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I – like most of my friends and acquaintenances – am stunned beyond belief tonight. The red mirage was bad enough, but then seeing all that red and knowing that 50% of the country actually VOTED for a racist, anti-American pig.

It’s difficult to even form thoughts that make any sense around this unfolding election aftermath. How do I reconcile the fact that most likely every other person I see in my daily life is a closet Trump supporter and dead up racist asshole in disguise?

We didn’t expect to get this kind of response after 4 years of the atomic turd in office and all the shenanigans he’s perpetuated while there. How could anyone cast a vote for such a vile person? Truly 50% of this country has VERY different views and tolerance for some pretty extreme shit.

On January 21, 2017, the day after 45’s inauguration we took to the streets in one of the biggest movements in history. Women rose up and said “No, not on our watch” and began the fight for righteousness against 45 and his ever growing list of vile associates. That day we entered a new time, a new era in American history. The revolution got it’s start. We mobilized and brain-stormed for the next 3.5 years, right through yesterday’s election.

This morning we woke up and saw that we had not worked hard enough. The battle must continue. We ARE going to change this country; save the “soul” of America so to speak, and they cannot stop the movement. The next few months will be hellish. Right this minute we aren’t seeing the Trumpettes causing too much trouble, but they ARE starting to slowly gather at polling places and are trying to gain access to stop the vote counting. One thing I do know for sure is that in an American democratic election we count EVERY valid vote. Due to the volatility pre-seen for this election our state attorney’s generals all came together to insure that this election went off correctly, legally and by the letter of the law for each individual state. The margins are razor thin, but Biden/Harris is holding the line while 45 is crying like a little bitch for them to stop counting anywhere where he is obviously ahead. HIm and his marauding band of slimey lawyers are filing as many lawsuits as they can cook up.

This is just another glitch in the year 2020. We’re getting super used to problem solving and dealing with unexpected surprises one piled upon another. This will work itself out, our poll workers will remain safe behind the state police departments and the National Guard units in reserve. When the count is done I predict that Biden will hold the presidency and the country will be split right down the bloody middle 50/50.

It has affirmed to me that we have a ton more work to do. We need to figure out why there is such hatred in this country and we need a ton of dialogue and huge amounts of other work done to help unify this country. We have to find ways to live together peacefully and acknowledge that our personal view may not be the only one – even if I believe deeply that it is the only RIGHT side to be on. Goodness and love must prevail. WE must save our Republic.

Breathe…. ~MB


2 thoughts on “Blindsided

  1. I think the resilience of the Trump vote is mainly down to a considerable number of voters holding their noses and voting for him on the basis of the country’s economy. That’s how exit polls seem to have been going according to CNN, whose analysis this year has been exemplary.

    Trump is reaching for his shysters right now, and lawyering-up is the participation sport of the rich, this we know. But lawsuits apart (and, as I write, the vote in AZ where the Biden lead is narrowing) I think that Biden will hit 270. Whether that’s the end of the story is another matter. As I said, Big Whiney has reached for his lawyers.

    That’s the view from across the pond, anyway.

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