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November 2

You could say I have “writer’s block” but I believe its more of an election stress that’s keeping my creative and literal energy down, way fucking down. I bet I have 50 half written posts, I just lose my motivation and interest too easily lately. Then add the anxiety of covid on top, too. Just focusing on one thing is so damned difficult.

It’s a strange and scary time in our country’s history. Ten, twenty, thirty years from now you’ll look back and remember these strange days of covid, political unrest, a hateful president and racial strife. Your kid, or grandkids will ask you what it was like. You’ll glaze over for a few seconds, recalling the anxiety in the pit of your gut and the emotions of fear and rage that went along with it. They’ll ask then, what did you do about it all?

This is what remains now to be seen in the coming days and weeks ahead. What will Americans do after this election? See, we are right in the middle of living our reality. This, what is happening around us is now our reality. We have to deal with it. We cannot allow the minority bully administration and cowardly president tell us how it’s going to be, we cannot allow them to skew the facts and create a false reality – one they want us all to just accept; buy into and settle for.

It’s Sunday before our Presidential election, tension is high across the country. Trump’s welfare truck posse – they can’t pay child support, but they can buy big tires, ha! – in Texas is trying to run Biden’s bus off the road. Nothing short of a bunch of brain-dead, believe-anything, cheating idiots with election envy, that know they’re losing this battle. Then some blocking polls in several other places. That’s a bit stupid, seeing that they are also blocking voters who “would” vote for Trump, except now they’ve been intimidated and went home without casting a vote. Not likely they will return either. Stupidity personified.

Plumpkin has got an army of lawyers who have filed over 300 lawsuits trying to block ballots, suppress votes and negate the legal results ahead of time in 44+ states. Man, they KNOW they lose if ALL the legal votes are counted, so they are trying to devise a way to cheat and keep King Donnie in office…at what cost? Those who are filing these suits need their brains – and morals – examined closely. They don’t deserve licenses to practice law in America. Maybe that kind of “law” is good for Russia or China, but NOT America.

I have questions about LOTS of people who are in federal employ and are doing things like mistreating children at the borders, and where THEIR morals ARE? So, if Trump says “kill the kids” will they actually follow his orders like they obviously blindly have been doing the last 4 years? Has Trump brought in Russians to run these “camps” and replaced the American Border Patrol and ICE? Sometimes I wonder if THAT could be true because I find it so hard to swallow that a real American, who understands human rights and humane treatment of children (and adults) would actually DO the things they are being told and ordered to DO. I was in the military, while you don’t normally disobey a direct order there ARE circumstances where it IS appropriate to do just that. Like if you are ordered to slaughter a village of women and children, like happened several times in Vietnam resulting in quite a few court marshals and prison sentences for murder. Some disobeyed, not participating at all. THOSE were the brave ones.

This administration has run wild, so many injustices, so many wrongs and immoral directives across the board. A leader who has methodically and intentionally divided us and pitted us against one another at the worst of times. He has NO concern for American values, ethics, customs, or kindness. He has no pride in our country, thus he calls 70% of the population terrorists just because we do NOT agree with all of his disastrous and hateful policies and rhetoric. Terrorists because we peacefully protest injustice and march for what we BELIEVE is right for us and others. His own party does NOT protest, they terrorize. They send in lone shooters (Kyle Rittenhouse) and bands of gun-toting wanna-be soldier boys wearing Hawiian shirts (Proud Boy uniform) for distinction. The shirts say, without using words “I am a RACIST and will use violence against anyone of color or anyone who does NOT agree with my ideals and those of my God (Donald Trump)”

It’s sick and pathetic behavior. Every single one of those groups should – and will be – labeled as Terrorist organizations and followed closely by law enforcement – law enforcement people who DO NOT enable or assist them in their idealistic goals of perpetuating white supremacy and hatred on America. I mean, seriously, just go LOOK at the photos of people in those groups, or Trump rallies where they are the majority present. They do not appear to be upstanding, educated or law-abiding citizens of THIS country as far as I can see. Yes, they need to be called out for what they ARE – Terrorists and fear mongers and I for one will fight to see that that happens.

I have voted in eleven presidential elections in my life thus far. The first when I was 18 years old. I developed an interest in politics in the 5th grade when Nixon was running, the Vietnam War was raging, young men were arriving in Deleware in body bags by the thousands – we watched it on TV back then, that has been prohibited now, evidently our government doesn’t like to “look bad” when our dead boys come back home from foreign, useless wars. I did a long report on that election for my 5th grade class. I remember how the price of gas and wonder bread were even on the table…and here i am now, 58 yrs old and experiencing PTSD because of the current “president” who’s tearing our country and our beautiful culture apart; destroying all we have ever worked for with his stupid sharpie and “executive” orders, appointing unqualified people to powerful positions based only on their “loyalty” to his stupid white ass. And worst yet – ignoring the climbing death toll (231K today) of Covid-19. Donald Trump is the WORST and most DANGEROUS president in the history of the United States.

Trump should have been impeached in 2017, but noooooo….the republicans LOVE his imperialist ass. They love his meanness, his hate, his damning policies, his cruely to children and migrants, his filth filled rhetoric, the fact he fucks little girls and laughs about it bickering with Epstein on which on of them would take the virginity by force of 1 13 yr old girl once then getting angry when Epstein beat him to it…sickening. He has even said he’s fuck his own daughter when she was like 12! Yes, they LOVE him…and FEAR him. He has Jeffrey Espstein”s black book of clients and you just KNOW most of them are IN THAT book with their preferences noted…not something they want disclosed to family or constituents. I know this will eventually come to light, I am betting heavily on it. What ELSE could he hold so tightly over their heads to garner such pathetic silence and undying loyalty from people who USED to have backbones???

So, Tuesday will be a true nail-biter. I’m sure that most of us will not eat all day, we’ll agonize on every report that rolls across the TV or blares from our car radios. We’ll call one another, video group together, and we’ll wait…if we have done what we set out to do enmasse at around 10pm we will SEE a blue wave wash across our Country and we will breathe a short sigh of relief. Then we will become fearful of the back-lash of the Trumpanzees and the alt-right that back them. What will they do? Who will they kill? You know people are going to possibly die.

It will be during the morning of Wednesday that we will need to start assessing what needs to happen NEXT. Many of those conversations and plans have already happened and been laid. We need to rise together, as one people and resist the violence and rhetoric that will be thrown in our ways. The days between Nov. 3 and January 20, 2021 will be long, angry and hard on EVERYONE.

….written on Nov. 2, 2020….



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