Bring Back America

Sixteen days after our election the GSA finally releases the funds and gives the go ahead for the transition to the Biden/Harris administration. 16 fucking days of total bullshit. And still Trump will NOT concede and promises MORE court shenanigans. The shameful, corrupt Republican party remains silent and defiant. It’s clear that Biden WON the […]

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I – like most of my friends and acquaintenances – am stunned beyond belief tonight. The red mirage was bad enough, but then seeing all that red and knowing that 50% of the country actually VOTED for a racist, anti-American pig. It’s difficult to even form thoughts that make any sense around this unfolding election […]

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November 2

You could say I have “writer’s block” but I believe its more of an election stress that’s keeping my creative and literal energy down, way fucking down. I bet I have 50 half written posts, I just lose my motivation and interest too easily lately. Then add the anxiety of covid on top, too. Just […]

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