey. I have my up days and down days, like normal. It’s just now, since March and this pandemic became a top-of-the-mind issue for most of us across the country, I find myself working harder to maintain focus and not let myself go into doomsday scenarios in my head. That’s not where I want my thoughts.

I’ve been doing a lot of personal journaling – by hand! I sorted through my 1000 pens and grouped them by quality then donated about 700 of them to Goodwill – I exagerate, but not a lot! I DO have a gazillion pens because I am addicted to GOOD pens and fine paper, always have been attracted to those items because of my penchant for writing in general. When I was young, a tiny Butch lad I say, (grins) my grandmother was so proud of my nice handwriting, which made me only want to make her even MORE proud!

See, I was a bit of a loner even as a little kid; never had many “friends” really and I didn’t mind. I was a weird kind of kid probably because I actually liked being alone, I liked reading my books – Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Clan of the Cave Bear, and Tolkien – EVERYTHING Tolkien! I had these secret places around my parents property and up in the forest of the old town farm that our property abutted. I built forts, tree forts, caves, lean-tos and fun camouflaged hidey-holes. I had a good imagination and didn’t mind being alone in my little fantasy world, where I was a Prince in a Kingdom where many of my followers were of animal kind. I even had an imaginary Raven named “Atticus” that I imagined always perched on my arm or close by watching over me. Yep, kid with a wild, fantasy imagination. I’ll tell you more in another blog if anyone is interested in hearing some of the stories of my imaginary world as a kid. I think we all had one, some were just more detailed and vivid than others.

Ok, time to get some shut eye! I sooo need a new bed! I’ve been shopping for a new mattress, looking at either a Purple or a Serta Luxe….I need to choose soon because this one is killing my back and hips! Bad mattresses suck! I stupidly switched this one out a couple months ago – went up to a queen size – but it was a mistake, so I am going to rectify it very soon, maybe before Christmas…or maybe for my birthday right after Christmas!

Good night…Peace and tranquility to you always. ~ MB


2 thoughts on “Bring Back America

  1. I always liked Truman’s work ethic – I’ll say that for him! But before you celebrate the end of American isolationism 70 years ago, please do reflect on how many overt and covert invasions, how many CIA-led coups against foreign countries there have been since America decided to be THE “world power.”

    I know that at the moment it seems like the immediate problem is that man and his cronies holed up in the White House wrecking your country from the inside out. But all that CAN be fixed. It’ll take work, but it CAN be done. But your country, with all that it has going for it, has a deeper malaise. And that needs people to wake up and stop believing the national myths. National myths are harmful – we have them here too – they blind people to what is deeply wrong.

    Good luck. Most sincerely, good luck!

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  2. I am holding my breath until January 20, since I know the sociopath can continue to make messes until then. I am glad you are taking precautions to avoid covid as are we. A friend in Idaho reports that she is shamed when wearing a mask! Her daughter in Maine is encouraging her to move to Maine to get away from the openly racist, openly anti-immigrant climate in Idaho. I know Maine isn’t perfect, but it is a whole lot better than Idaho.

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